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Ablewhite, Joanne, Nouri, Fiona, Whisker, Alice, Thomas, Shirley, Jones, Fiona, das Nair, Roshan, Condon, Laura, Jones, Amanda, Sprigg, Nikola and Drummond, Avril (2022) How do stroke survivors and their caregivers manage post-stroke fatigue? A qualitative study. Clinical Rehabilitation, ISSN (print) 0269-2155 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Abou-Taleb, Heba A., Mustafa, Wesam W., Makram, Tarek Saad, Abdelaty, Lamiaa N., Salem, Hesham and Abdelkader, Hamdy (2022) Vardenafil Oral Dispersible Films (ODFs) with advanced dissolution, palatability, and bioavailability. Pharmaceutics, 14(3), p. 517. ISSN (online) 1999-4923

Agliardi, Elettra, Agliardi, Rossella and Spanjers, Willem (2022) The economic value of biodiversity. In: EAERE 2022, 27th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists; 28 Jun to 01 Jul 2022, Rimini, Italy. (Unpublished)

Agnew, Éadaoin (2022) When nature "punches back" : a new materialist reading of Alice Perrin's 'East of Suez'. European Journal of English Studies, 26(1), pp. 66-84. ISSN (print) 1382-5577

Ahmadi, Azam, Moore, Farid, Keshavarzi, Behnam, Shahimi, Haniyeh and Hooda, Peter S. (2022) Bioaccumulation of selected trace elements in some aquatic organisms from the proximity of Qeshm Island ecosystems : human health perspective. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 182, p. 113966. ISSN (print) 0025-326X

Ahmed, Sa’id Namadi, Pasquire, Christine and Manu, Emmanuel (2022) Key factors affecting commercial actors in collaborative working within the UK construction industry. Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction, ISSN (print) 1366-4387 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ainsworth, Neha Prasad, Thrower, Sam and Petroczi, Andrea (2022) Two sides of the same coin : a qualitative exploration of experiential and perceptual factors which influence the clinical interaction between physicians and anabolic-androgenic steroid using patients in the UK. Emerging Trends in Drugs, Addictions, and Health, p. 100033. ISSN (online) 2667-1182 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Akbari, Fatemeh, Mohammadi, Somayyeh, Dehghani, Mohsen, Sanderman, Robbert and Hagedoorn, Mariёt (2022) The mediating role of illness cognitions in the relationship between caregiving demands and caregivers' psychological adjustment. The Clinical Journal of Pain, ISSN (print) 0749-8047 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Akbari, Sadaf, Suarez Bolivar, Vanessa and Khazaeinejad, Payam (2022) A finite element study of geometrical design of bone tissue scaffolds. In: The 2022 Annual Conference of the UK Association for Computational Mechanics; 20-22 Apr 2022, Nottingham, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Akhtar, Farrukh (2022) The courage to see and be seen : the emotional labour of decolonising social work curricula for Black educators in the UK. Social Dialogue, 26, p. 11. ISSN (online) 2221-352X

Akhtar, Farrukh (2022) The emotional labour of decolonising social work curricula. Journal of Social Work Practice, ISSN (print) 0265-0533 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Al Mulla, Sarah (2022) The internationalization of Saudi SMEs : a qualitative study of ICT and textile & apparel SMEs. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Al-Absi, Mona Y., Caprifico, Anna E. and Calabrese, Gianpiero (2022) Chitosan and its structural modifications for small interfering RNA delivery. Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, ISSN (print) 2228-5881 (In Press)

Al-Adaileh, Ahmed and Khaddaj, Souheil (2022) Integrated scalable framework for smart energy management. In: Energy Production and Management 2022 : 5th International Conference on Energy Production and Management; 23-25 May 2022, Tallinn, Estonia (Held online). ISSN (print) 1746-448X

Albitar, Khaldoon, Elmarzouky, Mahmoud and Hussainey, Khaled (2022) Ownership concentration and Covid-19 disclosure : the mediating role of corporate leverage. International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, 30(3), pp. 339-351. ISSN (print) 1834-7649

Aldabbagh, Fawaz, ed. (2022) Comprehensive heterocyclic chemistry IV. Amsterdam : Elsevier. 10 ISBN 9780128186565

Alliez, Eric, Bonne, Jean-Claude [Collaborator] and Mackay, Robin [Translator] (2022) Duchamp looked at (from the other side). MIT Press. (Undoing the image, 3) ISBN 9781913029678 (In Press)

Almpanis, Timos and Joseph-Richard, Paul (2022) Lecturing from home : exploring academics' experiences of remote teaching during a pandemic. International Journal of Educational Research Open, 3, p. 100133. ISSN (online) 2666-3740

Ampem, Gilbert, Le Gresley, Adam, Grootveld, Martin and Naughton, Declan P. (2022) Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic analysis of the evolution of peroxidation products arising from culinary oils exposed to thermal oxidation : an investigation employing ¹H and ¹H-¹H COSY and TOCSY techniques. Foods, 11(13), p. 1864. ISSN (online) 2304-8158

Ampem, Gilbert, Le Gresley, Adam, Grootveld, Martin, De Mars, Simon and Naughton, Declan P. (2022) The impact of partial oil substitution and trace metal ions on the evolution of peroxidation products in thermally stressed culinary oils. Food Chemistry, 375, p. 131823. ISSN (print) 0308-8146

Anderson, Rebecca J., Keagan-Bull, Richard, Giles, Jo and Tuffrey-Wijne, Irene (2022) "My name on the door by the professor’s name" : the process of recruiting a researcher with a learning disability at a UK university. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, ISSN (print) 1354-4187 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Araar, Islam M and Wren, Stephen P (2022) A computational chemistry-driven hypothesis on the mode of action of hipposudoric acid and related analogs. Future Medicinal Chemistry, ISSN (print) 1756-8919 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Arunkumar, T., Pavanan, Velmurugan, Murugesan, Vijay Anand, Mohanavel, V. and Ramachandran, Karthikeyan (2022) Influence of nanoparticles reinforcements on aluminium 6061 alloys fabricated via novel ultrasonic aided rheo-squeeze casting method. Metals and Materials International, 28, pp. 145-154. ISSN (print) 1598-9623

Arunpandian, M., Khan, Mohammad Rizwan, Busquets, Rosa, Selvakumar, K., Raja, A., Arunpandiyan, S., Arivarasan, A., Arunachalam, S. and Nagarajan, E.R. (2022) Fabrication of novel Ce₂(WO₄)₃/ZnO@GO nanocomposite for superior photocatalytic performance under visible light and supercapacitor applications. Diamond and Related Materials, 125, p. 109026. ISSN (print) 0925-9635

Asemani, Seyedeh Samaneh, Liaghat, Gholamhossein, Ahmadi, Hamed, Anani, Yavar, Charandabi, Sahand Chitsaz and Khodadadi, Amin (2022) Analysis of ballistic impact performance and shear effect on elastomeric and thermoset composites. International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 14(02), p. 2250013. ISSN (print) 1758-8251

Aseperi, Adeniyi K., Busquets, Rosa, Cheung, Philip C. W., Hooda, Peter S. and Barker, James (2022) Fate of neonicotinoids in the environment : why bees are threatened. In: Núñez-Delgado, Avelino and Arias-Estévez, Manuel, (eds.) Emerging pollutants in sewage sludge and soils. Cham, Switzerland : Springer. (The handbook of environmental chemistry, (114)) ISSN (print) 1867-979X ISBN 9783031076084 (In Press)

Augousti, Andy T., Gusin, Pawel, Radosz, Andrzej and Ściborski, Romuald J. (2022) Unbounded energy collisions inside and outside black holes. Symmetry, 14(6), p. 1242. ISSN (online) 2073-8994

Augustus, S., Hudson, P.E. and Smith, N. (2022) Pelvis and kick leg sequencing during instep soccer kicking is dependent on a player’s preferred movement strategy. In: BASES Division Event - BASES BIG Day 'BIG Steps Forward'; 25 May 2022, Held online. (Unpublished)

Augustus, Simon, Hudson, Penny E. and Smith, Neal (2022) Defining movement strategies in soccer instep kicking using the relationship between pelvis and kick leg rotations. Sports Biomechanics, ISSN (print) 1476-3141 (In Press)

Augustus, Simon, Austin, Kieran and Smith, Neal (2022) Evaluation of a time-frequency low-pass filter method for assessing knee joint moments and ACL injury risk. In: 40th Conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport (ISBS 2022); 19-23 Jul 2022, Liverpool, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Avery, Barry and Wason, Hilary (2022) Pivoting a Business Schools teaching online. In: Jamil, M.G. and Morley, D.A., (eds.) Agile learning environments amid disruption : evaluating academic innovations in higher education during COVID-19. Palgrave Macmillan. (In Press)

Ayton, Peter, Weiss-Cohen, Leonardo and Barson, Matthew (2022) Magical contagion and commemorative plaques : effects of celebrity occupancy on property values. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 79, p. 101723. ISSN (print) 0272-4944


Babenko, Mai, Alany, Raid G, Calabrese, Gianpiero, Kaialy, Waseem and ElShaer, Amr (2022) Development of drug alone and carrier-based GLP-1 dry powder inhaler formulations. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 617, p. 121601. ISSN (print) 0378-5173 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Back, Elisa, Farran, Emily K. and Van Herwegen, Jo (2022) Block design performance in Williams syndrome : visuospatial abilities or task approach skills? American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 127(5), pp. 390-399. ISSN (print) 1944-7558

Back, Elisa, Jonkman, Kim M. and Beeger, Sander (2022) Predictors of treatment use in autistic children. In: INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting; 11-14 May 2022, Austin, Texas, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Bacon, Ingrid and Conway, Jeff (2022) Co-dependency and enmeshment - a fusion of concepts. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, ISSN (print) 1557-1874 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Bago, Bence, Kovacs, Marton, Protzko, John, Nagy, Tamas, Kekecs, Zoltan, Palfi, Bence, Adamkovic, Matus, Adamus, Sylwia, Albalooshi, Sumaya, Albayrak-Aydemir, Nihan, Alfian, Ilham N., Alper, Sinan, Alvarez-Solas, Sara, Alves, Sara G., Amaya, Santiago, Andresen, Pia K., Anjum, Gulnaz, Ansari, Daniel, Arriaga, Patrícia, Aruta, John Jamir Benzon R., Arvanitis, Alexios, Babincak, Peter, Barzykowski, Krystian, Bashour, Bana, Baskin, Ernest, Batalha, Luisa, Batres, Carlota, Bavolar, Jozef, Bayrak, Fatih, Becker, Benjamin, Becker, Maja, Belaus, Anabel, Białek, Michał, Bilancini, Ennio, Boller, Daniel, Boncinelli, Leonardo, Boudesseul, Jordane, Brown, Benjamin T., Buchanan, Erin M., Butt, Muhammad M., Calvillo, Dustin P., Carnes, Nate C., Celniker, Jared B., Chartier, Christopher R., Chopik, William J., Chotikavan, Poom, Chuan-Peng, Hu, Clancy, Rockwell F., Çoker, Ogeday, Correia, Rita C., Adoric, Vera Cubela, Cubillas, Carmelo P., Czoschke, Stefan, Daryani, Yalda, de Grefte, Job A. M., de Vries, Wieteke C., Burak, Elif G. Demirag, Dias, Carina, Dixson, Barnaby J. W., Du, Xinkai, Dumančić, Francesca, Dumbravă, Andrei, Dutra, Natalia B., Enachescu, Janina, Esteban-Serna, Celia, Eudave, Luis, Evans, Thomas R., Feldman, Gilad, Felisberti, Fatima M., Fiedler, Susann, Findor, Andrej, Fleischmann, Alexandra, Foroni, Francesco, Francová, Radka, Frank, Darius-Aurel, Fu, Cynthia H. Y., Gao, Shan, Ghasemi, Omid, Ghazi-Noori, Ali-Reza, Ghossainy, Maliki E., Giammusso, Isabella, Gill, Tripat, Gjoneska, Biljana, Gollwitzer, Mario, Graton, Aurélien, Grinberg, Maurice, Groyecka-Bernard, Agata, Harris, Elizabeth A., Hartanto, Andree, Hassan, Widad A. N. M., Hatami, Javad, Heimark, Katrina R., Hidding, Jasper J. J., Hristova, Evgeniya, Hruška, Matej, Hudson, Charlotte A., Huskey, Richard, Ikeda, Ayumi, Inbar, Yoel, Ingram, Gordon P. D., Isler, Ozan, Isloi, Chris, Iyer, Aishwarya, Jaeger, Bastian, Janssen, Steve M. J., Jiménez-Leal, William, Jokić, Biljana, Kačmár, Pavol, Kadreva, Veselina, Kaminski, Gwenaël, Karimi-Malekabadi, Farzan, Kasper, Arno T. A., Kendrick, Keith M., Kennedy, Bradley J., Kocalar, Halil E., Kodapanakkal, Rabia I., Kowal, Marta, Kruse, Elliott, Kučerová, Lenka, Kühberger, Anton, Kuzminska, Anna O., Lalot, Fanny, Lamm, Claus, Lammers, Joris, Lange, Elke B., Lantian, Anthony, Lau, Ivy Y.-M., Lazarevic, Ljiljana B., Leliveld, Marijke C., Lenz, Jennifer N., Levitan, Carmel A., Lewis, Savannah C., Li, Manyu, Li, Yansong, Li, Haozheng, Lima, Tiago J. S., Lins, Samuel, Liuzza, Marco Tullio, Lopes, Paula, Lu, Jackson G., Lynds, Trent, Máčel, Martin, Mackinnon, Sean P., Maganti, Madhavilatha, Magraw-Mickelson, Zoe, Magson, Leon F., Manley, Harry, Marcu, Gabriela M., Seršić, Darja Masli, Matibag, Celine-Justine, Mattiassi, Alan D. A., Mazidi, Mahdi, McFall, Joseph P., McLatchie, Neil, Mensink, Michael C., Miketta, Lena, Milfont, Taciano L., Mirisola, Alberto, Misiak, Michal, Mitkidis, Panagiotis, Moeini-Jazani, Mehrad, Monajem, Arash, Moreau, David, Musser, Erica D., Narhetali, Erita, Ochoa, Danielle P., Olsen, Jerome, Owsley, Nicholas C., Özdoğru, Asil A., Panning, Miriam, Papadatou-Pastou, Marietta, Parashar, Neha, Pärnamets, Philip, Paruzel-Czachura, Mariola, Parzuchowski, Michal, Paterlini, Julia V., Pavlacic, Jeffrey M., Peker, Mehmet, Peters, Kim, Piatnitckaia, Liudmila, Pinto, Isabel, Policarpio, Monica Renee, Pop-Jordanova, Nada, Pratama, Annas J., Primbs, Maximilian A., Pronizius, Ekaterina, Purić, Danka, Puvia, Elisa, Qamari, Vahid, Qian, Kun, Quiamzade, Alain, Ráczová, Beáta, Reinero, Diego A., Reips, Ulf-Dietrich, Reyna, Cecilia, Reynolds, Kimberly, Ribeiro, Matheus F. F., Röer, Jan P., Ross, Robert M., Roussos, Petros, Ruiz-Dodobara, Fernando, Ruiz-Fernandez, Susana, Rutjens, Bastiaan T., Rybus, Katarzyna, Samekin, Adil, Santos, Anabela C., Say, Nicolas, Schild, Christoph, Schmidt, Kathleen, Ścigała, Karolina A., Sharifian, MohammadHasan, Shi, Jiaxin, Shi, Yaoxi, Sievers, Erin, Sirota, Miroslav, Slipenkyj, Michael, Solak, Çağlar, Sorokowska, Agnieszka, Sorokowski, Piotr, Söylemez, Sinem, Steffens, Niklas K., Stephen, Ian D., Sternisko, Anni, Stevens-Wilson, Laura, Stewart, Suzanne L. K., Stieger, Stefan, Storage, Daniel, Strube, Justine, Susa, Kyle J., Szekely-Copîndean, Raluca D., Szostak, Natalia M., Takwin, Bagus, Tatachari, Srinivasan, Thomas, Andrew G., Tiede, Kevin E., Tiong, Lucas E., Tonković, Mirjana, Trémolière, Bastien, Tunstead, Lauren V., Türkan, Belgüzar N., Twardawski, Mathias, Vadillo, Miguel A., Vally, Zahir, Vaughn, Leigh Ann, Verschuere, Bruno, Vlašiček, Denis, Voracek, Martin, Vranka, Marek A., Wang, Shuzhen, West, Skye-Loren, Whyte, Stephen, Wilton, Leigh S., Wlodarczyk, Anna, Wu, Xue, Xin, Fei, Yadanar, Su, Yama, Hiroshi, Yamada, Yuki, Yilmaz, Onurcan, Yoon, Sangsuk, Young, Danielle M., Zakharov, Ilya, Zein, Rizqy A., Zettler, Ingo, Žeželj, Iris L., Zhang, Don C., Zhang, Jin, Zheng, Xiaoxiao, Hoekstra, Rink and Aczel, Balazs (2022) Situational factors shape moral judgements in the trolley dilemma in Eastern, Southern and Western countries in a culturally diverse sample. Nature Human Behaviour, ISSN (online) 2397-3374 (Epub Ahead of Print)

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Barklam, Ece Beren and Felisberti, Fatima Maria (2022) Pet ownership and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic : the importance of resilience and attachment to pets. Anthrozoös, ISSN (print) 0892-7936 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Barklam, Ece Beren and Felisberti, Fatima (2022) The link between pet ownership and well-being : type of pet attachment and individual characteristics matter. In: British Psychological Society Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) 2022 Annual Virtual Conference; 27-28 Jul 2022, Held online. (Unpublished)

Barklam, Ece Beren and Felisberti, Fatima (2022) The roles of pet attachment and resilience in well-being at different stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. In: Kingston University Faculty of Business and Social Sciences Research Conference; 01 Jul 2022, Kingston upon Thames, UK. (Unpublished)

Barkoukis, Vassilis, Mallia, Luca, Lazuras, Lambros, Ourda, Despoina, Agnello, Sara, Andjelkovic, Marija, Bochaver, Konstantin, Folkers, Dirk, Bondarev, Dmitriy, Dikic, Nenad, Dreiskämper, Dennis, Petroczi, Andrea, Strauss, Bernd and Zelli, Arnaldo (2022) The role of comprehensive education in anti-doping policy legitimacy and support among clean athletes. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 60, p. 102173. ISSN (print) 1469-0292

Barman, Nabajeet, Schmidt, Steven, Zadtootaghaj, Saman and Martini, Maria (2022) Evaluation of MPEG-5 part 2 (LCEVC) for live gaming video streaming applications. In: ACM Mile-High Video 2022 (MHV/2022); 01 - 03 Mar 2022, Denver, U.S..

Barman, Nabajeet, Martini, Maria and Reznik, Yuriy (2022) Revisiting Bjontegaard Delta Bitrate (BD-BR) computation for codec compression efficiency comparison. In: ACM Mile-High Video 2022 (MHV/2022); 01 - 03 Mar 2022, Denver, U.S..

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Bat-Erdene, Tushig, Zayed, Yazan N. H., Qiu, Xinyu, Shakoor, Ibrar, Mekni, Achref, Kara, Peter, Martini, Maria G., Bokor, Laszlo and Simon, Aniko (2022) On the quality of experience of content sharing in online education and online meetings. Infocommunications Journal, XIV(2), pp. 73-84. ISSN (online) 2061-2079

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Beckey, Alex [Presenter] and Hamblin, Declan [Presenter] (2022) Making sense of meaningful physical education. (Webcast).

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