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Nelson, Mike [Artist] Cloak of rags. (sculpture). 107.5 x 161.5 x 62 cm.

Nelson, Mike [Artist] Studio apparatus for Palais de Tokyo. (installation).


Nelson, Mike (2011) I, impostor. London, U.K. : British Council. 146p. ISBN 9780863556623


Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2019) PROJEKTÖR (Gürün Han). .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2019) The Asset Strippers. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2018) L'Atteso. .

Nelson, Michael [Artist] (2018) Again more things (a table ruin). General rehearsal. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) Ghosts of other stories : The British Council Collection. Ghosts of other stories : The British Council Collection. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) Cloak. Cloak. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) FOUND. FOUND. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) Wanderlust. Wanderlust. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) Amnesiac shrine. Sensory Spaces 8. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) Imperfect geometry for a concrete quarry. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) InterRailing : a cultural engine. InterRailing : a cultural engine. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) Tools that see (possessions of a thief) 1986-2005. Tools that see (possessions of a thief) 1986-2005. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) The green ray. The green ray. .

Nelson, Michael (2015) Studio apparatus for Kunsthalle Münster. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2013) Mike Nelson : Amnesiac Hide. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2013) Mike Nelson. Mike Nelson. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2012) Mike Nelson - 408 tons of imperfect geometry. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2012) Space that saw (platform for a performance in two parts). .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2011) I, imposter. 54th Venice Biennale 2011. .

Nelson, Michael [Artist] A7 (Route du Soleil). La vie moderne. .

Nelson, Mike [Artist] Mirror reverb (the blinding of a building, a notation for another). Imagined borders: 12th Gwangju Biennale. .

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