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Barber, Stephen (2017) A War of Fragments : J.G. Ballard's World Versus America. Diaphanes: Art, Fiction, Discourse, ISSN (print) 2504-2017

Barber, Stephen (2017) Corporeal Disintegration as Last Gasp Vocal Act: the Final Works, of Murobushi, Artaud and Chereau. New Theatre Quarterly, 33(2), pp. 169-178. ISSN (print) 0266-464X

Barber, Stephen (2010) The Skladanowsky Brothers: the Devil knows. Senses of Cinema(56), ISSN (online) 1443-4059

Barber, Stephen (2010) Coma: the art of unconsciousness. Mute,

Barber, Stephen (2009) Vers la zone. Europe: revue litteraire mensuelle(961), pp. 160-173. ISSN (print) 0014-2751

Barber, Stephen (2009) Genealogies of film's ruination. Vertigo, 4(2), p. 30. ISSN (print) 0968-7904

Barber, Stephen (2008) Pasolini and Sade: a maleficient obsession. Vertigo, 4(1), pp. 50-51. ISSN (print) 0968-7904

Barber, Stephen (2008) The last words of Antonin Artaud: on the cinematic dimension of the envisioned final notebooks. Vertigo, 3(8), pp. 10-11. ISSN (print) 0968-7904


Barber, Stephen (2020) The projectionists : Eadweard Muybridge and the future projections of the moving image. Chicago, U.S. : University of Chicago Press. 208p. ISBN 9783035802894

Barber, Stephen (2019) Film's ghosts : Tatsumi Hijikata's Butoh and the transmutation of 1960s Japan. Zurich, Switzerland : Diaphanes. 248p. ISBN 9783035801477

Artaud, Antonin and Barber, Stephen [Editor] (2019) Artaud 1937 Apocalypse. Zurich, Switzerland : Diaphanes. 80p. ISBN 9783035801538

Barber, Stephen and Gough, Richard, eds. (2018) On disfiguration. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. 118p. (Performance Research, (23(8))) ISSN (online) 1352-8165

Barber, Stephen (2017) Berlin bodies : anatomizing the streets of the city. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. 280p. ISBN 9781780237206

Barber, Stephen (2016) Pierre Guyotat : revolutions and aberrations. London, U.K. : Vauxhall & Company. 74p. ISBN 9780992835521

Barber, Stephen (2014) Performance projections : film and the body in action. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. 256p. ISBN 9781780233697

Barber, Stephen, ed. (2013) Pasolini : the massacre game : terminal film, text, words 1974-75. New York, U.S. : Sun Vision Press. 96p. ISBN 9780985762506

Barber, Stephen (2012) Muybridge, the eye in motion: tracing cinema's origins. Washington, D.C., U.S. : Solar Books. 200p. (Solar Film Directives) ISBN 9780983248057

Barber, Stephen (2011) The walls of Berlin: urban surfaces: art: film. Chicago, U.S. : Solar Books. 189p. ISBN 9780982046463

Barber, Stephen (2010) Abandoned images: film and film's end. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. 189p. ISBN 9781861896452

Barber, Stephen (2010) Hijikata: revolt of the body. Chicago, U.S. : Solar Books. 144p. ISBN 9780982046432

Barber, Stephen (2008) Artaud: terminal curses: the notebooks 1945-48. Chicago, U.S. : Solar Books. 152p. ISBN 9780979984761

Cunningham, Gail and Barber, Stephen, eds. (2007) London eyes: reflections in text and image. New York, U.S. : Berghahn Books. 228p. (Polygons: Cultural Diversities and Intersections, (13)) ISBN 9781845454074

Barber, Stephen (2006) The vanishing map: a journey from LA to Tokyo to the heart of Europe. Oxford, UK : Berg Publishers. 160p. ISBN 9781845205102

Barber, Stephen (2006) Caligula: divine carnage. Chicago, U.S. : Solar Books. 156p. ISBN 9780971457812

Barber, Stephen (2004) Jean Genet. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. 160p. (Critical lives) ISBN 1861891784

Barber, Stephen (2004) The art of destruction: the films of the Vienna action group. London, U.K. : Creation Books. 148p. (Persistence of vision, 5) ISBN 1840680970

Barber, Stephen (2002) Projected cities. London, UK : Reaktion Books. 208p. (Locations) ISBN 186189127X

Barber, Stephen (2001) Extreme Europe. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. 128p. (Topographics) ISBN 1861890915

Barber, Stephen (2001) Tokyo vertigo. London, U.K. : Creation Books. 147p. ISBN 1840680369

Barber, Stephen (2000) Edmund White: the burning world : a biography. London, U.K. : Picador. 310p. ISBN 0330376535

Barber, Stephen (1999) Artaud: the screaming body. London, U.K. : Creation Books. 126p. ISBN 9781840680096

Barber, Stephen (1996) Weapons of liberation. London, U.K. : Faber & Faber Ltd. 128p. ISBN 9780571172771

Barber, Stephen (1995) Fragments of the European city. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. 107p. (Topographics) ISBN 0948462663

Book Section

Barber, Stephen (2022) Hijikata Tatsumi at the Osaka World Exposition's Pepsi Pavilion, 1970. Multiple Historiographies of a Lost Performance. In: Fisher-Lichte, Erika , Sugiera, Małgorzata , Jost, Torsten , Hartung, Holger and Soltani, Omid, (eds.) Entangled performance histories : New approaches to theater historiography. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 106-124. (Routledge Advances in Theatre and Performance Studies) ISBN 9781032405131

Barber, Stephen (2017) Lovers: corporeal projections and ocular demands. In: Eckersall, Peter , Scheer, Edward and Shintarō, Fujii, (eds.) The Dumb Type reader. Copenhagen, Denmark : Museum Tusculanum Press. pp. 191-202. (In between states) ISBN 9788763544931

Barber, Stephen (2014) Cinemas' Sonic Residues. In: Gandy, Matthew and Nilsen, BJ, (eds.) The Acoustic City. Berlin, Germany : Jovis. pp. 138-144. ISBN 9783868592719

Barber, Stephen (2011) Traces and surfaces. In: Gandy, Matthew, (ed.) Urban constellations. Berlin, Germany : JOVIS Verlag. pp. 174-177. ISBN 9783868591187

Barber, Stephen (2011) The films of the Skladanowsky Brothers. In: Langford, Michelle, (ed.) Germany. Bristol, U.K. : Intellect. (Directory of World Cinema) ISBN 9781841504650

Barber, Stephen (2010) August Walla: Devil/God, image/text. In: Hunt, John Dixon , Lomas, David and Corris, Michael, (eds.) Art, word and image: two thousand years of visual/textual interaction. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. pp. 317-328. ISBN 9781861895202

Barber, Stephen (2010) The films of the Vienna Action Group. In: Weiner, Robert G. and Cline, John, (eds.) Cinema inferno: celluloid explosions from the cultural margins. Plymouth, U.K. : Scarecrow Press. pp. 217-225. ISBN 9780810876569

Barber, Stephen (2007) Introduction: Part II: The modern age: London in image. In: Cunningham, Gail and Barber, Stephen, (eds.) London eyes: reflections in text and image. New York, U.S. : Berghahn Books. pp. 119-121. (Polygons : cultural diversities and intersections, (13)) ISBN 9781845454074

Barber, Stephen (2007) An indescribable blur: film and London. In: Cunningham, Gail and Barber, Stephen, (eds.) London eyes: reflections in text and image. New York, USA : Berghahn Books. pp. 123-134. (Polygons : cultural diversities and intersections, (13)) ISBN 9781845454074

Barber, Stephen K. (1999) La matiere de lecriture: sur Pierre Guyotat. In: Forest, P and Sollers, Philippe, (eds.) De Tel quel a L'infini: L'avant-garde et apres : colloques de Londres et de Paris, mars 1995. France : Pleins Feux. pp. 123-135. ISBN 9782912567611

Conference or Workshop Item

Kim, Seoyoung and Barber, Stephen (2022) Coming home : Eadweard Muybridge's return to Kingston. In: Artist's Homes in Kingston : Gordine and Muybridge; 10 Jun 2022, Held online. (Unpublished)

Barber, Stephen (2018) 'Thatcher's tomb' : a talk and reading. In: Loving, Kingston Writers' Centre; 11 Jan 2018, Kingston Upon Thames, U.K..

Barber, Stephen and Lloyd, Fran (2014) Challenging the frames of performance: memory, trauma and activism in the multimedia and interdisciplinary performance practices of dumb type in 1990's Japan. In: Trauma and Utopia: Interactions in Post-War and Contemporary Art in Asia; 09-10 Oct 2014, Tokyo, Japan. (Unpublished)

Barber, Stephen [Speaker], Davies, Rachel [Speaker], Horrocks, Chris [Speaker], Mancke, Carol [Speaker] and Maude-Roxby, Alice [Speaker] (2009) The art of intervention: Kingston University responses: Japanese mob. In: The art of intervention: critical perspectives on the intersections of private and public memory; 14 Feb 2009, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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