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Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Bear, Joseph C. and Daniel Jayaseelan, Doni (2023) High temperature corrosion behaviour of calcium magnesium aluminosilicate coated oxide-oxide ceramic matrix composites. Ceramics International, ISSN (print) 0272-8842 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Al-Qaysi, Zinah, Beadham, Ian, Schwikkard, Sianne, Bear, Joseph, Al-Kinani, Ali and Alany, Raid (2023) Sustained release ocular drug delivery systems for glaucoma therapy. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, ISSN (print) 1742-5247

Sapegin, Denis Andzheevich, Kuznetsov, Danila Alexandrovich and Bear, Joseph C. (2023) Synthesis of aromatic 1,2-disulfonimides and their prospects as monomers. New Journal of Chemistry, 47(11), pp. 5270-5279. ISSN (print) 1144-0546

Huang, Chengou, Gajewiak, Emil, Wright, Aidan, Rodriguez-Kazeem, William, Heift, Dominikus and Bear, Joseph (2023) A comparative meta-analysis of gains in efficiency in Pb- and Sn- based perovskite solar cells over the last decade. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie (ZACC) = Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry, 649(14), ISSN (print) 0044-2313

Perera, Ayomi S., Melia, Patrick M., Bristow, Reece M.D., McGettrick, James D., Singer, Richard J., Bear, Joseph C. and Busquets, Rosa (2022) A non-doped microporous titanosilicate for bimodal adsorption-photocatalysis based removal of organic water pollutants. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 345, p. 112276. ISSN (print) 1387-1811

Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Chaffey, Brace, Zuccarini, Carmine, Bear, Joseph C. and Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel (2022) Experimental and mathematical modelling of corrosion behaviour of CMAS coated oxide/oxide CMCs. Ceramics International, ISSN (print) 0272-8842 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Boopalan, Vignesh, Bear, Joseph C. and Subramani, Ram (2021) Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs)-reinforced ceramic nanocomposites for aerospace applications : a review. Journal of Materials Science, ISSN (print) 0022-2461 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ajaj, Asmaa, J’Bari, Shayma, Ononogbo, Anthonia, Buonocore, Federico, Bear, Joseph C., Mayes, Andrew G. and Morgan, Huda (2021) An insight into the growing concerns of styrene monomer and poly(Styrene) fragment migration into food and drink simulants from poly(Styrene) packaging. Foods, 10(5), e1136. ISSN (online) 2304-8158

Conboy, Darren, Kielty, Patrick, Bear, Joseph C., Cockcroft, Jeremy K., Farràs, Pau, McArdle, Patrick, Singer, Richard J., Smith, Dennis A. and Aldabbagh, Fawaz (2021) Ring-fused dimethoxybenzimidazole-benzimidazolequinone (DMBBQ) : tunable halogenation and quinone formation using NaX/Oxone. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 12, pp. 2716-2724. ISSN (print) 1477-0520

King, Aaron M., Bray, Caroline, Hall, Stephen C.L., Bear, Joseph C., Bogart, Lara K., Perrier, Sebastien and Davies, Gemma-Louise (2020) Exploring precision polymers to fine-tune magnetic resonance imaging properties of iron oxide nanoparticles. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 579, pp. 401-411. ISSN (print) 0021-9797

Zhang, Ziwei, Wells, Connor J. R., King, Aaron M., Bear, Joseph C., Davies, Gemma-Louise and Williams, Gareth R. (2020) pH-Responsive nanocomposite fibres allowing MRI monitoring of drug release. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, ISSN (print) 2050-750X

Patrick, P. Stephen, Bear, Joseph C., Fitzke, Heather E., Zaw-Thin, May, Parkin, Ivan P., Lythgoe, Mark F., Kalber, Tammy L. and Stuckey, Daniel J. (2020) Radio-metal cross-linking of alginate hydrogels for non-invasive 'in vivo' imaging. Biomaterials, 243, p. 119930. ISSN (print) 0142-9612

Wang, Yuwei, Zhang, Ziwei, Abo-zeid, Yasmin, Bear, Joseph C., Davies, Gemma-Louise, Lei, Xiaodong and Williams, Gareth R. (2020) SiO[sub]2-coated layered gadolinium hydroxides for simultaneous drug delivery and magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 286, p. 121291. ISSN (print) 0022-4596

Inglezakis, Vassilis J., Satayeva, Aliya, Yagofarova, Almira, Tauanov, Zhandos, Meiramkulova, Kulyash, Farrando-Pérez, Judit and Bear, Joseph C. (2020) Surface interactions and mechanisms study on the removal of iodide from water by use of natural zeolite-based silver nanocomposites. Nanomaterials, 10(6), e1156. ISSN (online) 2079-4991

Kuntubek, Aldiyar, Kinayat, Nurassyl, Meiramkulova, Kulyash, Poulopoulos, Stavros G., Bear, Joseph C. and Inglezakis, Vassilis J. (2020) Catalytic oxidation of methylene blue by use of natural zeolite-based silver and magnetite nanocomposites. Processes, 8(4), p. 471. ISSN (online) 2227-9717

Peron, Jean-Marie R., Packman, Hollie, Peveler, William J. and Bear, Joseph C. (2020) In situ formation of low molecular weight organogelators for slick solidification. RSC Advances, 10(23), pp. 13369-13373. ISSN (online) 2046-2069

Bear, Joseph C., Cockcroft, Jeremy K. and Williams, Jeffrey H. (2020) Influence of solvent in crystal engineering : a significant change to the order–disorder transition in ferrocene. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(4), pp. 1731-1734. ISSN (print) 0002-7863

Patrick, P. Stephen, Bogart, Lara K., Macdonald, Thomas J., Southern, Paul, Powell, Michael J., Zaw-Thin, May, Voelcker, Nicolas H., Parkin, Ivan P., Pankhurst, Quentin A., Lythgoe, Mark F., Kalber, Tammy L. and Bear, Joseph C. (2019) Surface radio-mineralisation mediates chelate-free radiolabelling of iron oxide nanoparticles. Chemical Science, 10(9), pp. 2592-2597. ISSN (print) 2041-6520

Peveler, William J., Packman, Hollie, Alexander, Shirin, Chauhan, Raamanand R., Hayes, Lilian M., Macdonald, Thomas J., Cockcroft, Jeremy K., Rogers, Sarah, Aarts, Dirk G. A. L., Carmalt, Claire J., Parkin, Ivan P. and Bear, Joseph C. (2018) A new family of urea-based low molecular-weight organogelators for environmental remediation : the influence of structure. Soft Matter, 14, pp. 8821-8827. ISSN (print) 1744-683X

Jackson, Richard J., Patrick, P. Stephen, Page, Kristopher, Powell, Michael J., Lythgoe, Mark F., Miodownik, Mark A., Parkin, Ivan P., Carmalt, Claire J., Kalber, Tammy L. and Bear, Joseph C. (2018) Chemically treated 3D printed polymer scaffolds for biomineral formation. ACS Omega, 3(4), pp. 4342-4351. ISSN (online) 2470-1343

Ladva, Satyam A., Travis, William, Quesada-Cabrera, Raul, Rosillo-Lopez, Martin, Afandi, Abdulkareem, Li, Yaomin, Jackman, Richard B., Bear, Joseph C., Parkin, Ivan P., Blackman, Christopher, Salzmann, Christoph G. and Palgrave, Robert G. (2017) Nanoscale, conformal films of graphitic carbon nitride deposited at room temperature : a method for construction of heterojunction devices. Nanoscale, 9(43), pp. 16586-16590. ISSN (print) 2040-3364

Wright, Kourtney D., Gowenlock, Cathren E., Bear, Joseph C. and Barron, Andrew R. (2017) Understanding the effect of functional groups on the seeded growth of copper on carbon nanotubes for optimizing electrical transmission. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(32), pp. 27202-27212. ISSN (print) 1944-8244

McNaughter, P. D., Bear, J. C., Mayes, A. G., Parkin, I. P. and O'Brien, P. (2017) The in situ synthesis of PbS nanocrystals from lead(II) n -octylxanthate within a 1,3-diisopropenylbenzene–bisphenol A dimethacrylate sulfur copolymer. Royal Society Open Science, 4(8), p. 170383. ISSN (online) 2054-5703

Jones, Daniel R., Gomez, Virginia, Bear, Joseph C., Rome, Bertrand, Mazzali, Francesco, McGettrick, James D., Lewis, Aled R., Margadonna, Serena, Al-Masry, Waheed A. and Dunnill, Charles W. (2017) Active removal of waste dye pollutants using Ta[sub]3N[sub]5/W[sub]18O[sub]49 nanocomposite fibres. Scientific Reports, 7(4090), ISSN (online) 2045-2322

Blackburn, Ben, Powell, Michael J., Knapp, Caroline E., Bear, Joseph C., Carmalt, Claire J. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2016) [{VOCl2(CH2(COOEt)2)}4] as a molecular precursor for thermochromic monoclinic VO2 thin films and nanoparticles. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(44), pp. 10453-10463. ISSN (print) 2050-7526

Blackburn, Ben J., Crane, Jared H., Knapp, Caroline E., Powell, Michael J., Marchand, Peter, Pugh, David, Bear, Joseph C., Parkin, Ivan P. and Carmalt, Claire J. (2016) Reactivity of vanadium oxytrichloride with [beta]-diketones and diesters as precursors for vanadium nitride and carbide. Materials & Design, 108, pp. 780-790. ISSN (print) 0264-1275

Bear, Joseph C., Patrick, P. Stephen, Casson, Alfred, Southern, Paul, Lin, Fang-Yu, Powell, Michael J., Pankhurst, Quentin A., Kalber, Tammy, Lythgoe, Mark, Parkin, Ivan P. and Mayes, Andrew G. (2016) Magnetic hyperthermia controlled drug release in the GI tract : solving the problem of detection. Scientific Reports, 6(34271), ISSN (online) 2045-2322

Bear, Joseph C., McGettrick, James D., Parkin, Ivan P., Dunnill, Charles W. and Hasell, Tom (2016) Porous carbons from inverse vulcanised polymers. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 232, pp. 189-195. ISSN (print) 1387-1811

Sehmi, Sandeep K., Noimark, Sacha, Pike, Sebastian D., Bear, Joseph C., Peveler, William J., Williams, Charlotte K., Shaffer, Milo S. P., Allan, Elaine, Parkin, Ivan P. and MacRobert, Alexander J. (2016) Enhancing the antibacterial activity of light-activated surfaces containing crystal violet and ZnO nanoparticles: investigation of nanoparticle size, capping ligand, and dopants. ACS Omega, 1(3), pp. 334-343. ISSN (online) 2470-1343

Crick, Colin R., Noimark, Sacha, Peveler, William J., Bear, Joseph C., Ivanov, Aleksandar P., Edel, Joshua B. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2016) Advanced compositional analysis of nanoparticle-polymer composites using direct fluorescence imaging. Journal of Visualized Experiments(113), e54178. ISSN (online) 1940-087X

Dixon, Sebastian C., Peveler, William J., Noor, Nuruzzaman, Bear, Joseph C. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2016) Superhydrophobic Au/polymer nanocomposite films via AACVD/swell encapsulation tandem synthesis procedure. RSC Advances, 6(37), pp. 31146-31152. ISSN (online) 2046-2069

Che Rose, Laili, Bear, Joseph C., Southern, Paul, McNaughter, Paul D., Piggott, R. Ben, Parkin, Ivan P., Qi, Sheng, Hills, Brian P. and Mayes, Andrew G. (2016) On-demand, magnetic hyperthermia-triggered drug delivery : optimisation for the GI tract. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 4(9), pp. 1704-1711. ISSN (print) 2050-750X

Che Rose, Laili, Bear, Joseph C., McNaughter, Paul D., Southern, Paul, Piggott, R. Ben, Parkin, Ivan P., Qi, Sheng and Mayes, Andrew G. (2016) A SPION-eicosane protective coating for water soluble capsules : evidence for on-demand drug release triggered by magnetic hyperthermia. Scientific Reports, 6(1), ISSN (online) 2045-2322

Macdonald, Thomas J., Tune, Daniel D., Dewi, Melissa R., Bear, Joseph C., McNaughter, Paul D., Mayes, Andrew G., Skinner, William M., Parkin, Ivan P., Shapter, Joseph G. and Nann, Thomas (2016) SWCNT photocathodes sensitised with InP/ZnS core–shell nanocrystals. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(16), pp. 3379-3384. ISSN (print) 2050-7526

Bear, Joseph C., Gomez, Virginia, Kefallinos, Nikolaos S., McGettrick, James D., Barron, Andrew R. and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Anatase/rutile bi-phasic titanium dioxide nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications enhanced by nitrogen doping and platinum nano-islands. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 460, pp. 29-35. ISSN (print) 0021-9797

Powell, M. J., Marchand, P., Denis, C. J., Bear, J. C., Darr, J. A. and Parkin, I. P. (2015) Direct and continuous synthesis of VO[sub]2 nanoparticles. Nanoscale, 7(44), pp. 18686-18693. ISSN (print) 2040-3364

Gomez, Virginia, Bear, Joseph C., McNaughter, Paul D., McGettrick, James D., Watson, Trystan, Charbonneau, Cecile, O'Brien, Paul, Barron, Andrew R. and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Bi-phasic titanium dioxide nanoparticles doped with nitrogen and neodymium for enhanced photocatalysis. Nanoscale, 7(42), pp. 17735-17744. ISSN (print) 2040-3364

Sehmi, Sandeep K., Noimark, Sacha, Bear, Joseph C., Peveler, William J., Bovis, Melissa, Allan, Elaine, MacRobert, Alexander J. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2015) Lethal photosensitisation of 'Staphylococcus aureus' and 'Escherichia coli' using crystal violet and zinc oxide-encapsulated polyurethane. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3(31), pp. 6490-6500. ISSN (print) 2050-750X

Bear, Joseph C., McNaughter, Paul D., Southern, Paul, O'Brien, Paul and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Nickel-doped ceria nanoparticles : the effect of annealing on room temperature ferromagnetism. Crystals, 5(3), pp. 312-326. ISSN (online) 2073-4352

Bear, Joseph C., Peveler, William J., McNaughter, Paul D., Parkin, Ivan P., O'Brien, Paul and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Nanoparticle–sulphur "inverse vulcanisation" polymer composites. Chemical Communications, 51(52), pp. 10467-10470. ISSN (print) 1359-7345

Crick, C. R., Noimark, S., Peveler, William J., Bear, J. C., Ivanov, A. P., Edel, J. B. and Parkin, I. P. (2015) Advanced analysis of nanoparticle composites : a means toward increasing the efficiency of functional materials. RSC Advances, 5(66), pp. 53789-53795. ISSN (online) 2046-2069

Bear, Joseph C., Hollingsworth, Nathan, Roffey, Anna, McNaughter, Paul D., Mayes, Andrew G., Macdonald, Thomas J., Nann, Thomas, Ng, Wing H., Kenyon, Anthony J., Hogarth, Graeme and Parkin, Ivan P. (2015) Doping group IIB metal ions into quantum dot shells via the one-pot decomposition of metal-dithiocarbamates. Advanced Optical Materials, 3(5), pp. 704-712. ISSN (online) 2195-1071

Noimark, Sacha, Page, Kristopher, Bear, Joseph C., Sotelo-Vazquez, Carlos, Quesada-Cabrera, Raul, Lu, Yao, Allan, Elaine, Darr, Jawwad A. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2014) Functionalised gold and titania nanoparticles and surfaces for use as antimicrobial coatings. Faraday Discussions, 175, pp. 273-287. ISSN (print) 1359-6640

Abdollah, Maha R. A., Kalber, Tammy, Tolner, Berend, Southern, Paul, Bear, Joseph C., Robson, Mathew, Pedley, R. Barbara, Parkin, Ivan P., Pankhurst, Quentin A., Mulholland, Paul and Chester, Kerry (2014) Prolonging the circulatory retention of SPIONs using dextran sulfate : in vivo tracking achieved by functionalisation with near-infrared dyes. Faraday Discussions, 175, pp. 41-58. ISSN (print) 1359-6640

Bear, Joseph C., Yu, Bin, Blanco-Andujar, Cristina, McNaughter, Paul D., Southern, Paul, Mafina, Marc-Krystelle, Pankhurst, Quentin A. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2014) A low cost synthesis method for functionalised iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia from readily available materials. Faraday Discussions, 175, pp. 83-95. ISSN (print) 1359-6640

Peveler, William J., Bear, Joseph C., Southern, Paul and Parkin, Ivan P. (2014) Organic–inorganic hybrid materials : nanoparticle containing organogels with myriad applications. Chemical Communications, 50(92), pp. 14418-14420. ISSN (print) 1359-7345

Quesada-Cabrera, Raul, Sotelo-Vazquez, Carlos, Bear, Joseph C., Darr, Jawwad A. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2014) Photocatalytic evidence of the rutile-to-anatase electron transfer in titania. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 1(6), p. 1400069. ISSN (online) 2196-7350

Colchester, Richard J., Mosse, Charles A., Bhachu, Davinder S., Bear, Joseph C., Carmalt, Claire J., Parkin, Ivan P., Treeby, Bradley E., Papakonstantinou, Ioannis and Desjardins, Adrien E. (2014) Laser-generated ultrasound with optical fibres using functionalised carbon nanotube composite coatings. Applied Physics Letters, 104(17), p. 173502. ISSN (print) 0003-6951

Diesen, Veronica, Dunnill, Charles W., Bear, Joseph C., Firth, Steve, Jonsson, Mats and Parkin, Ivan P. (2014) Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity in AACVD-Prepared N-modified TiO2Thin Films. Chemical Vapor Deposition, 20(1-2-3), pp. 91-97. ISSN (print) 0948-1907

Bear, Joseph C., Hollingsworth, Nathan, McNaughter, Paul D., Mayes, Andrew G., Ward, Michael B., Nann, Thomas, Hogarth, Graeme and Parkin, Ivan P. (2014) Copper-doped CdSe/ZnS quantum dots : controllable photoactivated copper(I) cation storage and release vectors for catalysis. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 53(6), pp. 1598-1601. ISSN (print) 1433-7851

Crick, Colin R., Bear, Joseph C., Southern, Paul and Parkin, Ivan P. (2013) A general method for the incorporation of nanoparticles into superhydrophobic films by aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1(13), pp. 4336-4344. ISSN (print) 2050-7488

Bear, Joseph C., McNaughter, Paul D., Jurkschat, Kerstin, Crossley, Alison, Aldous, Leigh, Compton, Richard G., Mayes, Andrew G. and Wildgoose, Gregory G. (2012) Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes covalently functionalized with amphiphilic polymer coated superparamagnetic nanocrystals. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 383(1), pp. 110-117. ISSN (print) 0021-9797

Crick, Colin R., Bear, Joseph C., Kafizas, Andreas and Parkin, Ivan P. (2012) Superhydrophobic photocatalytic surfaces through direct incorporation of titania nanoparticles into a polymer matrix by aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition. Advanced Materials, 24(26), pp. 3505-3508. ISSN (print) 0935-9648

McNaughter, Paul D., Bear, Joseph C., Steytler, David C., Mayes, Andrew G. and Nann, Thomas (2011) A thin silica-polymer shell for functionalizing colloidal inorganic nanoparticles. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 50(44), pp. 10384-10387. ISSN (print) 1433-7851

Wildgoose, Gregory G., Lawrence, Elliot J., Bear, Joseph C. and McNaughter, Paul D. (2011) Enabling electrochemical studies of chemically-modified carbon nanotubes in non-aqueous electrolytes using superparamagnetic nanoparticle-nanotube composites co-modified by diazirine molecular “tethers”. Electrochemistry Communications, 13(10), pp. 1139-1142. ISSN (print) 1388-2481

Book Section

Bear, Joseph, Charron, Gaelle, Fernandez-Argüelles, Maria Teresa, Massadeh, Salam, McNaughter, Paul and Nann, Thomas (2011) In vivo applications of inorganic nanoparticles. In: Booss-Bavnbek, Bernhelm , Klosgen, Beate , Larsen, Jesper , Pociot, Flemming and Renstrom, Erik, (eds.) BetaSys: systems biology of regulated exocytosis in pancreatic [beta]-cells. New York, U.S. : Springer. pp. 185-220. (Systems biology, (2)) ISBN 9781441969552

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