Making Artistic Research Public

Fatehrad, Azadeh (2022) Making Artistic Research Public. In: European Artistic Research Network gathering; 27-28 Oct 2022, Uniarts Helsinki, Finland.. (Unpublished)


Making artistic research public event is a platform for initiating further activities of the EARN working groups and their collaborations. Making something public is intrinsic to art making and artistic research. How could artistic research be made public on its own terms? To display a work in public might require leaving behind a singular piece or event, in order to proceed further with the work. This could also mean that development of one theme ends and another begins. The occasion of publishing clearly initiates reflection on its reception and leads to new approaches for proceeding with the research. Art and artistic research are not only made for the public; they are also informed by their own publicity. To what extent does making something public presuppose making it identifiable? Does this something have to be named? Does addressing the public always take the form of production? Are there alternative experimental or experiential ways of relating to matters of publicity? Could they be more relevant to publishing artistic research than declaring products (artworks, articles, etc.) as outcomes of research or end results of processes? Could publishing be seen as a live model, a prototype for learning processes that develop a relationship with the public?

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