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Zhang, Hongjie, Yao, Runming, Deng, Jie and Wang, Wenbo (2024) A mathematical model for rapid estimation of solar radiation in urban canyons with trees and its applications. Solar Energy, 267, p. 112219. ISSN (print) 0038-092X

Chen, Xie, Zhou, Chaohui, Tian, Zhiyong, Mao, Hongzhi, Luo, Yongqiang, Sun, Deyu, Fan, Jianhua, Jiang, Liguang, Deng, Jie and Rosen, Marc A. (2023) Different photovoltaic power potential variations in East and West China. Applied Energy, 351, p. 121846. ISSN (print) 0306-2619

Ma, Zongyao, Hu, Lei, Mao, Hongzhi, Shao, Qingyang, Tian, Zhiyong, Luo, Yongqiang, Deng, Jie, Sun, Deyu and Fan, Jianhua (2023) Shading effect and energy-saving potential of rooftop photovoltaic on the top-floor room. Solar Energy, 265, p. 112099. ISSN (print) 0038-092X

Cheng, Nan, Zhou, Chaohui, Luo, Yongqiang, Shen, Junhao, Tian, Zhiyong, Sun, Deyu, Fan, Jianhua, Zhang, Ling, Deng, Jie and Rosen, Marc A. (2023) Thermal behavior and performance of shallow-deep-mixed borehole heat exchanger array for sustainable building cooling and heating. Energy and Buildings, 291, p. 113108. ISSN (print) 0378-7788

Mao, Hongzhi, Chen, Xie, Luo, Yongqiang, Deng, Jie, Tian, Zhiyong, Yu, Jinghua, Xiao, Yimin and Fan, Jianhua (2023) Advances and prospects on estimating solar photovoltaic installation capacity and potential based on satellite and aerial images. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 179, p. 113276. ISSN (print) 1364-0321

Chen, Xie, Zhang, Shicong, Tian, Zhiyong, Luo, Yongqiang, Deng, Jie and Fan, Jianhua (2023) Differences in urban heat island and its driving factors between central and new urban areas of Wuhan, China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 30(20), pp. 58362-58377. ISSN (print) 0944-1344

Xu, Guozhi, Hu, Lei, Luo, Yongqiang, Tian, Zhiyong, Deng, Jie, Yuan, Guofeng and Fan, Jianhua (2022) Numerical modeling and parametric analysis of thermal performance for the large-scale seasonal thermal energy storage. Energy and Buildings, 275, p. 112459. ISSN (print) 0378-7788

Luo, Yongqiang, Cui, De'en, Cheng, Nan, Zhang, Shicong, Su, Xiaosong, Chen, Xi, Tian, Zhiyong, Deng, Jie and Fan, Jianhua (2022) A novel active building envelope with reversed heat flow control through coupled solar photovoltaic-thermoelectric-battery systems. Building and Environment, 222, p. 109401. ISSN (print) 0360-1323

Deng, Jie, Pickles, Brian J. and Shao, Li (2021) In-situ spectroscopy and shortwave radiometry reveals spatial and temporal variation in the crown-level radiative performance of urban trees. Remote Sensing of Environment, 253, p. 112231. ISSN (print) 0034-4257

Tian, Zhiyong, Deng, Jie, Zhang, Shicong, Yao, Runming and Shao, Li (2020) A quick measurement method for determining the incidence angle modifier of flat plate solar collectors using spectroradiometer. Solar Energy, 201, pp. 746-750. ISSN (print) 0038-092X

Deng, Jie, Pickles, Brian J., Smith, Stefan T. and Shao, Li (2020) Infrared radiative performance of urban trees : spatial distribution and interspecific comparison among ten species in the UK by in-situ spectroscopy. Building and Environment, 172, p. 106682. ISSN (print) 0360-1323

Tian, Zhiyong, Zhang, Shicong, Deng, Jie and Dorota Hrynyszyn, Bozena (2020) Evaluation on overheating risk of a typical Norwegian residential building under future extreme weather conditions. Energies, 13(3), p. 658. ISSN (online) 1996-1073

Deng, Jie, O'Donovan, Tadhg S., Tian, Zhiyong, King, Josh and Speake, Stuart (2019) Thermal performance predictions and tests of a novel type of flat plate solar thermal collectors by integrating with a freeze tolerance solution. Energy Conversion and Management, 198, p. 111784. ISSN (print) 0196-8904

Deng, Jie, Pickles, Brian J., Kavakopoulos, Anestis, Blanusa, Tijana, Halios, Christos H., Smith, Stefan T. and Shao, Li (2019) Concept and methodology of characterising infrared radiative performance of urban trees using tree crown spectroscopy. Building and Environment, 157, pp. 380-390. ISSN (print) 0360-1323

Tian, Zhiyong, Zhang, Shicong, Deng, Jie, Fan, Jianhua, Huang, Junpeng, Kong, Weiqiang, Perers, Bengt and Furbo, Simon (2019) Large-scale solar district heating plants in Danish smart thermal grid : developments and recent trends. Energy Conversion and Management, 189, pp. 67-80. ISSN (print) 0196-8904

Deng, Jie, Yao, Runming, Yu, Wei, Zhang, Qiulei and Li, Baizhan (2019) Effectiveness of the thermal mass of external walls on residential buildings for part-time part-space heating and cooling using the state-space method. Energy and Buildings, 190, pp. 155-171. ISSN (print) 0378-7788

Deng, Jie, Furbo, Simon, Kong, Weiqiang and Fan, Jianhua (2018) Thermal performance assessment and improvement of a solar domestic hot water tank with PCM in the mantle. Energy and Buildings, 172, pp. 10-21. ISSN (print) 0378-7788

Middlehurst, Gary, Yao, Runming, Jiang, Lai, Deng, Jie, Clements-Croome, Derek and Adams, George (2018) A preliminary study on post-occupancy evaluation of four office buildings in the UK based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Intelligent Buildings International, 10(4), pp. 234-246. ISSN (print) 1750-8975

Chang, Chun, Sciacovelli, Adriano, Wu, Zhiyong, Li, Xin, Li, Yongliang, Zhao, Mingzhi, Deng, Jie, Wang, Zhifeng and Ding, Yulong (2018) Enhanced heat transfer in a parabolic trough solar receiver by inserting rods and using molten salt as heat transfer fluid. Applied Energy, 220, pp. 337-350. ISSN (print) 0306-2619

Tian, Zhiyong, Perers, Bengt, Furbo, Simon, Fan, Jianhua, Deng, Jie and Dragsted, Janne (2018) A comprehensive approach for modelling horizontal diffuse radiation, direct normal irradiance and total tilted solar radiation based on global radiation under Danish climate conditions. Energies, 11(5), p. 1315. ISSN (online) 1996-1073

Deng, Jie (2017) Improved correlations of the thermal-hydraulic performance of large size multi-louvered fin arrays for condensers of high power electronic component cooling by numerical simulation. Energy Conversion and Management, 153, pp. 504-514. ISSN (print) 0196-8904

Deng, Jie, Yang, Ming, Ma, Rongjiang, Zhu, Xiaolin, Fan, Jianhua, Yuan, Guofeng and Wang, Zhifeng (2016) Validation of a simple dynamic thermal performance characterization model based on the piston flow concept for flat-plate solar collectors. Solar Energy, 139, pp. 171-178. ISSN (print) 0038-092X

Deng, Jie, Tian, Zhiyong, Fan, Jianhua, Yang, Ming, Furbo, Simon and Wang, Zhifeng (2016) Simulation and optimization study on a solar space heating system combined with a low temperature ASHP for single family rural residential houses in Beijing. Energy and Buildings, 126, pp. 2-13. ISSN (print) 0378-7788

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