Afterlives : transcendentals, universals, others

Osborne, Peter, ed. (2022) Afterlives : transcendentals, universals, others. Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : CRMEP BOOKS. 212p. (CRMEP BOOKS, 4) ISBN 9781999333782


If, as Walter Benjamin believed, ‘historical understanding is to be viewed primarily as an afterlife of that which is to be understood’, what are the afterlives of the central concepts of modern European philosophy today? These essays reflect on the afterlives of three such concepts – ‘the transcendental’, ‘the universal’ and ‘otherness’ – as they continue to animate philosophical discussion at and beyond the limits of the discipline. Anthropology, law, mathematics and politics each provide occasions for testing the historical durability and transformative capacity of these concepts. Contributors: Étienne Balibar, Antonia Birnbaum, Howard Caygill, Francis Cooper, Matt Hare, Marie Louise Krogh, Catherine Malabou.

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