Self-organising agile team framework (SOATf) cultural implications for organisations in Turkey

Ongoren, Faik (2022) Self-organising agile team framework (SOATf) cultural implications for organisations in Turkey. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Self-organising agile teams form the basis for the successful execution of projects that are implemented using agile project management frameworks. This research investigated the difference in working practices in eastern and western cultures in terms of understanding of agile and practicing of self-organising framework to achieve an optimal performance of software development. The main contribution of this research is the development and implementation of a new framework called the Self-Organising Agile Team framework (SOATf) and investigation of its cultural implications using case studies from organisations in Turkey. Eastern and western cultures seem to clash in Turkey, which means that the existence of mixed cultural attitudes could be significant for this study. A mixed approach was utilized to carry out the study, and action research was adopted as a principal research methodology. The evaluation part of the research was performed in two stages with the first one focusing on the survey analysis, and the second one centering around the analysis of the interviews. The criteria of self-organising teams were discovered from various researchers’ analysis of existing team working models and frameworks from literature survey and industry studies. This research then carried out a thematic analysis of key literature review outputs through comparison and evaluation the various themes and components to build the novel SOATf. The results of the research revealed that: (1) the perception of the workplace environment significantly varies between the individuals of eastern and western cultures, (2) the allocation of the competencies significantly differs between the adepts of eastern and western cultures, and (3) in the context of self-organising, agile teams, the assignment of roles according to new SOATf is different for individuals belonging to eastern and western cultures. Based on the research outcomes, the recommendations concerning the future work were provided, and the suggestions related to the integration of SOATf were outlined.

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