Radical art and the formation of the avant-garde

Cottington, David (2022) Radical art and the formation of the avant-garde. Yale University Press. ISBN 9780300166736 (In Press)


The book, which I am in the process of writing (for a deadline of the end of 2018) presents a comparative history of the dynamics of the emergence and consolidation of an artistic avant-garde formation in the decades before the First World War, first in Paris (then the acknowledged centre of modern art) and subsequently in London (one of its 'peripheral' cities in this respect). It offers a new theoretical framework for understanding the cultural and social role and significance of this avant-garde, the relation between artistic and other cultural avant-gardes, as well as between politico-economic and cultural hegemonies. It also offers a new methodology, grounded in historical materialism, for the analysis of the avant-gardes, as a model for further studies in this field.

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