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Pesaran Behbahani, M., Choudhury, I. and Khaddaj, S. A. (2013) A New Approach for Knowledge Discovery in Distributed Databases Using Fragmented Data Storage Model. Chinese Business Review, 12(12), pp. 834-845. ISSN (print) 1537-1506

Pesaran Behbahani, Masoud, Choudhury, Islam and Khaddaj, Souheil (2012) Enhancing Organizational Performance through a New Proactive Multilayer Data Mining Methodology: An Ecommerce Case Study. International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology (IJIMT)., 3(5), pp. 600-607. ISSN (online) 2010-0248

Choudhury, Islam, de Cesare, Sergio and Di Florida, Emily (2008) An Object-Oriented Abstraction Mechanism for Generic Enterprise Modeling. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 4(1), 48 -62. ISSN (print) 1548-1115

Page, V., Dixon, M. and Choudhury, I. (2007) Security risk mitigation for information systems. BT Technology Journal, 25(1), pp. 118-127. ISSN (print) 1358-3948

Wang, Yingxu, Choudhury, Islam, Patel, Dilip, Patel, Shushma, Doring, Alec, Wickberg, Hakan and King, Graham (1999) On the foundations of object-oriented information systems. L'Objet: Software, databases, networks, 5(1), ISSN (print) 1262-1137


Roberts, David, Choudhury, Islam, Kovela, Serhiy, Roberts, Sheila and Tanvir, Jawwad (2022) Business resilience. A practical guide to sustained progress delivered at pace. London, U.K. : Kogan Page. 400p. ISBN 9781398604643

Patel, Dilip , Choudhury, Islam , Patel, Shushma and de Cesare, Sergio, eds. (2001) OOIS 2000: Proceedings of the 6th International conference on Object oriented information systems. London, U.K. : Springer-Verlag. ISBN 9781852334208

Book Section

Choudhury, Islam (2019) Agile business methods in computing and engineering. In: Mellor, Robert B., (ed.) Management for scientists. Bingley, U.K. : Emerald Publishing Limited. pp. 187-206. ISBN 9781787692046

Patel, Dilip, Choudhury, Islam and Patel, Shushma (1999) Perspectives on design and implementation of business objects. In: Zamir, Saba, (ed.) Handbook of Object Technology. Boca Raton, FL. U.S. : CRC Press. pp. 49-1. ISBN 0849331358

Conference or Workshop Item

Alotaibi, Mohammed and Choudhury, Islam (2015) A social robotics children diabetes management and educational system for Saudi Arabia : system architecture. In: The Second International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Social Media; 21 - 23 Sep 2015, Lodz, Poland.

Pesaran Behbahani, Masoud, Khaddaj, Souheil and Choudhury, Islam (2013) A novel distributed multidimensional management approach for modelling proactive decision making. In: DCABES 2013: The 12th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science; 02 - 04 Sep 2013, Kingston, U.K..

Pesaran Behbahani, M., Choudhury, I and Khaddaj, S. A. (2012) A business intelligence framework to provide performance management through a holistic data mining view. In: UK Academy for Information Systems Conference; 28-28 Mar 2012, Oxford, UK.

Behbahani, M.P., Choudhury, I and Khaddaj, S. A. (2011) A multilayer data mining approach to an optimized Ebusiness analytics framework. In: ICEME 2011- 2nd International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics; 28-30 Dec 2011, Dubai, UAE. (IPEDR, no. 25)

Choudhury, I and Alkahtani, M (2011) Social ontology for managing knowledge to increase organisational performance. In: International Conference on Semantic E-Business and Enterprise Computing; 20 Jul 2011, Kingston, UK.

Al-Haraizah, Ahed and Choudhury, Islam (2009) ECTA Framework: Governmental institutions’ E-mailing systems technology adoption in Jordan. In: International Conference on Semantic E-Business and Enterprise Computing; 4 - 6 Nov 2009, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Ndeta, John, Marrir, Farhi and Choudhury, Islam (2006) Knowledge enhanced e-Workflow modelling - A pattern-based approach for the development of Internet workflow systems. In: 7th European Conference on Knowledge Management; 4 - 5 Sept 2006, Budapest, Hungary. ISBN 9781905305285

Page, V., Dixon, M. and Choudhury, I. (2006) Mitigating data gathering obstacles within an agile information systems development environment. In: International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems; 26-28 June 2006, London, U.K.. ISBN 0780397088

Qureshi, A, Dixon, Maurice, Rafferty, A, Choudhury, Islam and Page, Victor (2001) Documentation assistance in object oriented software development. In: 7th International Conference on Object Oriented Information Systems; 27-29 Aug 2001, Calgary, Canada.

Wang, Y., Dorling, A., Wickberg, H. and Choudhury, I. (1998) A perspective on foundations of object-oriented information systems. In: OOIS '98: 1998 International Conference on Object-Oriented Information Systems; 9-11 Sept 1998, Paris, France. ISBN 9781852330460


Choudhury, I (1999) Generic reusable business object modelling. (PhD thesis), South Bank University, .

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