Exploring the Wnt pathway as a therapeutic target for prostate cancer

Koushyar, Sarah, Meniel, Valerie S., Phesse, Toby J. and Pearson, Helen B. (2022) Exploring the Wnt pathway as a therapeutic target for prostate cancer. Biomolecules, 12(2), p. 309. ISSN (online) 2218-273X


Aberrant activation of the Wnt pathway is emerging as a frequent event during prostate cancer that can facilitate tumor formation, progression, and therapeutic resistance. Recent discoveries indicate that targeting the Wnt pathway to treat prostate cancer may be efficacious. However, the functional consequence of activating the Wnt pathway during the different stages of prostate cancer progression remains unclear. Preclinical work investigating the efficacy of targeting Wnt signaling for the treatment of prostate cancer, both in primary and metastatic lesions, and improving our molecular understanding of treatment responses is crucial to identifying effective treatment strategies and biomarkers that help guide treatment decisions and improve patient care. In this review, we outline the type of genetic alterations that lead to activated Wnt signaling in prostate cancer, highlight the range of laboratory models used to study the role of Wnt genetic drivers in prostate cancer, and discuss new mechanistic insights into how the Wnt cascade facilitates prostate cancer growth, metastasis, and drug resistance.

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