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Jarvis, Ian, Pearce, Martin A., Monkenbusch, Johannes, Jurkowska, Agata, Ullmann, Clemens V., Dubicka, Zofia and Thibault, Nicolas (2023) Carbon isotopes, palynology and stratigraphy of the Santonian – Campanian boundary : the GSSP auxiliary sections, Seaford Head (England) and Bocieniec (Poland), and correlation between the Boreal and Tethyan realms. Cretaceous Research, 143, p. 105415. ISSN (print) 0195-6671

Gale, Andy, Batenburg, Sietske, Coccioni, Rodolfo, Dubicka, Zofia, Erba, Elisabetta, Falzoni, Francesca, Haggart, Jim, Hasegawa, Takishi, Ifrim, Christina, Jarvis, Ian, Jenkyns, Hugh, Jurowska, Agata, Kennedy, Jim, Maron, Matteo, Muttoni, Giovanni, Pearce, Martin, Petrizzo, Maria Rose, Premoli-Silva, Isabella, Thibault, Nicolas, Voigt, Silke, Wagreich, Michael and Walaszczyk, Irek (2023) The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Campanian Stage at Bottaccione (Gubbio, Italy) and its auxiliary sections : Seaford Head (UK), Bocieniec (Poland), Postalm (Austria), Smoky Hill, Kansas (U.S.A), Tepayac (Mexico). Episodes, ISSN (print) 0705-3797 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Mills, Benjamin J. W., Krause, Alexander J., Jarvis, Ian and Cramer, Bradley D. (2023) Evolution of atmospheric O₂ through the Phanerozoic, revisited. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 51(1), ISSN (print) 0084-6597 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Trabucho-Alexandre, João Pedro, Gröcke, Darren R., Atar, Elizabeth, Herringshaw, Liam and Jarvis, Ian (2022) A new subsurface record of the Pliensbachian-Toarcian, Lower Jurassic, of Yorkshire. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 64(2), pygs2022-007. ISSN (print) 0044-0604

Walaszczyk, Ireneusz, Čech, Stanislav, Crampton, James S., Dubicka, Zofia, Ifrim, Christina, Jarvis, Ian, Kennedy, William J., Lees, Jackie A., Lodowski, Damian, Pearce, Martin, Peryt, Danuta, Sageman, Bradley B., Schiøler, Poul, Todes, Jordan, Uličný, David, Voigt, Silke, Wiese, Frank, Linnert, Christian [Contributor], Püttmann, Tobias [Contributor] and Toshimitsu, Seiichi [Contributor] (2022) The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Coniacian Stage (Salzgitter-Salder, Germany) and its auxiliary sections (Słupia Nadbrzeżna, central Poland; Střeleč, Czech Republic; and El Rosario, NE Mexico). Episodes, 45(2), pp. 181-220. ISSN (print) 0705-3797

Plint, A. Guy, Uličný, David, Čech, Stanislav, Walaszczyk, Ireneusz, Gröcke, Darren R., Laurin, Jirí, Shank, Joel A. and Jarvis, Ian (2022) Trans-Atlantic correlation of Late Cretaceous high-frequency sea-level cycles. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 578, p. 117323. ISSN (print) 0012-821X

Pearce, Martin A., Jarvis, Ian, Monkenbusch, Johannes, Thibault, Nicolas, Ullmann, Clemens V. and Martinez, Mathieu (2022) Coniacian-Campanian palynology, carbon isotopes and clay mineralogy of the Poigny borehole (Paris Basin) and its correlation in NW Europe. Comptes Rendus Geoscience, 354(S3), pp. 45-65. ISSN (print) 1631-0713

Barrett, Timothy J., Jarvis, Ian, Hannington, Mark D. and Thirlwall, Matthew F. (2021) Chemical characteristics of modern deep-sea metalliferous sediments in closed versus open basins, with emphasis on rare-earth elements and Nd isotopes. Earth-Science Reviews, 222, p. 103801. ISSN (print) 0012-8252

Chroustová, M., Holcová, K., Laurin, J., Uličný, D., Hradecká, L., Hrnková, M., Čech, S., Hrouda, F. and Jarvis, I. (2021) Response of foraminiferal assemblages to precession-paced environmental variation in a mid-latitude seaway : late Turonian greenhouse of Central Europe. Marine Micropaleontology, 167, p. 102025. ISSN (print) 0377-8398

Jarvis, Ian, Pearce, Martin, Püttmann, Tobias, Voigt, Silke and Walaszczyk, Irek (2021) Palynology and calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Turonian – Coniacian boundary : the proposed boundary stratotype at Salzgitter-Salder, Germany and its correlation in NW Europe. Cretaceous Research, 123, p. 104782. ISSN (print) 0195-6671

Voigt, Silke, Püttmann, Tobias, Mutterlose, Jörg, Bornemann, André, Jarvis, Ian, Pearce, Martin and Walaszczyk, Irek (2021) Reassessment of the Salzgitter-Salder section as a potential stratotype for the Turonian–Coniacian boundary : stable carbon isotopes and cyclostratigraphy constrained by calcareous nannofossils and palynology. Newsletters on Stratigraphy, 54(2), pp. 209-228. ISSN (print) 0078-0421

Castro, José M., Ruiz‐Ortiz, Pedro A., de Gea, Ginés A., Aguado, Roque, Jarvis, Ian, Weissert, Helmut, Molina, José M., Nieto, Luis M., Pancost, Richard D., Quijano, María L., Reolid, Matías, Skelton, Peter W., López‐Rodríguez, Carmina and Martínez‐Rodríguez, Rafael (2021) High‐resolution C‐isotope, TOC and biostratigraphic records of OAE 1a (Aptian) from an expanded hemipelagic cored succession, western Tethys : a new stratigraphic reference for global correlation and paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 36(3), e2020PA004004. ISSN (online) 2572-4525

Wilson, Penelope I. R., Wilson, Robert W., Sanderson, David J., Jarvis, Ian and McCaffrey, Kenneth J. W. (2021) Analysis of deformation bands associated with the Trachyte Mesa intrusion, Henry Mountains, Utah : implications for reservoir connectivity and fluid flow around sill intrusions. Solid Earth, 12(1), pp. 95-117. ISSN (print) 1869-9510

Pearce, Martin A., Jarvis, Ian, Ball, Philip J. and Laurin, Jiri (2020) Palynology of the Cenomanian to lowermost Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) Chalk of the Trunch Borehole (Norfolk, UK) and a new dinoflagellate cyst bioevent stratigraphy for NW Europe. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 278, p. 104188. ISSN (print) 0034-6667

Hunt, J.E. and Jarvis, I. (2020) The lifecycle of mid-ocean ridge seamounts and their prodigious flank collapses. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 530, p. 115867. ISSN (print) 0012-821X

Henry, Delano G., Jarvis, Ian, Gillmore, Gavin and Stephenson, Michael (2019) Raman spectroscopy as a tool to determine the thermal maturity of organic matter : application to sedimentary, metamorphic and structural geology. Earth-Science Reviews, 198, p. 102936. ISSN (print) 0012-8252

Henry, D.G., Jarvis, I., Gillmore, G. and Stephenson, M. (2019) A rapid method for determining organic matter maturity using laser Raman spectroscopy : application to Carboniferous organic-rich mudstones and coals. International Journal of Coal Geology, 203, pp. 87-98. ISSN (print) 0166-5162

Percival, L.M.E., Jenkyns, H.C., Mather, T.A., Dickson, A.J., Batenburg, S.J., Ruhl, M., Hesselbo, S.P., Barclay, R., Jarvis, Ian, Robinson, S.A. and Woelders, L. (2018) Does large igneous province volcanism always perturb the mercury cycle? Comparing the records of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 and the end-Cretaceous to other Mesozoic events. American Journal of Science, 318(8), pp. 799-860. ISSN (print) 0002-9599

Henry, Delano G., Jarvis, Ian, Gillmore, Gavin, Stephenson, Michael and Emmings, Joe (2018) Assessing low-maturity organic matter in shales using Raman spectroscopy : effects of sample preparation and operating procedure. International Journal of Coal Geology, 191, pp. 135-151. ISSN (print) 0166-5162

Chenot, Elise, Deconinck, Jean-François, Puceat, Emmanuelle, Pellenard, Pierre, Guiraud, Michel, Jaubert, Maxime, Jarvis, Ian, Thibault, Nicolas, Cocquerez, Theophile, Bruneau, Ludovic, Razmjooei, Mohammad J., Boussaha, Myriam, Richard, James, Sizun, Jean-Pierre and Stemmerik, Lars (2018) Continental weathering as a driver of Late Cretaceous cooling : new insights from clay mineralogy of Campanian sediments from the southern Tethyan margin to the Boreal realm. Global and Planetary Change, 162, pp. 292-312. ISSN (print) 0921-8181

Hunt, James E. and Jarvis, Ian (2017) Prodigious submarine landslides during the inception and early growth of volcanic islands. Nature Communications, 8, ISSN (online) 2041-1723

Garnit, Hechmi, Bouhlel, Salah and Jarvis, Ian (2017) Geochemistry and depositional environments of Paleocene - Eocene phosphorites : Metlaoui Group, Tunisia. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 134, pp. 704-736. ISSN (print) 1464-343X

Fralick, Philip, Planavsky, Noah, Burton, Justin, Jarvis, Ian, Addison, W.D., Barrett, T.J. and Brumpton, G.R. (2017) Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic Gunflint Formation carbonate : implications for hydrosphere-atmosphere evolution. Precambrian Research, 290, pp. 126-146. ISSN (print) 0301-9268

Olde, Kate, Jarvis, Ian, Pearce, Martin, Walaszczyk, Ireneusz and Tocher, Bruce (2016) Organic-walled dinoflagellate cyst records from a prospective Turonian - Coniacian (upper Cretaceous) GSSP, Slupia Nadbrzezna, Poland. Cretaceous Research, 65, pp. 17-24. ISSN (print) 0195-6671

Ruiz-Ortiz, Pedro Alejandro, Castro, Jose Manuel, de Gea, Gines Alfonso, Jarvis, Ian, Molina, Jose Miguel, Nieto, Luis Miguel, Pancost, Richard David, Quijano, Maria Luisa, Reolid, Matias, Skelton, Peter William and Weissert, Helmut Jurg (2016) New drilling of the early Aptian OAE1a : the Cau core (Prebetic Zone, south-eastern Spain). Scientific Drilling, 21, pp. 41-46. ISSN (print) 1816-8957

Thibault, N., Jarvis, I., Voigt, S., Gale, A. S., Attree, K. and Jenkyns, H. C. (2016) Astronomical calibration and global correlation of the Santonian (Cretaceous) based on the marine carbon-isotope record. Paleoceanography, 31(6), pp. 847-865. ISSN (print) 0883-8305

Wilson, Penelope I.R., McCaffrey, Ken J.W., Wilson, Robert. W., Jarvis, Ian and Holdsworth, Robert E. (2016) Deformation structures associated with the Trachyte Mesa intrusion, Henry Mountains, Utah : implications for sill and laccolith emplacement mechanisms. Journal of Structural Geology, 87, pp. 30-46. ISSN (print) 0191-8141

Jarvis, Ian, Trabucho-Alexandre, Joao, Grocke, Darren R., Ulicny, David and Laurin, Jiri (2015) Intercontinental correlation of organic carbon and carbonate stable isotope records: evidence of climate and sea-level change during the Turonian (Cretaceous). The Depositional Record, 1(2), pp. 53-90. ISSN (print) 2055-4877

Olde, Kate, Jarvis, Ian, Ulicny, David, Pearce, Martin A., Trabucho-Alexandre, Joao, Cech, Stanislav, Grocke, Darren, Laurin, Jiri, Svabenicka, Lilian and Tocher, Bruce A. (2015) Geochemical and palynological sea-level proxies in hemipelagic sediments : a critical assessment from the Upper Cretaceous of the Czech Republic. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 435, pp. 222-243. ISSN (print) 0031-0182

Laurin, Jiri, Meyers, Stephen R., Ulicny, David, Jarvis, Ian and Sageman, Bradley B. (2015) Axial obliquity control on the greenhouse carbon budget through middle- to high-latitude reservoirs. Paleoceanography, 30(2), pp. 133-149. ISSN (print) 0883-8305

Olde, Kate, Jarvis, Ian, Pearce, Martin, Ulicny, David, Tocher, Bruce, Trabucho-Alexandre, Joao and Groecke, Darren (2015) A revised northern European Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy: Integrating palynology and carbon isotope events. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 213, pp. 1-16. ISSN (print) 0034-6667

Hunt, J. E., Talling, P. J., Clare, M. A., Jarvis, I. and Wynn, R. B. (2014) Long-term (17 Ma) turbidite record of the timing and frequency of large flank collapses of the Canary Islands. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 15(8), pp. 3322-3345. ISSN (online) 1525-2027

Uličný, D., Jarvis, I., Gröcke, D.R., Čech, S., Laurin, J., Olde, K., Trabucho-Alexandre, J., Švábenická, L. and Pedentchouk, N. (2014) A high-resolution carbon-isotope record of the Turonian stage correlated to a siliciclastic basin fill: Implications for mid-Cretaceous sea-level change. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 405, pp. 42-58. ISSN (print) 0031-0182

Du Vivier, Alice D. C., Selby, David, Sageman, Bradley B., Jarvis, Ian, Groecke, Darren R. and Voigt, Silke (2014) Marine Os-187/Os-188 isotope stratigraphy reveals the interaction of volcanism and ocean circulation during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2. Earth And Planetary Science Letters, 389, pp. 23-33. ISSN (print) 0012-821X

Jarvis, Ian, Lignum, John S., Gröcke, Darren R., Jenkyns, Hugh C. and Pearce, Martin A. (2011) Black shale deposition, atmospheric CO[sub]2 drawdown, and cooling during the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event. Paleoceanography, 26(3), pp. 3201-3218. ISSN (print) 0883-8305

Pearce, MA, Lignum, JS and JARVIS, IAN (2011) Senoniasphaera turonica (Prossl, 1990 ex Prossl, 1992) comb. nov., senior synonym of Senoniasphaera rotundata alveolata Pearce et al., 2003: an important dinocyst marker for the Lower Turonian chalk of NW Europe. Journal of Micopalaeontology, 30, pp. 91-93. ISSN (print) 0262-821X

Pearce, Martin A., Jarvis, Ian and Tocher, Bruce A. (2009) The Cenomanian-Turonian boundary event, OAE2 and palaeoenvironmental change in epicontinental seas: new insights from the dinocyst and geochemical records. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 280(1-2), pp. 207-234. ISSN (print) 0031-0182

Prince, Iain M., Jarvis, Ian, Pearce, Martin A. and Tocher, Bruce A. (2008) Dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy of the Coniacian-Santonian (Upper Cretaceous): new data from the English Chalk. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 150(1-4), pp. 59-96. ISSN (print) 0034-6667

Lignum, J, Jarvis, I and Pearce, M A (2008) A critical assessment of standard processing methods for the preparation of palynological samples. Review of Paleaobotany and Palynology, 149(3-4), pp. 133-149. ISSN (print) 0034-6667

Jarvis, I., Gale, A.S., Jenkyns, H.C. and Pearce, M.A. (2006) Secular variation in Late Cretaceous carbon isotopes: a new [delta] 13C carbonate reference curve for the Cenomanian - Campanian (99.6 - 70.6 Ma). Geological Magazine, 143(5), pp. 561-608. ISSN (print) 0016-7568

Mabrouk, Amina, Belayouni, Habib, Jarvis, Ian and Moody, Richard T. J. (2006) Strontium, [delta][sup]18O and [delta][sup]13C as palaeo-indicators of unconformities: case of the Aleg and Abiod formations (Upper Cretaceous) in the Miskar Field, southeastern Tunisia. Geochemical Journal, 40(4), pp. 405-424. ISSN (print) 0016-7002

Jarvis, Ian (2006) The Santonian – Campanian phosphatic chalks of England and France. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 117(2), pp. 219-237. ISSN (print) 0016-7878

Pearce, Martin A., Jarvis, Ian, Swan, Andrew R.H., Murphy, Amanda M., Tocher, Bruce A. and Edmunds, W. Michael (2003) Integrating palynological and geochemical data in a new approach to palaeoecological studies: Upper Cretaceous of the Banterwick Barn Chalk borehole, Berkshire, UK. Marine Micropaleontology, 47(3-4), pp. 271-306. ISSN (online) 0377-8398

Jarvis, Ian, Mabrouk, Amina, Moody, Richard T.J. and de Cabrera, Sandra (2002) Late Cretaceous (Campanian) carbon isotope events, sea-level change and correlation of the Tethyan and Boreal realms. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 188(3-4), pp. 215-248. ISSN (print) 0031-0182

Jarvis, I, Murphy, A.M. and Gale, A.S. (2001) Geochemistry of pelagic and hemipelagic carbonates: criteria for identifying systems tracts and sea-level change. Journal of the Geological Society, 158(4), pp. 685-696. ISSN (print) 0016-7649

Jarvis, I., Murphy, A.M. and Gale, A.S. (2001) Geochemistry of pelagic and hemipelagic sediments: criteria for identifying systems tracts and sea-level change. Journal of the Geological Society, 158(4), pp. 685-696. ISSN (print) 0016-7649

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Weaver, P.P.E., Jarvis, I., Lebreiro, S.M., Alibés, B., Baraza, J., Howe, R. and Rothwell, R.G. (1998) Neogene turbidite sequence on the Madeira Abyssal Plain: basin filling and diagenesis in the deep ocean. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, 157, pp. 619-634. ISSN (print) 0884-5891

Thomson, John, Jarvis, Ian, Green, Darryl R.H., Green, Damon A. and Clayton, Trevor (1998) Mobility and immobility of redox-sensitive elements in deep-sea turbidites during shallow burial. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 62(4), pp. 643-656. ISSN (print) 0016-7037

Jarvis, Ian, Totland, Marina M. and Jarvis, Kym E. (1997) Determination of the platinum-group elements in geological materials by ICP-MS using microwave digestion, alkali fusion and cation-exchange chromatography. Chemical Geology, 143(1-2), pp. 27-42. ISSN (print) 0009-2541

Schneider, J.L., Gerard, M., Schmincke, H.U., Weaver, P.P.E., Firth, J., Baraza, J., Bristow, J.F., Brunner, C., Carey, S.N., Coakley, B., Fuller, M., Funck, T., Goldstrand, P., Herr, B., Hood, J., Howe, R., Jarvis, I., Lebreiro, S., Lindblom, S., Lykke-Andersen, H., Maniscalco, R., Rothwell, G., Sblendorio-Levy, J., Sumita, M., Taniguchi, H., Tu, P. and Wallace, P. (1997) From volcano to sediment: Dynamics of the submarine volcaniclastic apron of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (eastern Atlantic Ocean, ODP Leg 157). Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences Series IIA - Earth and Planetary Science, 324(11), pp. 891-898. ISSN (print) 1251-8050

Jarvis, Ian, Totland, Marina M. and Jarvis, Kym E. (1997) Assessment of Dowex 1-X8-based anion-exchange procedures for the separation and determination of ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, iridium, platinum and gold in geological samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The Analyst, 122(1), pp. 19-26. ISSN (print) 0003-2654

Tocher, B.A. and Jarvis, I. (1996) Dinoflagellate cyst distributions and the Albian-Cenomanian boundary (mid-Cretaceous) at Cordebugle, NW France and Lewes, southern England. Journal of Micropalaeontology, 15(1), pp. 55-67. ISSN (print) 0262-821X

Tocher, B.A. and Jarvis, I. (1995) Dinocyst distributions and stratigraphy of two Cenomanian-Turonian boundary (Upper Cretaceous) sections from the western Anglo-Paris basin. Journal of Micropalaeontology, 14(2), pp. 97-105. ISSN (print) 0262-821X

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Pearce, T.J. and Jarvis, I. (1992) Composition and provenance of turbidite sands: Late quaternary, Madeira Abyssal Plain. Marine Geology, 109(1-2), pp. 21-51. ISSN (print) 0025-3227

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Barrett, Timothy J., Jarvis, Ian and Jarvis, Kym E. (1990) Rare-earth element geochemistry of massive sulfides-sulfates and gossans on the southern explorer ridge. Geology, 18(7), pp. 583-586. ISSN (print) 0091-7613

Book Section

Cramer, B.D. and Jarvis, I. (2020) Carbon isotope stratigraphy. In: Gradstein, Felix M. , Ogg, James G. , Schmitz, Mark D. and Ogg, Gabi M., (eds.) Geologic time scale 2020. Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier. pp. 309-343. 1 ISBN 9780128243602

Plint, A. Guy, Hooper, Elizabeth A., Grifi, Meriem D., Walaszczyk, Ireneusz, Landman, Neil H., Grocke, Darren R., Alexandre, Joao P. Trabucho and Jarvis, Ian (2017) Integrated, high-resolution allostratigraphic, biostratigraphic and carbon-isotope correlation of Coniacian Strata (Upper Cretaceous), Western Alberta and Northern Montana. In: Landman, Neil H. , Plint, A. Guy and Walaszczyk, Irek, (eds.) Allostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous (Coniacian-Santonian) Western Canada Foreland Basin. New York, U.S. : American Museum of Natural History. pp. 9-52. (Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 414) ISSN (print) 0003-0090

Jarvis, I, Mabrouk, A, Moody, R. T. J, Murphy, A. M. and Sandman, R. A (2008) Applications of carbon isotope and elemental (Sr/Ca, Mn) chemostratigraphy to sequence analysis: sea-level change and the global correlation of pelagic carbonates. In: Salem, M. J and El-Hawat, A. S, (eds.) The geology of East Libya vol 1. Tripoli, Libya : Earth Science Society of Libya. pp. 369-396. ISBN 9789959840059

Conference or Workshop Item

Forshaw, Joline, Jarvis, Ian, Trabucho-Alexandre, João, Tocher, Bruce and Pearce, Martin (2014) The Eagle Ford Shale, Texas: an initial insight into Late Cretaceous organic-rich mudrock palaeoenvironments. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014; 27 Apr - 02 May 2014, Vienna, Austria.

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