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Book Section

Allibone, Lorraine, May, Steve and van der Sluis, Hendrik (2013) The impact of Academic Skills Centres on retention, progression and attainment and improving student confidence. In: Clark, Robin , Andrews, Jane , Thomas, Liz and Aggarwal, Rebecca , (eds.) Compendium of effective practice in higher education: Volume 2. Birmingham, U.K. : Aston University. pp. 95-98. ISBN 9781854494474

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Conference or Workshop Item

Allibone, Lorraine, May, Steve and van der Sluis, Hendrik (2012) Preparing masters students to teach in Higher Education: a new route to enhanced employability? In: The Student Journey, Staff and Educational Development Association Spring Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference; 17 - 18 May 2012, Chester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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May, Steven [Researcher], Allibone, Lorraine [Teacher] and van der Sluis, Hendrik [Researcher] (2012) Designing a flexible support system in dialogue with students to meet their needs. In: The Social Contract of Higher Education: EAIR 34th Annual Forum; 05 - 08 Sep 2012, Stavanger, Norway . (Unpublished)

May, Steven [Researcher], van der Sluis, Hendrik [Teacher] and Forland, Heather [Researcher] (2013) The impact of pre-entry English test results on postgraduate success. In: The Impact of Higher Education: Addressing the challenges of the 21st century; 27 - 31 Aug 2013, Rotterdam, Netherlands. (Unpublished)

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Woodfield, Steve, May, Steve and van der Sluis, Hendrik (2013) Lifelong Learning Network (LLN) progression agreements: an effective and sustainable approach for promoting the social mobility of vocational students? In: What can Higher Education Contribute to Improving Social Mobility in the UK? ; 26-27 Mar 2013, Manchester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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