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Abuhammad, Areej, Lowe, Edward D., McDonough, Michael A., Stewart, Patrick D. Shaw, Kolek, Stefan A., Sim, Edith and Garman, Elspeth F. (2013) Structure of arylamine N-acetyltransferase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis determined by cross-seeding with the homologous protein from M. marinum: triumph over adversity. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography, 69(8), pp. 1433-1446. ISSN (print) 0907-4449

Adnan, A., Safa, M., Lung, A.W.M. and Muppala, S. (2013) Improvement of outsourcing employing lean philosophy. International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science, Technology and Engineering, 2(3), pp. 1-13. ISSN (print) 2319-7463

Aghajani, Hamed, Dembele, Siaka and Wen, Jennifer (2013) Modelling of Sprinkler Sprays using Deterministic and Stochastic Approaches. In: 7th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards (ISFEH); 5 – 10 May 2013, Providence, USA. ISBN 9789810759407

Al-Khazali, H. and Askari, M. (2013) Gyroscopic effects on a cantilever rotor system – a comparative analysis. In: NWC2013, NAFEMS 14th World Congress; 9-12 June 2013, Salzburg, Austria. (Unpublished)

Al-Khazali, H.A.H. and Askari, M.R. (2013) Improvement of safety engineering design in rotating structures by detection of resonance frequency signals. In: SEM 2013 Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics; 3-5 June 2013, Lombard, USA. (Unpublished)

Al-Kinani, A, Virdi, K and Alany, R (2013) Formulation and optimization of ophthalmic chitosan nanoparticles using experimental design. In: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition; 10-14 Nov 2013, San Antonio, USA. (Unpublished)

Al-Kinani, A., Vangala, A., Naughton, D., Pierscionek, B., Calabrese, G. and Alany, R. (2013) Development and validation of a new HPLC method for quantification of (R)-(−)-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid in simulated aqueous humor. In: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition; 10-14 Nov 2013, San Antonio, USA. (Unpublished)

Al-Kinani, A., Abbas, Z., Calabrese, G., Pierscionek, B., Vangala, A., Naughton, D. and Alany, R. (2013) N-glycerol alkyl chitosan submicron particles as drug delivery systems: formulation and characterization studies. In: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition; 10-14 Nov 2013, San Antonio, USA. (Unpublished)

Al-Kinani, A. (2013) N-modification of chitosan for improved membrane permeability: synthesis, physicochemical characterization and submicron particle formulation. In: 40th annual meeting and Exposition of the Controlled Release Society; 21-24 Jul 2013, Honolulu, USA. (Unpublished)

Al-Kinani, A. A. (2013) New HPLC method for quantification of 2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid permeated through excised bovine sclera. In: 40th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society; 21-24 July 2013, Honolulu, USA. (Unpublished)

Al-Kinani, A. A., Naughton, D., Pierscionek, B., Vangala, A., Swinden, J., Calabrese, G. and Alany, R. (2013) Separation and quantification of methionine in simulated aqueous humor using capillary electrophoresis. In: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition; 10-14 Nov 2013, San Antonio, USA. (Unpublished)

Al-Kinani, A.A., Calabrese, G., Naughton, D.P., Pierscionek, B.K., Swinden, J., Vangala, A. and Alany, R. G. (2013) Separation and quantification of cystine and cysteine in simulated aqueous humor using capillary electrophoresis. In: 40th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society; 21-24 July 2013, Honolulu, USA.

Ala-Mursula, Leena, Buxton, Jessica L., Ek, Ellen, Koiranen, Markku, Taanila, Anja, Blakemore, Alexandra I. F. and Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta (2013) Long-term unemployment is associated with short telomeres in 31-year-old men : an observational study in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966. PLoS ONE, 8(11), e80094. ISSN (print) 1932-6203

Alani, Amir M., Aboutalebi, Morteza and Kilic, Gokhan (2013) Applications of ground penetrating radar (GPR) in bridge deck monitoring and assessment. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 97, pp. 45-54. ISSN (print) 0926-9851

Alani, Amir M., Aboutalebi, Morteza and King, Martin J. (2013) Influence of Fibre Content on Crack Propagation Rate in Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Beams. International Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 7(9), pp. 652-658. ISSN (online) 1307-6892

Alani, Amir M. and Derrick, Beckett (2013) Mechanical properties of a large scale synthetic fibre Reinforced concrete ground slab. Construction and Building Materials, 41, pp. 335-344. ISSN (print) 0950-0618

Alani, Amir M. and Aboutalebi, Morteza (2013) Mechanical properties of fibre reinforced concrete - a comparative experimental study. International Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 7(9), pp. 646-651. ISSN (online) 1307-6892

Alero-Koroma, Dickson, Abbas, Zaid Kahtan, Barton, S.J. and Foot, P. (2013) The synthesis and properties of novel conducting polyaniline and poly(nitrile butadiene-co-acrylonitrile)/polyvinyl chloride) blends. Polymers and Polymer Composites, 21(7), pp. 403-412. ISSN (print) 0967-3911

Algieri, Francesca, Zorrilla, Pedro, Rodriguez-Nogales, Alba, Garrido-Mesa, Natividad, Banuelos, Oscar, González-Tejero, M. Reyes, Casares-Porcel, Manuel, Molero-Mesa, Joaquín, Zarzuelo, Antonio, Utrilla, M. Pilar, Rodriguez-Cabezas, M. Elena and Galvez, Julio (2013) Intestinal anti-inflammatory activity of hydroalcoholic extracts of 'Phlomis purpurea' L. and 'Phlomis lychnitis' L. in the trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid model of rat colitis. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 146(3), pp. 750-759. ISSN (print) 0378-8741

Almazan Manzanares, E. and Jones, G. A. (2013) Tracking People across Multiple Non-Overlapping RGB-D Sensors. In: IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW) 2013; 23-28 June 2013, Portland, U.S..

Alzu'bi, Hamzeh Mahmoud Abde Quader [Inventor], Allateef, Imad Abd [Inventor], Zweiri, Yahya [Inventor], Alkhateeb, Basim [Inventor] and Al-Masarwah, Ibrahem Mubarak Saleem [Inventor] (2013) King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau Quad tilt rotor vertical take off and landing (vtol) unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with 45 degree rotors. US20130105635.

Argyriou, Vasileios, Kotsia, Irene, Zafeiriou, Stefanos and Petrou, Maria (2013) Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Modern Control for Computer Games. IEEE Transactions On Cybernetics, 43(6), pp. 1516-1518. ISSN (print) 2168-2267

Attanayake, D.R., Hunter, G. J. A., Pfluegel, E. and Denholm-Price, J. C. W. (2013) Novel multi-modal tools to enhance disabled and distance learners’ experience of mathematics. International Journal on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer), 6(1), ISSN (print) 1800-4156

Attanayake, Dilaksha, Hunter, Gordon, Pfluegel, Eckhard and Denholm-Price, James (2013) Using statistical language models and edit distance metrics for prediction and error correction in a novel interface for mathematical text. In: UK Speech Conference; 17-18 Sept 2013, Cambridge, UK. (Unpublished)

Bajic, Goran, Yatime, Laure, Sim, Robert B., Vorup-Jensen, Thomas and Andersen, Gregers R. (2013) Structural insight on the recognition of surface-bound opsonins by the integrin I domain of complement receptor 3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) ISSN 1091-6490, 110(41), pp. 16426-16431. ISSN (print) 0027-8424

Bakas, S., Hunter, G. J. A., Thiebaud, C and Makris, D. (2013) Spot the best Frame: 'Towards intelligent automated selection of the “optimal” frame for initialisation of focal liver lesion candidates in contrast enhanced ultrasound video sequences'. In: 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments - IE'13; 18-19 Jul 2013, Athens, Greece. (IEEE)

Barr, Stewart, Guilbert, Steven, Metcalfe, Alan, Riley, Mark, Robinson, Guy M. and Tudor, Terry L. (2013) Beyond recycling: An integrated approach for understanding municipal waste management. Applied Geography, 39, pp. 67-77. ISSN (print) 0143-6228

Bloom, Victoria, Argyriou, Vasileios and Makris, Dimitrios (2013) Dynamic feature selection for online action recognition. In: Salah, Albert Ali , Hung, Hayley , Aran, Oya and Gunes, Hatice, (eds.) Human behavior understanding. Switzerland : Springer International Publishing. pp. 64-76. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, (8212)) ISSN (print) 0302-9743 ISBN 9783319027135

Burns, Mathew and Colbert, Martin (2013) Web analytics: the new purpose towards predictive games. In: Reidsma, Dennis , Katayose, Haruhiro and Nijholt, Anton, (eds.) Advances in computer entertainment. Springer. pp. 1-13. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8253(8253)) ISSN (print) 0302-9743 ISBN 9783319031606

Busquets, Rosa, Frandsen, H., Jonsson, J.A., Puignou, L., Galceran, M.T and Skog, K. (2013) Biomonitoring heterocyclic amines and metabolites in urine by liquid-phase microexraction: 2-amin-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP), a possible biomarker of exposure to dietary PhIP. Chemical Research in Toxicology, 26(2), pp. 233-240. ISSN (print) 0893-228X

Cassar, J., Winter, M. G., Marker, B. R., Bromhead, E. N., Smith, J. W. N., Toll, D. G., Walton, N. R. G., Entwisle, D. C. and Dijkstra, T. A. (2013) Introduction to the stone cycle and the conservation of historic buildings. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 46(4), pp. 363-366. ISSN (print) 1470-9236

Chaaraoui, Alexandros Andre and Florez-Revuelta, Francisco (2013) Human action recognition optimization based on evolutionary feature subset selection. In: 15th Annual Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation; 06 - 10 July 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chaaraoui, Alexandros Andre, Padilla-López, José Ramón, Ferrández-Pastor, Francisco Javier, García-Chamizo, Juan Manuel, Nieto-Hidalgo, Mario, Romacho-Agud, Vicente and Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco (2013) A vision system for intelligent monitoring of activities of daily living at home. In: 5th International Work-conference on Ambient Assisted Living (IWAAL 2013); 02 - 06 Dec 2013, Carrillo, Costa Rica.

Chale, Angela, Khasin, Ilona, Monk, Kristin, Liang, Raymond, Munjal, Deepak and Chalé, Christina (2013) Nutrition and physical activity education with advance care planning. In: 3rd International Conference on Aging and Society; 08-09 Nov 2013, Chicago, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Chalé, Angela, Cloutier, Gregory J., Hau, Cynthia, Phillips, Edward M., Dallal, Gerard E. and Fielding, Roger A. (2013) Efficacy of whey protein supplementation on resistance exercise–induced changes in lean mass, muscle strength, and physical function in mobility-limited older adults. The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 68(6), pp. 682-690. ISSN (print) 1079-5006

Chan, Kin Yip, Ordys, Andrzej, Volkov, Konstantin and Duran, Olga (2013) Comparison of engine simulation software for development of control system. Modelling and Simulation in Engineering, 2013(401643), ISSN (print) 1687-5591

Chan, KinYip (2013) Fuel composition and engine control using state-space and neural network. In: UKACC PhD Presentation Showcase; 31 Oct 2013, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Chen, Yu, Darwazeh, Izzat, Philip, Nada and Istepanian, Robert (2013) End-to-end delay distributions in wireless tele-ultrasonography medical systems. In: 2013 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM); 09 - 13 Dec 2013, Atlanta, U.S..

Chen, Zezhi and Ellis, Tim (2013) Automatic lane detection from vehicle motion trajectories. In: 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance; 27 - 30 Aug 2013, Krakow, Poland.

Chen, Zezhi and Ellis, Tim (2013) Efficient annotation of video for vehicle type classification. In: 16th International IEEE Conference onIntelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2013) : Intelligent Transportation Systems for All Modes; 06 - 09 Oct 2013, The Hague, Netherlands.

Clarke, C. A., Pfluegel, E. and Tsaptsinos, D. (2013) Enhanced Virtual Private Social Networks: Implementing User Content Confidentiality. In: ICITST 2013: The 8th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions; 9-12 Dec 2013, London, UK.

Clarke, Charles, Pfluegel, Eckhard and Tsaptsinos, Dimitris (2013) Confidential communication techniques for virtual private social networks. In: DCABES 2013: The 12th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science; 02 - 04 Sep 2013, Kingston, U.K..

Daras, Petros [Editor], Martini, Maria G. [Editor] and Dagiuklas, Tasos [Editor] (2013) Emerging topics: Special issue on 3D video: content creation, coding, transmission and rendering. IEEE COMSOC MMTC E-Letter, 8(3), pp. 4-5.

Davar, A., Khalili, S.M.R. and Hadavinia, H. (2013) Free vibrations of functionally graded circular cylindrical shells under internal pressure. International Journal of Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology, 6(4), pp. 49-58. ISSN (print) 2252-0406

Davies, Anthony C. (2013) IEEE Region 8 in a Persian Market. IEEE Technology And Society Magazine, 32(2), pp. 66-73. ISSN (print) 0278-0097

Davies, Martin W., Elwood, Dean and Politis, Christos (2013) Implementing a superwideband codec for smartphone VoIP services. In: 19th European Wireless Conference 2013; 16-18 April 2013, Guildford, UK. ISBN 9783800734986 (Unpublished)

Domene, Pablo and Easton, Chris (2013) Combined Triaxial Accelerometry and Heart Rate Telemetry for the Physiological Characterisation of Latin Dance. In: 60th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine; 28 May - 1 June 2013, Indianapolis, U.S.A..

Dudzinski, M., Ishtiaq, S., Gatsinzi, F., Greenhill, D., Kayyali, R., Philip, N., Nabhani-Gebara, S. and Caton, H. (2013) Evaluation of pharmacy students perceptions regarding the use of games to support their learning. In: HEA STEM: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013: Where practice and pedagogy meet; 17-18 April 2013, Birmingham, UK. (Unpublished)

Dudzinski, Maciej, Ishtiaq, Sonya, Gatsinzi, Francis, Greenhill, Darrel, Kayyali, Reem, Philip, Nada, Nabhani-Gebara, Shereen and Caton, Hope (2013) Design and evaluation of an e-learning game for pharmacy students. In: European Conference on Technology in the Classroom; 11-14 July 2013, Brighton, UK. (Unpublished)

Dudzinski, Maciej, Greenhill, Darrel, Kayyali, Reem, Nabhani-Gebara, Shereen, Philip, Nada, Caton, Hope, Ishtiaq, Sonya and Gatsinzi, Francis (2013) The design and evaluation of a multiplayer serious game for pharmacy students. In: 7th European Conference on Games Based Learning; 3-4 Oct 2013, Porto, Portugal. (Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Games Based Learning – ECGBL 2013) ISBN 9781909507630

Dupre, R., Herrera-Acuna, R., Argyriou, V. and Velastin, S.A. (2013) 3D Interaction environment for free view point TV and games using multiple tablet computers. In: IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops; 23-28 June 2013, Oregon, USA.

Duran, Olga and Petrou, Maria (2013) Applicability of robust unconstrained linear unmixing (RULU) to endmember extraction techniques. In: 2011 3rd Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS); 11-14 Apr 2011, Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS), Workshop on, no. 3) ISSN (print) 2158-6268 ISBN 9781457722028

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Easton, Chris, Chaplin, Helena, Hedin, Aline, Howe, Christopher C. F., Zwygart, Kim, Domene, Pablo A. and Knowles, Ann-Marie (2013) Impact of an Exergame Intervention on Habitual Physical Activity and Diet in Active Young Adults. In: 60th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine; 28 May - 1 June 2013, Indianapolis, U.S.A..

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Elliott, Adrian (2013) Defining the haemodynamic response to maximal exercise using novel beat-to-beat measurement methods. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

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Fraz, M.M., Remagnino, P., Hoppe, A. and Barman, S. (2013) Retinal image analysis aimed at extraction of vascular structure using linear discriminant classifier. In: IEEE International Conference on Computer Medical Applications (ICCMA); 20-22 Jan. 2013, Sousse, Tunisia. ISBN 9781467352130

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