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Pondman, Kirsten M, Sobik, Martin, Nayak, Annapurna, Tsolaki, Anthony G, Jäkel, Anne, Flahaut, Emmanuel, Hampel, Silke, Ten Haken, Bennie, Sim, Robert B. and Kishore, Uday (2014) Complement activation by carbon nanotubes and its influence on the phagocytosis and cytokine response by macrophages. Nanomedicine, 10(6), pp. 1287-1299. ISSN (print) 1549-9642

Bajic, Goran, Yatime, Laure, Sim, Robert B., Vorup-Jensen, Thomas and Andersen, Gregers R. (2013) Structural insight on the recognition of surface-bound opsonins by the integrin I domain of complement receptor 3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) ISSN 1091-6490, 110(41), pp. 16426-16431. ISSN (print) 0027-8424

Roversi, P., Johnson, S., Caesar, J. J. E., McLean, F., Leath, K. J., Tsiftsoglou, S. A., Morgan, B. P., Harris, C. L., Sim, R.B. and Lea, S. M. (2011) Structural basis for complement factor I control and its disease-associated sequence polymorphisms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108(31), pp. 12839-12844. ISSN (print) 0027-8424

Phillips, Anna E., Toth, Julia, Dodds, Alister W., Girija, Umakhanth Venkatraman, Furze, Christopher M., Pala, Eleni, Sim, Robert B., Reid, Kenneth B. M., Schwaeble, Wilhelm J., Schmid, Ralf, Keeble, Anthony H. and Wallis, Russell (2009) Analogous interactions in initiating complexes of the classical and lectin pathways of complement. The Journal of Immunology, 182(12), pp. 7708-7717. ISSN (print) 0022-1767

Carlisle, Robert C., Di, Ying, Cerny, Anna M., Sonnen, Andreas F.-P., Sim, Robert B., Green, Nicola K., Subr, Vladimir, Ulbrich, Karel, Gilbert, Robert J. C., Fisher, Kerry D., Finberg, Robert W. and Seymour, Leonard W. (2009) Human erythrocytes bind and inactivate type 5 adenovirus by presenting Coxsackie virus-adenovirus receptor and complement receptor 1. Blood, 113(9), pp. 1909-1918. ISSN (print) 0006-4971

Flores-Langarica, Adriana, Sebti, Yasmine, Mitchell, Daniel A., Sim, Robert B. and MacPherson, Gordon G. (2009) Scrapie pathogenesis: the role of complement C1q in scrapie agent uptake by conventional dendritic cells. The Journal of Immunology, 182(3), pp. 1305-1313. ISSN (print) 0022-1767

Schneider, Muriel C., Prosser, Beverly E., Caesar, Joseph J. E., Kugelberg, Elisabeth, Li, Su, Zhang, Qian, Quoraishi, Sadik, Lovett, Janet E., Deane, Janet E., Sim, Robert B., Roversi, Pietro, Johnson, Steven, Tang, Christoph M. and Lea, Susan M. (2009) Neisseria meningitidis recruits factor H using protein mimicry of host carbohydrates. Nature, 458(7240), pp. 890-893. ISSN (print) 0028-0836

Conference or Workshop Item

Pondman, Kirsten M., Tsolaki, Anthony G., Sobik, Martin, Pednekar, Lina, Dodagatta-Marri, Eswari, Nayak, Annapurna, Kouser, Lubna, ten Hake, Bennie, Sim, Robert B. and Kishore, Uday (2014) Carbon nanotube pattern recognition by complement and its biological implications. In: XXV International Complement Workshop; 14–18 Sept 2014, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Kouser, Lobna, Tsolaki, Anthony G., Abdul-Aziz, Munirah, Sim, Robert B. and Kishore, Uday (2014) Human properdin modulates macrophage-Mycobacteria interaction via thrombospondin repeats 4 and 5. In: XXV International Complement Workshop; 14–18 Sep 2014, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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