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Abdel Karim, Mohamed (2012) Jordanian audiences and satellite news media. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

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Alyedreessy, Mona (2016) British Muslim converts : an investigation of conversion and de-conversion processes to and from Islam. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

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Beaumont, Corrine and Trueman, Jane (2011) Investigating the entrepreneurial mix:
a case study of postgraduate student business teams. In: 2011 European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Entrepreneurship Conference: Does entrepreneurship matter? A view from educators, researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs.; 21-22 Feb 2011, Tallinn, Estonia. (Unpublished)

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Brummer, L [Composer] (1999) Le temps s'ouvre. (Video and 4-channel audio).

Brummer, L [Composer] (1997) Lizard Point. (Audio for video).

Brummer, L [Composer] (1997) Phrenos. (4-channel soundfile). CD.

Brummer, L [Composer] (1999) ->Thrill<-. (4-channel audio).

Brummer, L [Composer] (1994) The gates of H. (Audio for 2-channel tape).

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