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Malabou, Catherine (2016) Before and above : Spinoza and symbolic necessity. Critical Inquiry, 43(1), pp. 84-109. ISSN (print) 0093-1896

Malabou, Catherine (2016) Philosophers, Biologists, Philosophers, Biologists: Some More Effort If You Wish to Become Revolutionaries! Response to Norman MacLeod. Critical Inquiry, ISSN (print) 0093-1896 (In Press)

Malabou, Catherine (2016) The brain of history or the mentality of the Anthropocene. SAQ : South Atlantic Quarterly, 116(1), ISSN (print) 0038-2876 (In Press)

Malabou, Catherine (2015) L'intelligence des ordinateurs. Art Press(39), pp. 213-216. ISSN (print) 0245-5676

Malabou, Catherine (2015) One life only: Biological resistance, political resistance. Critical Inquiry, ISSN (online) 1539-7858

Malabou, Catherine and Wasserman, Dashiell [Translator] (2015) The Crowd. Oxford Literary Review, 37(1), pp. 25-44. ISSN (print) 0305-1498

Malabou, Catherine (2015) Une seule vie : resistance biologique, resistance politique. Esprit(1), pp. 30-40. ISSN (print) 0014-0759

Malabou, Catherine (2015) Phantom limbs and plasticity : Merleau-Ponty and current neurobiology. Chiasmi International, 17, pp. 41-52. ISSN (print) 1637-6757

Malabou, Catherine (2014) Sujet : femme. De(s)générations(21), pp. 29-42. ISSN (print) 1778-0845

Malabou, Catherine (2014) Is retreat a metaphor? Public, 25(50), pp. 35-42. ISSN (print) 0845-4450

Malabou, Catherine (2014) Can we relinquish the transcendental? The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 28(3), pp. 242-255. ISSN (print) 0891-625X

Malabou, Catherine (2014) The king’s two (biopolitical) bodies. Representations, 127(1), pp. 98-106. ISSN (print) 0734-6018

Malabou, Catherine and Ziarek, Ewa Plonowska (2012) Negativity, unhappiness or Felicity: on Irigaray's dialectical culture of sexual difference. L'Esprit Createur: a critical quarterly of French literature, 52(3), pp. 11-25. ISSN (print) 0014-0767

Malabou, Catherine (2011) Souffrance cerebrale, souffrance psychique et plasticite. Etudes: revue de culture contemporaine, 414(4), pp. 487-498. ISSN (print) 0014-1941

Malabou, Catherine (2011) Like a sleeping animal: philosophy between presence and absence. Inaesthetics(2), pp. 79-89.

Malabou, Catherine (2010) Modification in being and time, or the form of difference. Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, 31(2), ISSN (print) 0093-4240

Malabou, Catherine (2010) Qué es formar el cuerpo? Papel Maquina: revista de cultura(5), pp. 31-36. ISSN (print) 0718-6576

Malabou, Catherine (2009) How is subjectivity undergoing deconstruction today? Philosophy, auto-hetero-affection, and neurobiological emotion. Qui Parle, 17(2), pp. 111-122. ISSN (print) 1041-8385

Malabou, Catherine and Vahanian, Noelle [Interviewer] (2008) A Conversation With Catherine Malabou. Journal For Cultural And Religious Theory, 9(1), ISSN (online) 1530-5228

Malabou, Catherine (2007) Plasticity and elasticity in Freud's beyond the pleasure principle. diacritics, 37(4), pp. 78-86. ISSN (print) 0300-7162

Malabou, Catherine (2001) History and the process of mourning in Hegel and Freud. Radical philosophy(106), pp. 15-20. ISSN (print) 0300-211X


Malabou, Catherine and Shread, Carolyn [Translator] (2016) Before tomorrow : epigenesis and rationality. Polity Books. 224p. ISBN 9780745691503

Malabou, Catherine (2014) Avant demain: épigenèse et rationalité. Paris, France : Les Presses Universitaires de France. 337p. ISBN 9782130630456

Johnston, Adrian and Malabou, Catherine (2013) Self and emotional life: philosophy, psychoanalysis, and neuroscience. New York, U.S. : Columbia University Press. 304p. ISBN 9780231158312

Malabou, Catherine and Shread, Carolyn [Translator] (2012) Ontology of the accident: an essay on destructive plasticity. Cambridge, U.K. : Polity Books. 152p. ISBN 9780745652603

Malabou, Catherine and Miller, Steven [Translator] (2012) The new wounded, from neurosis to brain damage. Bronx, USA : Fordham University Press. 288p. ISBN 9780823239672

Malabou, Catherine and Shread, Carolyn [Translator] (2011) Changing Difference, The Feminine And The Question Of Philosophy. Cambridge UK : Polity Books. 180p. ISBN 9780745651095

Malabou, Catherine and Skafish, Peter [Translator] (2011) The Heidegger change. On the fantastic in philosophy. New York, U.S.A. : SUNY Press. 224p. (SUNY Series in Contemporary French Thought) ISBN 9781438439556

Malabou, Catherine (2011) La Plasticidad en Espera. Santiago de Chile : Palinodia. 103p. (Archivo Feminista) ISBN 9789568438296

Malabou, Catherine (2010) Plasticity at the dusk of writing: dialectic, destruction, deconstruction. New York, U.S.A. : Columbia University Press. 96p. (Insurrections) ISBN 9780231145244

Malabou, Catherine and Butler, Judith (2010) Sois mon corps: Une lecture contemporaine de la domination et de la servitude chez Hegel. Paris, France : Bayard Jeunesse. 126p. ISBN 9782227481442

Malabou, Catherine and Emmanuelli, Xavier (2009) La Grande Exclusion. L'Urgence Sociale : Therapeutique et Symptomes. Paris, France : Bayard Publishing. 250p. (Essais documents divers) ISBN 9782227479159

Malabou, Catherine (2009) La chambre du milieu: de Hegel aux neurosciences. Paris, France : Hermann. ISBN 9782705667795

Malabou, Catherine and Rand, Sebastian [Translator] (2008) What should we do with our brain ? New York, U.S. : Fordham University Press. (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy)

Malabou, Catherine (2005) The future of Hegel: plasticity, temporality, and dialectic. New York, U.S.A. : Routledge. 242p. ISBN 9780415287203

Malabou, Catherine, Derrida, Jacques and Wills, David [Translator] (2004) Counterpath: traveling with Jacques Derrida. Stanford, U.S. : Stanford University Press. 330p. ISBN 0804740410

Book Section

Malabou, Catherine (2017) "Idealism": a new name for metaphysics : Hegel and Heidegger on a priori synthesis. In: Gabriel, Markus and Rasmussen, Anders Moe, (eds.) German idealism today. Berlin, Germany : Walter de Gruyter. pp. 189-202. ISBN 9783110500288

Malabou, Catherine (2017) Power and performance at play : a question of life or death. In: Street, Anna , Alliot, Julien and Pauker, Magnolia, (eds.) Inter views in performance philosophy: crossings and conversations. London, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 127-138. (Performance philosophy) ISBN 9781349951918

Malabou, Catherine (2017) Transcendental epigenesis. In: Morgan, Anthony, (ed.) The Kantian catastrophe? : conversations on finitude and the limits of philosophy. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, U.K. : Bigg Books. pp. 239-252. ISBN 9781999841300

Malabou, Catherine (2013) Go wonder: subjectivity and affects in neurobiological times. In: Johnston, Adrian and Malabou, Catherine, (eds.) Self and emotional life: philosophy, psychoanalysis, and neuroscience. New York, U.S. : Columbia University Press. pp. 1-72. ISBN 9780231158312

Malabou, Catherine (2012) Post-trauma: towards a new definition? In: Cohen, Tom, (ed.) Telemorphosis: Theory in the Era of Climate Change. Michigan, U.S.A. : Open Humanities Press. pp. 226-238. (Critical Climate Change) ISBN 9781607852377

Malabou, Catherine (2011) Is confession the accomplishment of recognition? Rousseau and the unthought of religion in The Phenomenology Of Spirit. In: Zizek, Slavoj , Crockett, Clayton and Davis, Creston, (eds.) Hegel & the Infinite: Religion, Politics And Dialectic. New York, U.S.A. : Columbia University Press. pp. 19-30. (Insurrections) ISBN 9780231143356

Butler, Judith and Malabou, Catherine (2011) You be my body for me: body, shape, and plasticity in Hegel's Phenomenology Of Spirit. In: Baur, Michael and Houlgate, Stephen, (eds.) A companion to Hegel. Oxford, U.K. : Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 611-640. ISBN 140517076X

Malabou, Catherine (2010) De la transparence cerebrale comme eclipse du temps. In: Fleischer, Alain, (ed.) Vitesses Limites. Paris, France : Seuil. (Le genre humain, no. 49) ISSN (print) 0293-0277 ISBN 9782021038200

Malabou, Catherine (2010) Le destin social de la selection naturelle: comment choisir sans intention d'eliminer ? In: Prochiantz, Alain, (ed.) Darwin: 200 ans. Paris, France : Odile Jacob - College de France. pp. 227-242. (Travaux du College de France) ISBN 9782738125224

Malabou, Catherine (2010) Trace psychique et trace synaptique parlent-elles la meme langue? In: Magistretti, Pierre and Ansermet, Francois, (eds.) Neurosciences et psychanalyse: une rencontre autour de la singularite. Paris, France : Odile Jacob. pp. 51-72. (College de France) ISBN 9782738124159

Malabou, Catherine (2009) Bouche cousue: de l'homeostasie [With sealed lips. On homeostasis]. In: Pontbriand, Chantal, (ed.) Harun Farocki/Rodney Graham. Paris, France : Blackjack editions. ISBN 9782918063032

Malabou, Catherine (2009) L'eternel retour et le fantome de la difference. In: Pornschlegel, Clemens and Stingelin, Martin, (eds.) Nietzsche und Frankreich. Berlin, Germany : Walter de Gruyter. ISBN 9783110193312

Malabou, Catherine (2009) Swan lake: bleu comme les neurones. In: Bernard, Christian and Davila, Thierry, (eds.) Claude Leveque. Paris, France : Flammarion. pp. 126-133. ISBN 9782080301277

Malabou, Catherine, Carlisle, Clare [Translator] and Sinclair, Mark (2008) Addiction and Grace Preface to Felix Ravaisson's Of Habit. In: Ravaisson, Felix , Carlisle, Clare and Sinclair, Mark, (eds.) Of Habit. London : Continuum International Publishing Group. ISBN 9781847061980

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