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Botting, Fred (2019) Infinite monstrosity : justice, terror and trauma in Frankenstein in Baghdad. Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, 30(1), ISSN (print) 0897-0521

Botting, Fred (2018) Unrealism : critical reflections in popular genre. Genre, 51(2), pp. 183-207. ISSN (print) 0016-6928

Botting, Fred (2015) Horrorspace: Reading House of Leaves. Horror Studies, 6(2), pp. 239-254. ISSN (print) 2040-3275

Agnew, Eadaoin, Alliez, Eric, Auerbach, Paul, Blackburn, Robert, Botting, Fred, Brady, Mary, Caygill, Howard, Chadwick, Howard, Chanter, Tina, Choat, Simon, Chu, Jonathan, Cinpoes, Radu, Coultas, Valerie, Dines, Martin, Dixon, Paul, Favretto, Ilaria, Finn, Peter, Giaxoglou, Korina, Goldsmith, Carlie, Hallward, Peter, Hawkins, Sue, Haywood, Peter, Higginbottom, Andrew, Ichijo, Atsuko, Isaac, Marina, Jensen, Meg, Kayyali, Reem, Kettyle, Ann, Lambrou, Marina, Latimer, Amanda, Linton, Marisa, Lipsedge, Karen, Malabou, Catherine, O Maoilearca, John, McQuillan, Martin, Micklethwaite, Paul, Morgan Wortham, Simon, O'Brien, Catherine, Osborne, Peter, Pinnock, Winsome, Piper, Jason, Ponto, Maria, Raphael, Sam, Reid, Trish, Roberts, Mike, Rogers, David, Sandford, Stella, Searby, Michael, Siddiki, Jalal Uddin, Smart, Jackie, Spencer, Philip, Stockhammer, Engelbert, Stuart, John, Suess, Eleanor, Swift, Allan, Upstone, Sara, Vallee-Tourangeau, Frederic, Wells, Julian and Wilson, Scott (2014) Education should be a right for all. The Guardian,

Botting, Fred (2012) More things: horror, materialism and speculative weirdism. Horror Studies, 3(2), pp. 281-303. ISSN (print) 2040-3275

Botting, Fred (2010) a-ffect-less: zombie-horror-shock. English Language Notes, 48(1), pp. 177-190. ISSN (print) 0013-8282

Botting, F. (2010) Poe's Phantasmagoreality. The Edgar Allan Poe Review, XI(1), pp. 9-21. ISSN (print) 2150-0428

Botting, Fred (2004) Extimatrix. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 35(2), pp. 269-286. ISSN (print) 1369-8486

Botting, David and Wilson, Scott (2002) This is not a presentation. Critical Quarterly, 44(3), pp. 27-36. ISSN (print) 0011-1562

Botting, David and Wilson, Scott (2002) Venus in foam. New Formations, 46, pp. 64-84. ISSN (print) 0950-2378


Botting, Fred and Spooner, Catherine, eds. (2015) Monstrous media/spectral subjects: imaging Gothic from the nineteenth century to the present. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 192p. (International Gothic series) ISBN 9780719089770

Botting, Fred (2014) Gothic. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. 240p. (New Critical Idiom) ISBN 9780415831710

Botting, Fred (2008) Gothic romanced: consumption, gender and technology in contemporary fictions. London, U.K. : Routledge. 223p. ISBN 9780415450904

Botting, Fred (2008) Limits of horror: technology, bodies, Gothic. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 233p. ISBN 9780719077548

Botting, Fred and Wilson, Scott (2001) Bataille. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave. 232p. (Transitions) ISBN 0333914619

Botting, Fred and Wilson, Scott (2001) The Tarantinian ethics. London, U.K. : Sage. 186p. ISBN 0761968377

Botting, Fred (1999) Sex, machines and navels: fiction, fantasy and history in the future present. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 240p. ISBN 071905625X

Book Section

Botting, Fred (2019) Dark materialism : Gothic objects, commodities and things. In: Hogle, Jerrold E. and Miles, Robert, (eds.) The Gothic and theory. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. pp. 240-259. ISBN 9781474427777

Botting, Fred (2019) Flutter, fracture and froth : event, object and act of metaphor in M. John Harrison. In: Bould, Mark and Williams, Rhys, (eds.) M John Harrison : critical essays. Canterbury, U.K. : Gylphi. pp. 231-249. ISBN 9781780240770

Botting, Fred (2018) Fantasy without fantasy : politics, genre and media in the fiction of M. John Harrison. In: Batzke, Ina , Erbacher, Eric , Hess, Linda and Lenhardt, Corinna, (eds.) Exploring the fantastic : genre, ideology, and popular culture. Frankfurt, Germany : Transcript-Verlag. pp. 37-60. ISBN 9783837640274

Botting, Fred (2018) Literature-outside-space : Foucault, Sade and tales of terror. In: Faramelli, Anthony , Hancock, David and White, Robert G., (eds.) Spaces of crisis and critique. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury. pp. 17-38. ISSN (print) 9781350021129

Botting, Fred (2018) What was Man...? Reimagining monstrosity from humanism to trashumanism. In: Davidson, Carol Margaret and Mulvey-Roberts, Marie, (eds.) Global Frankenstein. London, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 301-318. (Studies in Global Science Fiction) ISSN (print) 2569-8826 ISBN 9783319781419

Botting, Fred (2015) Bataille's vampire. In: Connole, Edia and Shipley, Gary J., (eds.) Serial killing: a philosophical anthology. Schism. pp. 61-78. ISBN 9781515154853

Botting, Fred (2015) Poe, voice and the origin of horror fiction. In: Sacido-Romero, Jorge and Mieszkowski, Sylvia, (eds.) Sound effects : the object voice in fiction. Leiden, Holland : Brill Rodopi. pp. 73-100. (DQR Studies in Literature, (59)) ISBN 9789004304383

Botting, Fred (2015) Technospectrality: essay on uncannimedia. In: Edwards, Justin D., (ed.) Technologies of the Gothic in literature and culture: technogothics. New York : Routledge. pp. 17-34. (Routledge interdisciplinary perspectives on literature, (32)) ISBN 9781138797192

Botting, Fred (2014) Post-millennial monsters : monstrosity-no-more. In: Byron, Glennis and Townshend, Dale, (eds.) The gothic world. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 498-509. (Routledge Worlds) ISBN 9780415637442

Botting, Fred (2012) Love your zombie: horror, ethics, excess. In: Edwards, Justin D. and Monnet, Agnieszka Soltysik, (eds.) The gothic in contemporary literature and popular culture: pop goth. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 19-36. (Routledge interdisciplinary perspectives on literature, (8)) ISBN 9780415806763

Botting, Fred (2012) Stories, spectres, screens. In: Sacido, Jorge, (ed.) Modernism, postmodernism, and the short story in English. Editions Rodopi. pp. 99-123. (Postmodern studies, (48)) ISBN 9789042035577

Botting, Fred (2010) Zombie London: unexceptionalities of the new world order. In: Phillips, Lawrence and Witchard, Anne, (eds.) London gothic: place, space and the gothic imagination. London, U.K. : Continuum. pp. 153-171. ISBN 9781441106827

Wilson, Scott and Botting, David (2008) Gothspeare and the origins of cultural studies. In: Drakakis, John and Townshend, Dale, (eds.) Gothic Shakespeares. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 186-200. (Accents on Shakespeare) ISBN 9780415420662

Botting, David and Wilson, Scott (2007) Homoeconopoeisis II: presents, technology, enjoyment. In: McQuillan, Martin, (ed.) Deconstruction reading politics. Hampshire, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 197-219. ISBN 9780230536951

Wilson, Scott and Botting, David (2004) Toy law, toy joy, Toy Story 2. In: Moran, Leslie , Loizidou, Elena , Christie, Ian and Sandon, Emma, (eds.) Law's moving image. London, U.K. : The GlassHouse Press. pp. 61-76. ISBN 9781904385011

Botting, David and Wilson, Scott (2003) Sexcrash. In: Arthurs, Jane and Grant, Iain, (eds.) Crash cultures: modernity, mediation and the material. Bristol, U.K. : Intellect Books. pp. 79-90. ISBN 9781841500911

Botting, David and Wilson, Scott (2002) Morlan. In: Zylinska, Joanna, (ed.) The cyborg experiments: the extensions of the body in the media age. London, U.K. : Continuum. pp. 149-167. (Technologies: Studies In Culture & Theory) ISBN 9780826459039

Botting, David and Wilson, Scott (2001) Homoeconopoeisis 1. In: McQuillan, Martin, (ed.) Deconstruction: a reader. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. pp. 263-274. ISBN 9780748612550

Botting, David and Wilson, Scott (2000) Dead time (a ghost story). In: Morra, Joanne , Robson, Mark and Smith, Marquard, (eds.) The limits of death: between philosophy and psychoanalysis. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. pp. 57-78. ISBN 9780719057519

Conference or Workshop Item

Botting, Fred (2015) Sade and the tales of terror : Foucault, literature, space. In: Critical Spaces : Disorienting the Toplogical; 05 Jan 2015, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Botting, Fred (2014) 'Sir Walter Scott disease': from 'girly-girly romance' to the 'Southern school of degeneracy'. In: Gothic Study Day; 06 Dec 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Botting, Fred (2010) Love your zombie. In: Memory, identity and new fantasy cultures; 09 Oct 2010, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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