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Chadwick, Jane [Designer] and Quinton, Jess [Designer] (1996) Felt, non felt. yarn. Garment design / fashion collection.

Chadwick, Jane [Designer] and Quinton, Jess [Designer] (1996) Quinton and Chadwick's knitwear collection. Tactel yarn. Garment design / fashion collection.

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Dehn, Jakki T [Artist] (1996) Barbie's green chair. (Furniture).

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Dray, Andy [Designer] (1996) Option and vision. Luggage.

Dray, Andy [Designer] (1996) 'Recoil', 'Onview' and 'Safelink'. Spring-based product for retail display and security.

Dye, Michael [Designer] (1996) Arabesque. Seating.

Dye, Michael [Designer] (1996) Omega. Seating.


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