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Cook, H.F., Cutting, R.L. and Valsami-Jones, E. (2017) Flooding with constraints : water meadow irrigation impacts on temperature, oxygen, phosphorus and sediment in water returned to a river. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 10(4), pp. 463-473. ISSN (online) 1753-318X

Cook, Hadrian, Benson, David and Couldrick, Laurence (2016) Partnering for bioregionalism in England : a case study of the Westcountry Rivers Trust. Ecology and Society - A journal of integrative science for resilience and sustainability (Formerly Conservation Ecology), 21(2), p. 38. ISSN (online) 1708-3087

Benson, David, Lorenzoni, Irene and Cook, Hadrian (2016) Evaluating social learning in England flood risk management : an ' individual-community interaction ' perspective. Environmental Science & Policy, 55(2), pp. 326-334. ISSN (print) 1462-9011

Mutabaruka, Celestin, Cook, Hadrian and Buckley, G Peter (2016) Effects of drought and nutrient deficiency on grafts originating from sound and shaken sweet chestnut trees ('Castanea sativa' Mill.). iForest : Biogeosciences and Forestry, 9(1), pp. 109-114. ISSN (online) 1971-7458

Stearne, Katherine and Cook, Hadrian (2015) Water meadow management in Wessex: dynamics of change from 1800 to the present day. Landscape Research, 40(3), pp. 377-395. ISSN (print) 0142-6397

Cook, Hadrian (2015) 'An unimportant river in the neighbourhood of London' : the use and abuse of the River Wandle. The London Journal, 40(3), pp. 225-243. ISSN (print) 0305-8034

Benson, David, Jordan, Andrew, Cook, Hadrian and Smith, Laurence (2013) Collaborative environmental governance: are watershed partnerships swimming or are they sinking? Land Use Policy, 30(1), pp. 748-757. ISSN (print) 0264-8377

Cook, Hadrian and Inman, Alex (2012) The voluntary sector and conservation for England: achievements, expanding roles and uncertain future. Journal of Environmental Management, 112, pp. 170-177. ISSN (print) 0301-4797

Cook, Hadrian, Benson, David, Inman, Alex, Jordan, Andrew and Smith, Laurence (2012) Catchment management groups in England and Wales: extent, roles and influences. Water and Environment Journal, 26(1), pp. 47-55. ISSN (print) 1747-6585

Cook, Hadrian and Young, Kevin (2011) Watermeadows at the Itchen Valley Country Park near Eastleigh, Hampshire. Hants Field Club and Archaeological Society Proceedings (Hampshire Studies), 66, pp. 186-206. ISSN (print) 0142-8950

Cook, H. F. (2010) Floodplain agricultural systems: functionality, heritage and conservation. Journal of flood risk management, 3(3), pp. 192-200. ISSN (online) 1753-318X

Cook, Hadrian (2008) Evolution of a floodplain landscape: A case study of the Harnham Water Meadows at Salisbury England. Landscapes, 9(1), pp. 50-73. ISSN (print) 1466-2035

Cook, Hadrian (2008) A tale of two catchments: water management and quality in the Wandle and Tillingbourne, 1600 to 1990. Southern History, 30, pp. 78-103. ISSN (print) 0142-4688

Cook, Hadrian (2007) Soil nutrient and sediment dynamics on the Kent Stour. Water and Environment Journal, 21(3), pp. 173-181. ISSN (print) 1747-6585

Cook, H F, Valdes, G S B and Lee, H C (2006) Effects of mulch material and thickness on rainfall interception, soil physical characteristics and temperature under Zea Mays L. Soil and Tillage Research, 91(1-2), pp. 227-235. ISSN (print) 0167-1987

Sellers, G, Christin, F and Cook, H.F. (2005) Wheat and field beans grown on Gault Clay or a soil-forming material amended with paper-mill sludge. Land Contamination and Reclamation, 13(1), pp. 61-79. ISSN (print) 0967-0513

Cook, H.F., Cutting, R.L., Buhler, W and Cummings, I.P.F. (2004) Productivity and soil nutrient relations of bedwork watermeadows in southern England. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 102(1), pp. 61-79. ISSN (print) 0167-8809

Cutting, R.L., Cook, H. and Cummings, I.P.F (2003) Hydraulic conditions, oxygenation, temperature and sediment relationships of bedwork watermeadows. Hydrological Processes, 17(9), pp. 1823-1843. ISSN (print) 0885-6087

Ghaffari, A, Cook, H.F. and Lee, H.C. (2002) Climate Change and Winter Wheat management: A modelling scenario for south-east england. Climatic Change, 55(4), pp. 509-533. ISSN (online) 1573-1480

Cook, H. (1999) Groundwater development in England. Environment and History, 5(1), pp. 75-96. ISSN (print) 0967-3407

White, S.K., Cook, H.F. and Garraway, J.L. (1998) Use of fertiliser-free grass buffer strips to attenuate nitrate input to marshland dykes. Water and Environmental Management, 12(1), pp. 54-59. ISSN (print) 1360-4015

Cook, Hadrian and Norman, C. (1996) Targeting agri-environmental policy: an analysis relating to the use of GIS. Land Use Policy, 13(3), pp. 217-228. ISSN (print) 0264-8377


Cook, Hadrian, Cowan, Michael and Tatton-Brown, Tim (2008) Harnham water meadows : history and description. Salisbury, U.K. : Hobnob Press. 44p. (Sarum Studies, (3)) ISBN 9780946418732

Cook, Hadrian and Williamson, Tom, eds. (2007) Water Meadows: History, Ecology and Conservation. Bollington, U.K. : Windgather Press. 152p. ISBN 9781905119127

Cook, Hadrian and Williamson, Tom, eds. (1999) Water management in the English landscape. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. 273p. ISBN 1853312061

Cook, Hadrian (1998) The Protection and Conservation of Water Resources: A British Perspective. Chichester, U.K. : John Wiley and sons. 354p. ISBN 9780471976813

Book Section

Cook, H.F. (2010) Boom, slump and intervention: changing agricultural landscapes on Romney Marsh, 1790 to1990. In: Waller, Martyn, (ed.) Romney Marsh: persistence and change in a coastal lowland. Sevenoaks, U.K. : Romney Marsh Research Trust. ISBN 9780956657503

Cook, Hadrian F., Bonnett, Samuel A.F. and Pons, Leendert J. (2009) Wetland and floodplain soils: Their characteristics, management and future. In: Maltby, Edward and Barker, Tom, (eds.) The Wetlands Handbook. Oxford, U.K. : Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 382-416. ISBN 9780632052554

Cook, Hadrian (1999) Hydrological management in reclaimed wetlands. In: Cook, Hadrian and Williamson, Tom, (eds.) Water management in the English landscape. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. pp. 84-100. ISBN 1853312061

Cook, Hadrian and Williamson, Tom (1999) Introduction: landscape, environment and history. In: Cook, Hadrian and Williamson, Tom, (eds.) Water management in the English landscape. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. pp. 1-14. ISBN 1853312061

Cook, Hadrian (1999) Soil and water management: principles and purposes. In: Cook, Hadrian and Williamson, Tom, (eds.) Water management in the English landscape. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. pp. 15-27. ISBN 1853312061

Conference or Workshop Item

Cook, Hadrian (2012) Polycentric governance in river basins: self-organising, or just plain chaotic? In: River Basin Management: Adaptive, Collaborative, Integrated… or just Chaotic?; 19-20 Jun 2012, Cambridge, U.K..

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