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Abeywardana, Kavinga Yapa, Pfluegel, Eckhard and Tunnicliffe, Martin J. (2016) Layered defence mechanism for a social engineering aware perimeters. In: SAI Computing Conference 2016; 13-15 Jul 2016, London, U.K..

Algieri, F., Rodriguez-Nogales, Al., Garrido-Mesa, J., Camuesco, D., Vezza, T., Garrido-Mesa, N., Utrilla, P., Rodriguez-Cabezas, M.E., Pischel, I. and Galvez, J. (2016) Intestinal anti-inflammatory activity of calcium pyruvate in the TNBS model of rat colitis : comparison with ethyl pyruvate. Biochemical Pharmacology, 103, pp. 53-63. ISSN (print) 0006-2952

Algieri, Francesca, Rodriguez-Nogales, Alba, Vezza, Teresa, Garrido-Mesa, Jose, Garrido-Mesa, Natividad, Utrilla, M. Pilar, González-Tejero, M. Reyes, Casares-Porcel, Manuel, Molero-Mesa, Joaquin, del Mar Contreras, Maria, Segura-Carretero, Antonio, Pérez-Palacio, José, Diaz, Caridad, Vergara, Noemí, Vicente, Francisca, Rodriguez-Cabezas, M. Elena and Galvez, Julio (2016) Anti-inflammatory activity of hydroalcoholic extracts of 'Lavandula dentata' L. and 'Lavandula stoechas' L. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 190, pp. 142-158. ISSN (print) 0378-8741


Barnard, Mark and Wang, Wenwu (2016) Audio head pose estimation using the direct to reverberant speech ratio. Speech Communication, 85, pp. 98-108. ISSN (print) 0167-6393

Bell, J. and Mulrooney, H.M. (2016) Perspectives on motivation and engagement in an extracurricular project. New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences, 11(1), ISSN (print) 1740-9888


Crick, Colin R., Noimark, Sacha, Peveler, William J., Bear, Joseph C., Ivanov, Aleksandar P., Edel, Joshua B. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2016) Advanced compositional analysis of nanoparticle-polymer composites using direct fluorescence imaging. Journal of Visualized Experiments(113), e54178. ISSN (online) 1940-087X


Elbediwy, Ahmed, Vincent-Mistiaen, Zoe I., Spencer-Dene, Bradley, Stone, Richard K., Boeing, Stefan, Wculek, Stefanie K., Cordero, Julia, Tan, Ee H., Ridgway, Rachel, Brunton, Val G., Sahai, Erik, Gerhardt, Holger, Behrens, Axel, Malanchi, Ilaria, Sansom, Owen J. and Thompson, Barry J. (2016) Integrin signalling regulates YAP and TAZ to control skin homeostasis. Development, 143(10), pp. 1674-1687. ISSN (print) 0950-1991

Elbediwy, Ahmed, Vincent-Mistiaen, Zoe I. and Thompson, Barry J. (2016) YAP and TAZ in epithelial stem cells : a sensor for cell polarity, mechanical forces and tissue damage. BioEssays, 38(7), pp. 644-653. ISSN (print) 0265-9247

Elkins, L.J., Hamelin, C., Blichert-Toft, J., Scott, S.R., Sims, K.W.W., Yeo, I.A., Devey, C.W. and Pedersen, R.B. (2016) North Atlantic hotspot-ridge interaction near Jan Mayen Island. Geochemical Perspectives Letters, 2(1), pp. 55-67. ISSN (print) 2410-339X

Entezami, Fariborz, Zhu, Meiling and Politis, Christos (2016) How much energy needs for running energy harvesting powered wireless sensor node? Energy Harvesting and Systems, 3(3), pp. 197-203. ISSN (print) 2329-8774


G. C., Deepak and Navaie, Keivan (2016) On the collaborative cellular cognitive radio networks. In: 2016 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS); 10 - 14 April 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA.

G. C., Deepak, Navaie, Keivan and (2016) A low-latency zone-based cooperative spectrum sensing. IEEE Sensors Journal, 16(15), pp. 6028-6042. ISSN (print) 1530-437X

Grammatikos, Sotirios A., Evernden, Mark, Mitchels, John, Zafari, Behrouz, Mottram, James T. and Papanicolaou, George C. (2016) On the response to hygrothermal aging of pultruded FRPs used in the civil engineering sector. Materials & Design, 96, pp. 283-295. ISSN (print) 0261-3069


Heift, Dominikus, Benkő, Zoltán, Suter, Riccardo, Verel, René and Grützmacher, Hansjörg (2016) The reactivity of acyl chlorides towards sodium phosphaethynolate, Na(OCP) : a mechanistic case study. Chemical Science, 7(9), pp. 6125-6131. ISSN (print) 2041-6520


Kelly, Alison, Mulrooney, Hilda, Bell, Jake, Boorman, Alex, Yekeen, Abdul, Fatah, Abdul, Streich, Ricarda, Hancock, Christopher John and Kelly, Emily (2016) Exploring undergraduate student perceptions of health and infection : an interdisciplinary experiential staff-student project. In: Horizons in STEM Higher Education Conference : Making Connections, Innovating and Sharing Pedagogy; 30 Jun - 01 Jul 2016, Leicester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Khanal, Ichha, Elbediwy, Ahmed, Diaz de la Loza, Maria Del Carmen, Fletcher, Georgina C. and Thompson, Barry J. (2016) Shot and Patronin polarise microtubules to direct membrane traffic and biogenesis of microvilli in epithelia. Journal of Cell Science, 129(13), pp. 2651-2659. ISSN (print) 0021-9533

Khazaeinejad, Payam and Usmani, Asif S. (2016) Visualisation of internal structures in thin composite plates and shells. In: 2nd International Conference on Mechanics of Composites (MECHCOMP2); 11-14 Jul 2016, Porto, Portugal.

Khodadadiazadboni, R., Wen, J.X., Heidari, A., Muppala, S. and Wang, C.J. (2016) CFD modelling of non-uniform hydrogen flame propagating across obstacles and inducing detonation. In: United Kingdom Consortium on Turbulent Reacting Flows (UKCTRF); 15 - 16 Sep 2016, Durham, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Kilic, Volkan, Barnard, Mark, Wang, Wenwu, Hilton, Adrian and Kittler, Josef (2016) Mean-shift and sparse sampling based SMC-PHD filtering for audio informed visual speaker tracking. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 18(12), pp. 2417-2431. ISSN (print) 1520-9210

Kirk, Ruth, Enabulele, Elisha, Lawton, Scott and Walker, Tony (2016) Trichobilharzia species in the UK : a cause for concern? In: EMOP XII : 12th European Multicolloquium of Parasitology; 20 - 24 Jul 2016, Turku, Finland. (Unpublished)

Knoll, Aaron, Harle, Thomas, Shaw, Peter, Frame, Thomas and Wantock, Tom (2016) Thomas Frame Plasma generation. Not applicable.


Madden, Angela M., Mulrooney, Hilda M. and Shah, Selina (2016) Estimation of energy expenditure using predication equations in overweight and obese adults : two systematic reviews. In: 17th International Congress of Dietetics; 07-10 Sep 2016, Granada, Spain. (Unpublished)

Micallef, Ricarda and Kayyali, Reem (2016) Student participation in extra curricula education opportunities. In: Pharmacy Education Conference 2016; 27 June 2016, Manchester. (Unpublished)

Miles, Andrew, Graham, Colin, Hawkesworth, Chris, Gillespie, Martin, Hinton, Richard and Bromiley, Geoffrey (2016) Reply to comment by Marks et al. (2016) on ' Apatite : a new redox proxy for silicic magmas? '. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 183, pp. 271-273. ISSN (print) 0016-7037

Mirshekari, M., Donchev, T., Petkova, D. and Limbachiya, M. (2016) Differences in losses of prestress between steel and FRP reinforcement. In: 6th International Conference on Concrete Repair; 20-23 Jun 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Mulrooney, Hilda and Bell, Jake (2016) Intrinsic motivation to engage with an extracurricular staff : student nutrition project; the learnings from both perspectives, and their potential application. In: Horizons in STEM Higher Education Conference : Making Connections, Innovating and Sharing Pedagogy; 30 Jun - 01 Jul 2016, Leicester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Mulrooney, Hilda, Hamdi, Rania, Idowu, Aisha and Cameron, Ellie (2016) Nutrition Tea Club : engaging students in reading scientific papers. In: Horizons in STEM Higher Education Conference : Making Connections, Innovating and Sharing Pedagogy; 30 Jun - 01 Jul 2016, Leicester, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Owusu-Sekyere, Frank and Gervis, Misia (2016) In the pursuit of mental toughness : is creating mentally tough players a disguise for emotional abuse? International Journal of Coaching Science, 10(1), pp. 3-24. ISSN (print) 1975-8286


Pałgan, Dominik, Devey, Colin W. and Yeo, Isobel A. (2016) Dike control of hydrothermal circulation in the Tertiary Icelandic crust and implications for cooling of the seafloor. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 316, pp. 22-33. ISSN (print) 0377-0273

Pedagadi, Sateesh (2016) Pedestrian detection and re-identification in surveillance video. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Perera, Ayomi Sheamilka and Coppens, Marc-Olivier (2016) Titano-silicates : highlights on development, evolution and application in oxidative catalysis. In: Spivey, J. J. , Han, Y. -F. and Dooley, K. M., (eds.) Catalysis : volume 28. Cambridge, U.K. : Royal Society of Chemistry. pp. 119-143. (Specialist Periodical Reports, 28) ISSN (print) 0140-0568 ISBN 9781782624271


Rodriguez-Nogales, A., Lozano-Pérez, A.A., Aznar-Cervantes, S.D., Algieri, F., Garrido-Mesa, J., Garrido-Mesa, N., Vezza, T., Utrilla, M.P., Cenis, J.L., Rodríguez-Cabezas, M.E. and Gálvez, J. (2016) Effect of aqueous and particulate silk fibroin in a rat model of experimental colitis. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 511(1), pp. 1-9. ISSN (print) 0378-5173


Siswantoand, Diky, Zhang, Li, Navaie, Keivan and G C, Deepak (2016) Weighted sum throughput maximization in heterogeneous OFDMA networks. In: 2016 IEEE 83rd Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring); 15 - 18 May 2016, Nanjing, China.

Spencer-Smith, Russell, Roberts, Sabrina, Gurung, Neesha and Snyder, Lori A. S. (2016) DNA uptake sequences in 'Neisseria gonorrhoeae' as intrinsic transcriptional terminators and markers of horizontal gene transfer. In: Society for Applied Microbiology Spring Meeting; 19 Ap 2016, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Umar, Tariq and Wamuziri, Sam (2016) Briefing: Conventional, wind and solar energy resources in Oman. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Energy, 169(4), pp. 143-147. ISSN (print) 1751-4223

Umar, Tariq (2016) Improving safety performance in construction using safety climate factors. In: CHOBE/ARCOM Doctoral Workshop : Going North for Sustainability; 30 Jun 2016, London, U.K..

Umar, Tariq and Wamuziri, Sam (2016) Strength analysis of concrete (300/20) with superplasticizer. In: International Conclave on Innovations in Engineering & Management (Oman Vision 2020 : Opportunities & Challenges); 24 - 25 Feb 2016, Muscat, Oman.

Umar, Tariq and Wamuziri, Sam (2016) Using safety climate as a tool for improvement of safety performance in construction organisations. In: The 5th World Construction Symposium 2016 : Greening Environment, Eco-Innovations & Entrepreneurship; 29 - 31 Jul 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Umar, Tariq and Wamuziri, Sam (2016) A review of construction safety, challenges and opportunities – Oman perspective. In: The 5th World Construction Symposium 2016 : Greening Environment, Eco-Innovations & Entrepreneurship; 29 - 31 Jul 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Umeokafor, Nnedinma (2016) Approaches, drivers and motivators of health and safety self-regulation in the Nigerian construction industry : a scoping study. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 12(6), pp. 460-475. ISSN (print) 1745-2007

Umeokafor, Nnedinma and Isaac, David (2016) Construction health and safety self-regulation in developing countries : a Nigeria case study. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information & Value, 8(1), pp. 74-87. ISSN (print) 1941-191X


Villarini, Barbara, Gkelias, Athanasios and Argyriou, Vasileios (2016) Photometric stereo for 3D face reconstruction using non-linear illumination models. In: 4th IAPR TC 9 Workshop, MPRSS 2016; 04 Dec 2016, Cancun, Mexico.


Yeo, I.A., Devey, C.W,, LeBas, T.P., Augustin, N. and Steinfuhrer, A. (2016) Segment-scale volcanic episodicity : evidence from the North Kolbeinsey Ridge, Atlantic. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 439, pp. 81-87. ISSN (print) 0012-821X


Zelewska, Marta, Pulijala, M, Churchward, Colin, Mahmood, Hiba-Tun-Noor A and Snyder, Lori (2016) Identification of phase variable repeat changes in 'Neisseria gonorrhoeae' using sequencing technologies. In: Festival of Genomics; 20-21 Jan 2016, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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