Improving routing performance of underwater wireless sensor networks

Ayaz, Beenish (2016) Improving routing performance of underwater wireless sensor networks. (PhD thesis), University of Aberdeen, .


In this research work we propose a 3D node deployment strategy by carefully considering the unique characteristics of underwater acoustic communication as well as 3D dynamic nature of UWSN. This strategy targets 3D UWSN and not only improves the routing protocol performance significantly in terms of end to end delay and energy consumption but also provides reliability in data transmission. This strategy has been developed step by step from a single line of vertical communication to an effective 3D node deployment for UWSN. Several simulation experiments were carried out after adding different features to the final design to observe their impact on the overall routing performance. Finally, it is verified that this design strategy improves the routing performance, provides reliability to the network and increases network lifetime. Furthermore, we compared our results to the random node deployment in 3D, which is commonly used for analysing the performance of UWSN routing protocols. The comparison results verified our effective deployment design and showed that it provides almost 150% less end-to-end delay and almost 25% less energy consumption to the random deployment. It also revealed that by increasing the data traffic, our 3D node deployment strategy has no loss of data due to several back-up paths available, which is in contrast to random node deployment, where the packet loss occurs by increasing the data traffic. Improving the routing performance by carefully analysing the impact of 3D node deployment strategy and ensuring full sensing, transmission and back-up coverage in a highly unpredictable underwater environment, is a novel approach. Embedding this strategy with any networking protocol will improve its performance significantly.

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