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Abdelkader, H., Wu, Z., Al-Kassas, R., Brown, J.E. and Alany, R.G. (2011) Preformulation characteristics of the opioid growth factor antagonist-naltrexone hydrochloride: Stability and lipophilicity studies. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 21(2), pp. 157-163. ISSN (print) 1773-2247

Abdelkader, Hamdy, Ismail, Sayed, Kamal, Amal and Alany, Raid G. (2011) Design and evaluation of controlled-release niosomes and discomes for naltrexone hydrochloride ocular delivery. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 100(5), pp. 1833-1846. ISSN (print) 0022-3549

Adikibi, Tonye T (2011) Investigation into the functional role of the stem cell marker CD133. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Al-Khazali, H. and Askari, M. (2011) Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in rotating machinery using modal test & finite element analysis. In: The 4th International Conference: Computational Mechanics and Virtual Engineering COMEC 2011; 20-22 Oct 2011, Brasov, Romania. (Unpublished)

Al-Khazali, H. A. H. and Askari, M. R. (2011) Experimental technique to investigate vibration monitoring in revolving structures using oscilloscopic/modal testing. International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 3(10), pp. 7799-7814. ISSN (online) 0975-5462

Al-Khazali, H.A. and Askari, M.R. (2011) Accurate identification of performance for rotor-bearing systems using the modified modelling under gyroscopic effect. International Journal of Modern Engineering Research, 1(2), pp. 527-537. ISSN (online) 2249-6645

Al-Khazali, H.A. and Askari, M.R. (2011) Modal analysis design to exposure gyroscopic effect in rotating machinery using experimental and analytical/computational techniques. International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 3(9), pp. 7234-7243. ISSN (online) 0975-5462

Al-Khazali, H.A.H. and Askari, M.R. (2011) Detection of gyroscopic effect in rotating machinery from the modal data. In: National Symposium on Rotordynamics (NSRD-2011); 19-21 Dec 2011, Madras, India. (Unpublished)

Al-Khazali, H.A.H. and Askari, M.R. (2011) Validation of modal data in rotating machinery using finite element analysis. In: ICAST 2011, 22nd International conference on adaptive structures and technologies, University of Patras, Greece; 10-12 Oct 2011, Corfu, Greece. (Unpublished)

Al-Khazali, Hisham and Askari, Mohamad R. (2011) Calculations of frequency response functions (FRF) using computer smart office software and Nyquist Plot under Gyroscopic effect rotation. International Journal of Computer Science, Information Technology & Security, 1(2), pp. 90-97. ISSN (print) 2250-1355

Al-Khazali, Hisham (2011) Establish a system identification methodology of modal testing using the analytical/computational techniques in rotating machinery. In: 2011 ANSYS UK User Conference; 09 Nov 2011, Gaydon, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Al-Khazali, Hisham Ahmad Humadi (2011) Balancing in rotating machinery using system identification/modal analysis. In: Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing Research Seminar; 30 Nov 2011, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Al-Khazali, Hisham Ahmad Humadi (2011) Discover gyroscopic effect in rotating structures using experimental modal analysis and finite element data. In: Conference of Engineering Sciences; 01-02 Oct 2011, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Al-Sinawi, Shadya Said (2011) Pathogenesis of breast cancer in Omani patients. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .

Alfarasani, Jehad and Politis, Christos (2011) Securing WSN using public key cryptography. In: Wireless World Research Forum meeting 27: A new convergence framework CLOUD, PIPE and DEVICE over Mobile Broadband; 18-20 Oct 2011, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Alinejad, Ali, Philip, Nada and Istepanian, Robert (2011) Mapping of multiple parameter M-Health scenarios to mobile WiMAX QoS variables. In: 33rd Annual International IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society conference; 30 Aug - 3 Sept 2011, Boston, U.S..

Archibald, Katherine, Baxter, Anthony, BeruBe, Kelly, Bunton, David, Clotworthy, Margaret, Coleman, Robert, Foster, Christopher, Hillier, Chris, MacFarlane, Morag, Patel, Anup, Pierscionek, Barbara, Root, James, Thomas, Gerry, Tsaioun, Katya, Wilkinson, Malcolm, Wilmut, Ian and Wright, Karen (2011) Correspondence: Safety of medicine and the use of animals in research. The Lancet, 378(9802), e2. ISSN (print) 0140-6736

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Ausín, D., López-de-Ipiña, D., Bravo, J., Valero, M.A. and Florez-Revuelta, F. (2011) TALISMAN+: Intelligent System for Follow-Up and Promotion of Personal Autonomy. In: 3rd International Workshop on Ambient Assisted Living; June 8-10, 2011, Torremolinos-Málaga, Spain. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no. 6693) ISBN 9783642213021

Ayan, Vahid, Masoud Nasr Azadani, Seyed, Omer, Joshua and Limbachiya, Mukesh C (2011) A study into the absorption properties of recycled concrete and reclaimed asphalt mixes. In: 5th International Conference on Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements; 1-3 June 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece.


Backhouse, S.H., Whitaker, L. and Petroczi, A. (2011) Gateway to doping? Supplement use in the context of preferred competitive situations, doping attitude, beliefs, and norms. Scandinavian Journal Of Medicine & Science In Sports, ISSN (print) 0905-7188

Bahrami, Mehdi and Goncharov, Alexander V. (2011) The achromatic design of an atmospheric dispersion corrector for extremely large telescopes. Optics Express, 19(18), pp. 17099-17113. ISSN (online) 1094-4087

Bahrami, Mehdi and Goncharov, Alexander V. (2011) The design of an atmospheric dispersion corrector for extremely large telescopes. In: Photonics Ireland Conference 2011; 7-9 Sep 2011, Dublin, Ireland.

Behbahani, M.P., Choudhury, I and Khaddaj, S. A. (2011) A multilayer data mining approach to an optimized Ebusiness analytics framework. In: ICEME 2011- 2nd International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics; 28-30 Dec 2011, Dubai, UAE. (IPEDR, no. 25)

Bibi, Yamin, Zia, Muhammad, Nisa, Sobia, Habib, Darima, Waheed, Abdul and Chaudhary, Fayyaz M (2011) Regeneration of 'Centella asiatica' plants from non-embryogenic cell lines and evaluation of antibacterial and antifungal properties of regenerated calli and plants. Journal of Biological Engineering, 5(1), ISSN (online) 1754-1611

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Chen, Zezhi, Ellis, Tim and Velastin, Sergio (2011) Vehicle type catergorization: A comparison of classification schemes. In: 14th International IEEE Annual Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems; 5 - 7 Oct 2011, Washington, DC, U.S.A..

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Cole, Janet and Fernando, Nicholas (2011) LiveStreaming: for whose benefit anyway? From pedagogy to practice. In: 16th Annual SEDA Conference: Using Technology to Enhance Learning; 17 - 18 Nov 2011, Birmingham, U.K..

Cook, Hadrian and Young, Kevin (2011) Watermeadows at the Itchen Valley Country Park near Eastleigh, Hampshire. Hants Field Club and Archaeological Society Proceedings (Hampshire Studies), 66, pp. 186-206. ISSN (print) 0142-8950


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Danas, K. (2011) The role of ontologies in multi-methodological SAD frameworks: proposals for the healthcare industry. In: 15th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research; 08-09 Sep 2011, Zurich, Switzerland. ISBN 9780955928314 (Unpublished)

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Donchev, T., Blanco, P. and Shah, P. (2011) Behaviour of RC elements internally reinforced with BFRP at elevated temperatures. In: Concrete Solutions 2011, 4th International Conference on Concrete Repair; 26-28 Sep 2011, Dresden, Germany. ISBN 9780415616225

Duanggate, C, Uyyanonvara, B, Makhanov, S, Barman, S A and Williamson, T (2011) Drusen detection based on Scale-space with Feature Stability. In: Medical Image Analysis and Understanding MIUA 2011; 14-15 Jul 2011, London, United Kingdom.

Dusek, Wolfgang A., Pierscionek, Barbara K. and McClelland, Julie F. (2011) An evaluation of clinical treatment of convergence insufficiency for children with reading difficulties. BMC Ophthalmology, 11(21), ISSN (online) 1471-2415

de Lusignan, S., Pearce, C., Kumarapeli, P., Stavropoulou, C., Kushniruk, A., Sheikh, A., Shachak, A. and Mendis, K. (2011) Reporting observational studies of the use of information technology in the clinical consultation. A position statement from the IMIA Primary Health Care Informatics working group (IMIA PCI WG). IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics, 6(1), pp. 39-47. ISSN (print) 0943-4747


Ehtisham, Farrukh, Panaousis, Emmanouil and Politis, Christos (2011) Performance Evaluation of Secure Video Transmission over WIMAX. International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications, 3(6), pp. 131-144. ISSN (print) 0975-2293

ElShaer, Amr, Khan, Sheraz, Perumal, Dhaya, Hanson, Peter and Mohammed, Afzal R (2011) Use of amino acids as counterions improves the solubility of the BCS II model drug, indomethacin. Current Drug Delivery, 8(4), pp. 363-372. ISSN (print) 1567-2018

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Fullam, Elizabeth, Abuhammad, Areej, Wilson, David L., Anderton, Matthew C., Davies, Steve G., Russell, Angela J. and Sim, Edith (2011) Analysis of beta-amino alcohols as inhibitors of the potential anti-tubercular target N-acetyltransferase. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 21(4), pp. 1185-1190. ISSN (print) 0960-894X


Hanif, Tahir (2011) A new approach to project management based on a combination of predictive and adaptive thinking. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Hatton, Les (2011) Email forensics: Eliminating spam, scams and phishing. Bluespear publishing. ISBN 9781908422002

Hatton, Les (2011) Scientific computation and the scientific method: A tentative road map for convergence. In: IFIP Working Conference on Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific Computing; 1-4 Aug 2011, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A..

Hatton, Les (2011) Scientific methods to built High-Integrity software. In: 13th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems; 10-14 Oct 2011, Grenoble, France.

Hatton, Les (2011) Software defects, scientific computation and the scientific method. In: CERN computing seminars; 14 Dec 2011, Geneva, Switzerland.

Hayes, Polly M., Wertheim, David F., Smit, Nico J., Seddon, Alan M. and Davies, Angela J. (2011) Three-dimensional visualisation of developmental stages of an apicomplexan fish blood parasite in its invertebrate host. Parasites & Vectors, 4, ISSN (online) 1756-3305

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Holloway, Andrew C., Gould, Simon W. J., Fielder, Mark D., Naughton, Declan P. and Kelly, Alison F (2011) Enhancement of antimicrobial activities of whole and sub-fractionated white tea by addition of copper (II) sulphate and vitamin C against 'Staphylococcus aureus'; a mechanistic approach. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 11(1), p. 115. ISSN (online) 1472-6882

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Kiruthika, J. and Khaddaj, S. A. (2011) Software quality factors and defects issues. In: SEEC 2011 - Contemporary Development in Software Applications and Services, 4rth International Conference on Semantic E-Business and Enterprise Computing; 20 Jul 2011, Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom. ISBN 9789381361108

Kondric, Miran, Sekulic, Damir, Petroczi, Andrea, Ostojic, Ljerka, Rodek, Jelena and Ostojic, Zdenko (2011) Is there a danger for myopia in anti-doping education? Comparative analysis of substance use and misuse in Olympic racket sports calls for a broader approach. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, 6(1), ISSN (online) 1747-597X


Lewis, Makayla (2011) Cerebral palsy and online social networks. In: HCID Open Day 2011; 19 Apr 2011, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Lewis, Makayla (2011) The unforeseen effects of changing your website on people with disabilities. In: e-Access '11; 28 Jun 2011, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Lopez, Tania V., Lappin, Terence R.J., Maxwell, Perry, Shi, Zhanzhong, Lopez-Marure, Rebeca, Aguilar, Cecilia and Rocha-Zavaleta, Leticia (2011) Autocrine/paracrine erythropoietin signalling promotes JAK/STAT-dependent proliferation of human cervical cancer cells. International Journal of Cancer, 129(11), pp. 2566-2576. ISSN (print) 0020-7136


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