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Abulrub, Abdul-Hadi G., Sahinkaya, Necip, Burrows, Clifford R. and Keogh, Patrick S. (2009) Performance assessment of a multi-frequency controller applied to a flexible rotor magnetic bearing system - contact dynamics. In: Ulbrich, Heinz and Ginzinger, Lucas, (eds.) Motion and Vibration Control: Selected Papers from MOVIC 2008. London, U.K. : Springer. pp. 11-20. ISBN 9781402094378

Abulrub, Abdul-Hadi G., Sahinkaya, M. Necip and Burrows, Clifford R. (2009) An adaptive weighting control strategy to avoid magnetic bearing contact. In: ASME 2009 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference; 12–14 Oct 2009, Hollywood, California, USA. (ASME 2009 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference) ISBN 9780791848920

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Ayati, Seyedeh Bentolhoda (2009) Control algorithm for emission tests. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Bengherbia, T. and Bauer, P. (2009) Numerical investigation of thermally choked ram accelerator in sub-detonative regime. In: 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and The New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exhibit 2009; 5-8 Jan 2009, Orlando, Florida.

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Castagna, Jony, Yao, Yufeng and Yao, Jun (2009) DNS of turbulent flow around an axisymmetric hill. In: 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition 2012; 9-10 Jan 2012, Nashville, Tennessee.

Chau, M., Hoffmann, J., Blundell, M.V., Ordys, A. and Hadavinia, H. (2009) Effect of side-wall reinforcement on energy absorption of thin-wall cylindrical damper. In: 8th International Conference on Fracture and Damage Mechanics; 8-10 Sep 2009, Malta. (Key Engineering Materials, no. 417-418)

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Duran, O., Onasoglou, E. and Petrou, M. (2009) Fusion of Kalman filter and anomaly detection for multispectral and hyperspectral target tracking. In: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium; 12 - 17 July 2009, Cape Town, South Africa. ISBN 9781424433940

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Ghasemnejad, Hessammaddin (2009) Effects of delamination failure in crashworthiness of laminated composite box structures. (PhD thesis), Kingston University,


Han, T. W., He, P. F., Wang, J. and Wu, A.H. (2009) Numerical simulation of temperature dependence of tensile mechanical properties for single graphene sheet. Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science), 37(12), ISSN (print) 0253-374X

Han, T. W., He, P. F., Wang, J., Zheng, B. L. and Wu, A. H. (2009) Strain rate dependences of tensile failure process for single graphene sheet: a molecular dynamics study. Science in China Series G: Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 39(9), pp. 1312-1319. ISSN (print) 1672-1780

Han, T.W., He, P.F., Wang, J. and Zheng, B.L. (2009) Molecular dynamics simulation of beta-SiC nanowire under uniaxial tension. Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 23(4), pp. 337-342. ISSN (print) 1005-3093

Holt, Andrew (2009) Environmental management accounting: empirical evidence from the UK manufacturing sector. In: Management Accounting Research Group (MARG) Conference: Innovation and Sustainability in Management Accounting; 1 Apr 2009, London, U.K. (Unpublished)


Isvandzibaei, M. R., Najafizadeh, M. M. and Khazaeinejad, P. (2009) Influence of symmetrical boundary conditions on free vibration of functionally graded cylindrical shells with ring support. In: ASME 2009 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference; 26 - 30 Jul 2009, Prague, Czech Republic.


Jafari, D., Moattar Husseini, S. M., Fazel Zarandi, M. H. and Zanjirani Farahani, R. (2009) Coordination of order and production policy in buyer-vendor chain using PROSA holonic architecture. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 45(9-10), pp. 1033-1050. ISSN (print) 0268-3768


Katzourakis, Diomidis, Vitzilaios, Nikolaos I. and Tsourveloudis, Nikos C. (2009) Vision Aided Navigation for Unmanned Helicopters. In: 17th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED 2009); 24–26 June, 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece. ISBN 9781424446858

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Li, T., Li, Y. and Wang, J. (2009) Innovative form design based on functional attribute. In: 50th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, 17th AIAA/ASME/AHS Adaptive Structures Conference, 11th AIAA Non-Deterministic Approaches Conference, 10th AIAA Gossamer Spacecraft Forum; 4 - 7 May 2009, Palm Springs, California, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Li, W, Li, Y, Wang, J and Xiong, Y (2009) Functional solving process model toward product innovation design based on a functional solving model with multiple elements and evolutions. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 223(12), pp. 1601-1614. ISSN (print) 0954-4054


Miandoabchi, Elnaz and Zanjirani Farahani, Reza (2009) Solving the tandem AGV network design problem using tabu search: cases of maximum workload and workload balance with fixed and non-fixed number of loops. Journal of Industrial Engineering International, 5(8), pp. 37-51. ISSN (print) 1735-5702


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Rosario, Ricardo A.F. (2009) Modelling of the behaviour of glazing systems exposed to fires. (PhD thesis), Kingston University,


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Sahinkaya, M. N., Abulrub, A. H., Keogh, P. and Burrows, C. (2009) A multiobjective adaptive controller for magnetic bearing systems. In: 54th ASME Turbo Expo 2009; 08 - 12 Jun 2009, Orlando, U.S..

Seneviratne, Lakmal, Zweiri, Yahya, Hutangkabodee, Suksun, Song, Zibin, Song, Xiaojing, Chhaniyara, Savan, Milli, Said Al and Althoefer, Kaspar (2009) The modelling and estimation of driving forces for unmanned ground vehicles in outdoor terrain. International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control (IJMIC), 6(1), pp. 40-50. ISSN (print) 1746-6172

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Song, Z. B., Seneviratne, L. D., Althoefer, K., Song, X. J. and Zweiri, Y. H. (2009) Slip parameter estimation of a single wheel using a non-linear observer. Robotica, 27(06), pp. 801-811. ISSN (print) 0263-5747


Tan, Xincai, Chen, Xiaogang, Wang, Jian and Raghunathan, Srinivasan (2009) Energy absorption and deformation in textile composite cellular structures. AIAA Journal: devoted to aerospace research and development, 47(3), pp. 790-795. ISSN (print) 0001-1452

Tsourveloudis, Nikos C and Vitzilaios, Nikos I. (2009) UAS for Fire Management: State-of-the-art, Early Warning and Trends. In: 17th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation; 24-26 June 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece. ISBN 9781424446841


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Welch, Christopher (2009) The only way is up! Space propulsion systems past, present and future. In: World Space Week; 05 Oct 2009, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Wright, S., Andrews, G. and Sabir, H. (2009) A review of heat exchanger fouling in the context of aircraft air-conditioning systems, and the potential for electrostatic filtering. Applied Thermal Engineering, 29(13), pp. 2596-2609. ISSN (print) 1359-4311


Yao, J., Mouzoun, O., Yao, Y. and Mason, P. (2009) Unsteady RANS calculation of flow over Ahmed car model. In: IUTAM Symposium on Unsteady Separated Flows and their Control; 11 - 22 June 2007, Corfu, Greece. ISBN 9781402098970

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Yao, Yufeng (2009) Effect of hole shape on blade cooling effectiveness. In: World Congress on Engineering 2009 (WCE 2009); 1-3 Jul 2009, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Yao, Yufeng and Castagna, Jony (2009) Numerical study of laminar jet interacting with turbulent cross-flow. In: Sixth International Symposium On Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer; 14-18 Sep 2009, Rome, Italy.

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