Control algorithm for emission tests

Ayati, Seyedeh Bentolhoda (2009) Control algorithm for emission tests. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Simulating the test drive conditions have become an important area for research and development in automotive industry. The use of dedicated robots instead of human drivers in order to perform vehicle emission tests is so common; however these robots are very heavy, expensive and still perform bodily. The main objective of this study is to design a proper controller to control the vehicle tracking the driving cycles in terms of vehicle velocity for the mentioned tests. The simulation has been executed in LabVIEW which easily can be connected to hardware, CompactRIO, in order to drive the vehicle by wire. In this study based on the vehicle model, control and simulation of the vehicle under emission tests circumstances is discussed. A longitudinal model of the vehicle has been presented. The brake and throttle are the inputs and vehicle velocity and the main components of the exhaust gases are the outputs of the vehicle model. To control the vehicle, a fuzzy control which is nonlinear is designed and the performance of the controller is compared with a classical PID controller. Two individual fuzzy controllers have been applied to control the brake and throttle pedals. Therefore the outputs are the instantaneous throttle opening and the brake position in terms of brake torque. The inputs are the difference between the real speed and the desired speed and the rate of change of the error.

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