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Daskalaki, Maria, Butler, Christina and Petrovic, Jelena (2016) Somewhere in-between : narratives of place, identity and translocal work. Journal of Management Inquiry, ISSN (print) 1056-4926 (Submitted)

Soane, Emma, Butler, Christina and Stanton, Emma (2015) Followers’ personality, transformational leadership and performance. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, 5(1), pp. 65-78. ISSN (online) 2042-678X

Newman, Alexander and Butler, Christina (2014) The influence of follower cultural orientation on attitudinal responses towards transformational leadership: evidence from the Chinese hospitality industry. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25(7), pp. 1024-1045. ISSN (print) 0958-5192

Jonsen, Karsten, Butler, Christina L., Mäkelä, Kristiina, Piekkari, Rebecca, Drogendijk, Rian, Lauring, Jakob, Lervik, Jon E., Pahlberg, Cecilia, Vodosek, Markus and Zander, Lena (2013) Processes of international collaboration in management research: a reflexive, autoethnographic approach. Journal of Management Inquiry, 22(4), pp. 394-413. ISSN (print) 1056-4926

Zander, Lena, Mockaitis, Audra I. and Butler, Christina (2012) Leading global teams. Journal of World Business, 47(4), pp. 592-603. ISSN (print) 1090-9516

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Juanchich, Marie, Sirota, Miroslav and Butler, Christina Lea (2012) The perceived functions of linguistic risk quantifiers and their effect on risk, negativity perception and decision making. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 118(1), pp. 72-81. ISSN (print) 0749-5978

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Butler, Christina and Zander, Lena (2008) The business of teaching and learning through multicultural teams. Journal of Teaching in International Business, 19(2), pp. 192-218. ISSN (print) 0897-5930

Bidualt , Francis, Despres, Charles and Butler, Christina (1998) The drivers of cooperation between buyers and suppliers for product innovation. Research Policy, 26 (7-8), pp. 719-723. ISSN (print) 0048-7333

Book Section

Butler, Christina and Mador, Martha (2015) Kingston University London: using entrepreneurship programs to attract talent and to enhance educational impact. In: Foss, Lene and Gibson, David V., (eds.) The entrepreneurial university: context and institutional change. London, U.K. : Routledge. (Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology) ISBN 9781138830776 (In Press)

Lauring, J., Makela, K., Butler, C., Lee, H., Luecke, G., Miska, C., Pahlberg, C., Stahl, G. and Zander, L. (2015) Meeting the challenges of globalization in order to make a difference: implications for teams and team leadership. In: Zander, Lena, (ed.) Research handbook of global leadership: making a difference. Cheltenham, U.K. : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. (In Press)

Butler, C., Sutton, C., Mockaitis, A. and Zander, L. (2015) The new millennial global leaders: what a difference a generation makes! In: Zander, Lena, (ed.) Research handbook of global leadership: making a difference. Cheltenham, U.K. : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. (In Press)

Butler, Christina L. and Earley, P. Christopher (2001) Multinational groups and the structuration of organizational culture: a sociological perspective. In: Cooper, Cary L. , Cartwright, Sue and Earley, P. Christopher, (eds.) The international handbook of organizational culture and climate. Chichester, U.K. : John Wiley & Sons. pp. 53-84. ISBN 9780471491262

Conference or Workshop Item

Butler, Christina (2014) Global mobility challenges for HRM. In: Research in Practice Seminar Series: The Future of HR and Internationalisation; 11 Sep 2014, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Zander, Lena and Butler, Christina (2014) Globalisation and the diminishing influence of national culture on company culture. In: European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Conference 2014: Waves and Winds of Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Competitiveness; 4-7 Jun 2014, Valencia, Spain. (Unpublished)

Butler, Christina (2014) Implications of social capital and status cues on global team leader roles. In: 40th European International Business Academy (EIBA) Annual Conference: The Future of Global Organizing; 11-13 Dec 2014, Uppsala, Sweden. (Unpublished)

Butler, Christina and Chongarova, Irina (2014) Leading global teams. In: Kingston Business School Business Breakfast: Leading Global Teams; 11 Nov 2014, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Butler, Christina, Juanchich, Marie and Sirota, Miroslav (2011) Uncertain of tactful? Effect of risk quantifiers' interpretation on risk perception and decision making. In: 16th EASP General Meeting; 12 - 16 July 2011, Stockholm, Sweden. (Unpublished)

Daskalaki, Maria, Butler, Christina and Petrovic, Jelena (2011) Narrating cosmopolis: 'in another place, not here'. In: The 2nd Annual Faculty of Business and Law Conference: Emerging Issues in Business and Law; 10 May 2011, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Juanchich, Marie, Sirota, Miroslav and Butler, Christina (2011) Functions of linguistic risk quantifiers and related risk perception. In: Experimental Psychology Society Meeting ; 13 - 15 Apr 2011, Oxford, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Butler, Christina, Hatzidimitriadou, Eleni and Psoinos, Maria (2010) Managing equality and diversity in health care: the case of ethnic monitoring at St George's NHS trust. In: EAWOP Small Group Meeting - Managing diversity in organisations; 23-24 Sep 2010, Birmigham, U.K..

Mahieu , Christian, Nilles, Jean-Jacques , Butler, Christina, Gourlay, Stephen and Narendran, Sunitha (2010) Training for ethical discernment as a company policy: the eval'ethic experience. In: 9th Annual Colloquium of The European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS): Corporate Responsibility and Emerging Markets; 20-21 Sep 2010, St.Petersburg, Russia. (Unpublished)

Butler, Christina Lea (2010) The challenge of the 'in-between' multinational team: is a bicultural leader the answer? In: 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting: Dare to care: passion and compassion in management practice and research; 06 - 10 Aug 2010, Montreal, Canada.

Butler, Christina and Mahadeva, Meera (2010) At the crossroads of visible and invisible characteristics: signposts to virtue in multinational teams. In: Conference of the International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM): Creativity and Innovation in an International Context; 01 - 04 Jun 2010, Valencia, Spain.

Butler, Christina (2010) The interaction of surface- and deep-level national diversity: the case of global teams. In: European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Conference 2010: Back to the future; 19-22 May 2010, Rome, Italy.

Butler, Christina, Soane, Emma and Stanton, Emma (2009) All at sea: team conflict during the Clipper round the World Sailing Race 2005-2006. In: British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference 2009: The End of the Pier? Competing perspectives on the challenges facing business and management; 15-17 Sep 2009, Brighton, U.K..

Zander, Lena and Butler, Christina (2009) Team leadership models: modeling multicultural team success based on team composition. In: European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) 7th Workshop on International Strategy and Cross Cultural Management; 25-26 Sep 2009, Helsinki, Finland.

Zander, Lena and Butler, Christina (2008) Team leadership models: modelling multicultural team success. In: 22nd Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Annual Conference: Managing in the Pacific Century; 2-5 Dec 2008, Auckland, New Zealand.

Butler, Christina (2008) Cross-cultural leadership, teams and faultlines. In: 50th annual meeting of the Academy of International Business "Knowledge development and exchange in international business networks"; 30 June - 3 July 2008, Milan, Italy.

Butler, Christina Lea and Price, Stephen Michael (2006) Local time global change: differences between Kenyan and British perceptions. In: 2006 Academy of Management Annual Meeting : Knowledge, action and the public concern; 11 - 16 Aug 2006, Atlanta, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Butler, Christina Lea (2006) The influence of status cues on collective identity in teams of different national composition. In: 2006 Academy of Management Annual Meeting : Knowledge, action and the public concern; 11 - 16 Aug 2006, Atlanta, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Butler, Christina Lea (2005) Differences between mutlinational & nationally homogeneous groups: the influence of status cues. In: 65th Academy of Marketing Annual Meeting: A New Vision of Management in the 21st Century; 05 - 10 Aug 2005, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Butler, C. and Price, S. (2004) Kenyan and British perceptions of time: the importance of understanding differences for change programmes. In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference : Management Futures; 30 Aug - 01 Sep 2004, St Andrews, U.K..


Psoinos, Maria, Hatzidimitriadou, Eleni, Butler, Christina and Barn, Ravinder (2011) Ethnic monitoring in healthcare services in the UK as a mechanism to address health disparities: a narrative review. (Other) London : SWan IPI. 35 p. ISBN 9780955832987

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