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Ahmed, Sharif Uddin, Meklat, Farouk, Zhang, Jian, Mastulov, Suhkrob, Giannakouros, Thomas, Jewell, Andrew, Zhang, Yana, Lim, Seah H and Shahriar, Masum (2009) SEMG-1 expression in early stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Cytotherapy, 11(2), pp. 238-244. ISSN (print) 1465-3249

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Favato, G and Pieri, V (2009) Hypolipidemic agents in chronic therapy: a compliance study in the Italian ASSET cohort. In: 2nd PharmSciFair; 08 - 12 Jun 2009, Nice, France. (Unpublished)

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