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Akbari, Sadaf and Khazaeinejad, Payam (2023) Geometrical and mechanical analysis of polylactic acid and polyvinylidine fluoride scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. Engineering with Computers, 39(6), pp. 4153-4165. ISSN (print) 0177-0667

Almazan, Zoe, Haroglu, Hasan and Garside, Peter (2023) Mexico City : the development of a climate-resilient city using Smart City technology. In: 39th Annual ARCOM Conference 2023: Constructing for the Future; 04-06 Sep 2023, Leeds, U.K.. (Unpublished)

An, Xinyi, Chong, Perk Lin, Zohourkari, Iman, Roy, Sandipan, Merdji, Ali, Gnanasagaran, Constance Linda, Faraji, Foad, Moey, Lip Kean and Yazdi, Mohammad Hossein (2023) Mechanical influence of tissue scaffolding design with different geometries using finite element study. Journal of Engineering in Medicine, ISSN (print) 0954-4119 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ashayeri, Shirin Yavar, Keshavarzi, Behnam, Moore, Farid, Ahmadi, Azam and Hooda, Peter S. (2023) Risk assessment, geochemical speciation, and source apportionment of heavy metals in sediments of an urban river draining into a coastal wetland. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 186, p. 114389. ISSN (print) 0025-326X

Augousti, Andy, Liaskovska, S., Lanets, O., Duran, Olga and Velyka, O. (2023) Optimization solutions of a multistage balanced transport problem using a potential method. In: Energy-optimal technologies, logistics and safety on transport; 09-10 Nov 2023, Lviv, Ukraine. (Unpublished)


Bian, Yu, Chen, Yanan, Luo, Jianhe and Sun, Yanyi (2023) Contrast-based evaluation of the reflected daylight glare on the blackboard in a classroom with complex fenestration systems. Journal of Building Engineering, 64, p. 105622. ISSN (online) 2352-7102

Bian, Yu, Chen, Yanan, Sun, Yanyi, Ma, Yuan, Yu, Daxing and Leng, Tianxiang (2023) Simulation of daylight availability, visual comfort and view clarity for a novel window system with switchable blinds in classrooms. Building and Environment, 235, p. 110243. ISSN (print) 0360-1323

Bostanci, Sevket Can, Ajogi, Ede Isaac and Kew, Hsein (2023) Waste coal cement concrete for sustainable production. European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, ISSN (print) 1964-8189 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Broadhead, James P., Daniel, Emmanuel I., Oshodi, Olalekan and Ahmed, Sa'id (2023) Exploring offsite construction for the construction sector : a literature review. In: 31st Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC31); 26 Jun - 02 Jul 2023, Lille, France.

Brown, Kerry A., Bunting, M. Jane, Carvalho, Fabio, de Bello, Francesco, Mander, Luke, Marcisz, Katarzyna, Mottl, Ondrej, Reitalu, Triin and Svenning, Jens-Christian (2023) Trait-based approaches as ecological time machines : developing tools for reconstructing long-term variation in ecosystems. Functional Ecology, ISSN (print) 0269-8463 (Epub Ahead of Print)


Chen, Xie, Zhang, Shicong, Tian, Zhiyong, Luo, Yongqiang, Deng, Jie and Fan, Jianhua (2023) Differences in urban heat island and its driving factors between central and new urban areas of Wuhan, China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 30(20), pp. 58362-58377. ISSN (print) 0944-1344

Chen, Xie, Zhou, Chaohui, Tian, Zhiyong, Mao, Hongzhi, Luo, Yongqiang, Sun, Deyu, Fan, Jianhua, Jiang, Liguang, Deng, Jie and Rosen, Marc A. (2023) Different photovoltaic power potential variations in East and West China. Applied Energy, 351, p. 121846. ISSN (print) 0306-2619

Cheng, Nan, Zhou, Chaohui, Luo, Yongqiang, Shen, Junhao, Tian, Zhiyong, Sun, Deyu, Fan, Jianhua, Zhang, Ling, Deng, Jie and Rosen, Marc A. (2023) Thermal behavior and performance of shallow-deep-mixed borehole heat exchanger array for sustainable building cooling and heating. Energy and Buildings, 291, p. 113108. ISSN (print) 0378-7788

Cheshmvahm, Hamidreza, Keshavarzi, Behnam, Moore, Farid, Zarei, Mehdi, Esmaeili, Hamid Reza and Hooda, Peter S. (2023) Investigation of the concentration, origin and health effects of PAHs in the Anzali wetland : the most important coastal freshwater wetland of Iran. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 193, p. 115191. ISSN (print) 0025-326X

Cheung, Philip C.W., Busquets, Rosa, Hooda, Peter S., Aseperi, Adeniyi K., Barker, James, Adegun, Ayodeji O., Akinnifesi, Thompson A., Ololade, Isaac and Abosede, Sinmi (2023) Characterisation of neonicotinoid insecticides in the cocoa-producing Owena River basin of Nigeria by a QuEChERS method coupled to liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. The Open Environmental Research Journal, 16, e259027762301300. ISSN (online) 2590-2776

Collins, Rebecca M., Smith, Dianna, Ogutu, Booker O., Brown, Kerry A., Eigenbrod, Felix and Spake, Rebecca (2023) The relative effects of access to public greenspace and private gardens on mental health. Landscape and Urban Planning, 240, p. 104902. ISSN (print) 0169-2046


Dawson, Paul, Fisk, Nicholas, Ramshaw, Nicole, Gilbert, Emily, Shiode, Narushige and Forrester, Valerie (2023) Understanding public confidence in the police within a changing crime landscape. SN Social Sciences, 3, p. 198. ISSN (online) 2662-9283

Donchev, Ted (2023) Editorial. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Forensic Engineering, 176(3), pp. 63-64. ISSN (print) 2043-9903


Gagliardi, Valerio, Tosti, Fabio, Bianchini Ciampoli, Luca, Battagliere, Maria Libera, D’Amato, Luigi, Alani, Amir M. and Benedetto, Andrea (2023) Satellite remote sensing and non-destructive testing methods for transport infrastructure monitoring : advances, challenges and perspectives. Remote Sensing, 15(2), p. 418. ISSN (online) 2072-4292

Gale, Andy, Batenburg, Sietske, Coccioni, Rodolfo, Dubicka, Zofia, Erba, Elisabetta, Falzoni, Francesca, Haggart, Jim, Hasegawa, Takishi, Ifrim, Christina, Jarvis, Ian, Jenkyns, Hugh, Jurowska, Agata, Kennedy, Jim, Maron, Matteo, Muttoni, Giovanni, Pearce, Martin, Petrizzo, Maria Rose, Premoli-Silva, Isabella, Thibault, Nicolas, Voigt, Silke, Wagreich, Michael and Walaszczyk, Irek (2023) The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Campanian Stage at Bottaccione (Gubbio, Italy) and its auxiliary sections : Seaford Head (UK), Bocieniec (Poland), Postalm (Austria), Smoky Hill, Kansas (U.S.A), Tepayac (Mexico). Episodes, ISSN (print) 0705-3797 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Gengan, Gavin and Kew, Hsein (2023) Environmental assessment of recycled glass aggregates in reinforced concrete. Theory and Building Practice, 5(1), pp. 92-101. ISSN (print) 2707-1057

Georgopoulos, Costas (2023) Evolution of structural design of concrete framed buildings for net zero in the UK. In: The International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) Symposium 2023 : Building for the Future : Durable, Sustainable, Resilient; 5-7 Jun 2023, Istanbul, Turkey.

Gillmore, G. K., Wertheim, D., McIntosh, I. M., Petford, N. and Gill, I. (2023) 3D imaging of volcanic ash using the confocal microscope ; a comparison of natural fragments and experimentally vesiculated volcanic glass. Natural Hazards, ISSN (print) 0921-030X (Epub Ahead of Print)

Gnanasagaran, Constance, Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Jamadon, Nashrah H., Kumar, Vishaal H., Muchtar, Andanastuti, Pazhani, Ashwath and Ayaz, Beenish (2023) Microstructural and mechanical behaviours of Y-TZP prepared via slip-casting and fused deposition modelling (FDM). Heliyon, 9, e21705. ISSN (online) 2405-8440

Gusin, Pawel, Radosz, Andrzej, Augousti, Andy T., Polonyi, Janos, Zaslavskii, Oleg B. and Ściborski, Romuald J. (2023) Quantum phenomena inside a black hole : quantization of the scalar field inside horizon in Schwarzschild spacetime. Universe, 9(7), p. 299. ISSN (online) 2218-1997


Han, Ji, Jiang, Pingfei, Hua, Min and Childs, Peter R. N. (2023) An exploration of the role of creativity in crowdfunding product design projects. In: 24th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED23) : Design in a complex world; 24-28 Jul 2023, Bordeaux, France.

Hosouli, Sahand, Gomes, João, Loris, Alexander, Pazmiño, Ivan-Acosta, Naidoo, Adeel, Lennermo, Gunnar and Mohammadi, Hadi (2023) Evaluation of a solar photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system in a dairy farm in Germany. Solar Energy Advances, 3, p. 100035. ISSN (online) 2667-1131

Hosouli, Sahand, Gomes, João, Talha Jahangir, Muhammad and Pius, George (2023) Performance evaluation of novel concentrating photovoltaic thermal solar collector under quasi-dynamic conditions. Solar, 3(2), pp. 195-212. ISSN (online) 2673-9941

Hosouli, Sahand, Elvins, Jonathon, Searle, Justin, Boudjabeur, Samir, Bowyer, Jordan and Jewell, Eifion (2023) A multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methodology for high temperature thermochemical storage material selection using graph theory and matrix approach. Materials & Design, 227, p. 111685. ISSN (print) 0264-1275


Inoue, Ryo, Shiode, Shino and Shiode, Narushige (2023) Colocations of spatial clusters among different industries. Computational Urban Science, 3, p. 35. ISSN (online) 2730-6852

Irene, Julius Omokhudu, Kelly, Mary, Irene, Bridget Nneka Obiageli, Chukwuma-Nwuba, Kemi and Opute, Promise (2023) Exploring the role of regime actors in shaping the directionality of sustainability transitions in South Africa. Energy Research & Social Science, 99, p. 103068. ISSN (print) 2214-6296


Jarvis, Ian, Pearce, Martin A., Monkenbusch, Johannes, Jurkowska, Agata, Ullmann, Clemens V., Dubicka, Zofia and Thibault, Nicolas (2023) Carbon isotopes, palynology and stratigraphy of the Santonian – Campanian boundary : the GSSP auxiliary sections, Seaford Head (England) and Bocieniec (Poland), and correlation between the Boreal and Tethyan realms. Cretaceous Research, 143, p. 105415. ISSN (print) 0195-6671

Jiang, Pingfei, Atherton, Mark and Millar, Brian J. (2023) Dental drill noise reduction using a commercially-available earplug device. Primary Dental Journal, 12(1), pp. 73-78. ISSN (print) 2050-1684

Jiang, Pingfei, Atherton, Mark and Sorce, Salvatore (2023) Extraction and linking of motivation, specification and structure of inventions for early design use. Journal of Engineering Design, 34(5-6), pp. 411-436. ISSN (print) 0954-4828

Jin, Ting, Zhang, Zujing, Ge, Liang, Liang, Xing, Wu, Hongwei and Mao, Ruiyong (2023) Experimental investigation on thermal performance of underground refuge chamber under natural convection and ventilation. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 52, p. 103637. ISSN (online) 2214-157X


Kara, Peter A., Tamboli, Roopak R., Adhikarla, Vamsi K., Balogh, Tibor, Guindy, Mary and Simon, Aniko (2023) Connected without disconnection : overview of light field metaverse applications and their quality of experience. Displays, 78, p. 102430. ISSN (print) 0141-9382

Khan, Sidra U., Hooda, Peter S., Blackwell, Martin S. A. and Busquets, Rosa (2023) Influence of soil drying followed by flooding on micronutrient solubilisation. Soil Use and Management, ISSN (print) 0266-0032 (In Press)

Kokayi, Afua, Shiode, Shino and Shiode, Narushige (2023) Geographical exploration of the underrepresentation of ethnic minority cyclists in England. Sustainability, 15(7), p. 5677. ISSN (online) 2071-1050

Kucharska, Katarzyna, Binkowski, Łukasz J., Dudzik, Krzysztof, Barker, James, Barton, Stephen, Rupérez, David and Hahn, Andreas (2023) Temporal and spatial trends in lead levels in the blood and down of Black Stork nestlings in central Europe. Science of the Total Environment, ISSN (print) 0048-9697 (Epub Ahead of Print)


Ma, Zongyao, Hu, Lei, Mao, Hongzhi, Shao, Qingyang, Tian, Zhiyong, Luo, Yongqiang, Deng, Jie, Sun, Deyu and Fan, Jianhua (2023) Shading effect and energy-saving potential of rooftop photovoltaic on the top-floor room. Solar Energy, 265, p. 112099. ISSN (print) 0038-092X

Mao, Hongzhi, Chen, Xie, Luo, Yongqiang, Deng, Jie, Tian, Zhiyong, Yu, Jinghua, Xiao, Yimin and Fan, Jianhua (2023) Advances and prospects on estimating solar photovoltaic installation capacity and potential based on satellite and aerial images. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 179, p. 113276. ISSN (print) 1364-0321

Mikutaite, Vita, Donchev, Ted, Petkova, Diana and Haroglu, Hasan (2023) Benefits of chemical prestressing over mechanical prestressing of FRP rods. In: 14th International Conference Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques (MBMST 2023); 05-06 Oct 2023, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Mills, Benjamin J. W., Krause, Alexander J., Jarvis, Ian and Cramer, Bradley D. (2023) Evolution of atmospheric O₂ through the Phanerozoic, revisited. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 51(1), ISSN (print) 0084-6597 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Moir, Hannah (2023) The role of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor biosimilars for supportive cancer care : a year in review. EMJ, 8(1), pp. 16-24.

Muppala, Siva (2023) Changes to assessment methods based on Module Evaluation Questionnaire leads to improved student learning. In: Festival of Learning Bitesize 2023; 14 Feb 2023, Kingston Upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Muppala, Siva (2023) Curriculum review in response to module evaluation questionnaire to improve student satisfaction and the passing rate for an Engineering MSc module. In: Teaching and Learning Conference 2023 : Shaping the future of HE; 4-6 Jul 2023, Keele, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Musa, Muktari M., Daniel, Emmanuel I., Ahmed, Namadi S. and Enedah, Ifeatu C. (2023) Evaluating the usability of the Leanbuild software application after the design stage. In: 31st Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC31); 26 Jun - 02 Jul 2023, Lille, France.


Nowak, Trish, Augousti, Andy, Siegert, Stefan and Simmons, Benno (2023) Using mixed AI techniques to forecast aerosol optical depth from observational data only. In: DUST 2023 : 5th International Conference on Atmospheric Dust; 22-25 May 2023, Bari, Italy. (Unpublished)


Omer, Joshua (2023) Effects of energy loops on the geotechnical performance of geothermal energy piles. In: SuperPile '23: Piling Design and Construction Conference; 07-09 Jun 2023, Georgia, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Omer, Joshua (2023) An experimental study of lattice-shaped diaphragm walls with various chamber numbers and installed in soft soil. In: 4th International Conference on Seismic Design and Analysis of Structures and Foundations (SeismiCON 2023); 14 Jun 2023, Online. (Unpublished)


Pasika, Viacheslav, Augousti, Andy, Lanets, Olena and Parashchyn, Oleh (2023) Reducing the kinetic power of the crank press machine. Ukrainian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, 9(3), pp. 21-30. ISSN (print) 2411-8001

Pavlović, Ana, Donchev, Ted and Petkova, Diana (2023) Analytical estimation of the creep behaviour of basalt FRP bars below the creep rupture limit. In: International Symposium of the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib Symposium 2023) : Building for the Future: Durable, Sustainable, Resilient; 05-07 Jun 2023, Istanbul, Turkey. ISSN (print) 2366-2557

Peng, Yaru, Luo, Yuan, Li, Yimeng, Azeem, Muhammad, Li, Ronghua, Feng, Chuchu, Qu, Guangzhou, Ali, Esmat F., Hamouda, Mohamed A., Hooda, Peter S., Rinklebe, Jörg, Smith, Ken, Zhang, Zengqiang and Shaheen, Sabry M. (2023) Effect of corn pre-puffing on the efficiency of MgO-engineered biochar for phosphorus recovery from livestock wastewater : mechanistic investigations and cost benefit analyses. Biochar, 5(1), p. 26. ISSN (online) 2524-7867


Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Bear, Joseph C. and Daniel Jayaseelan, Doni (2023) High temperature corrosion behaviour of calcium magnesium aluminosilicate coated oxide-oxide ceramic matrix composites. Ceramics International, ISSN (print) 0272-8842 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Gnanasagaran, Constance L, Pazhani, Ashwath, Kumar, Vishaal Harikrishna, Xavior, M. Anthony, Subramani, R Ram and Arunkumar, T. (2023) Impact behaviour of MWCNTs reinforced YSZ and Al₂O₃ ceramic-nanocomposites prepared via vacuum hot-pressing technique. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 24, pp. 6595-6603. ISSN (print) 2238-7854

Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Gnanasagaran, Constance L, Subramani, R Ram, Boopalan, Vignesh and T, Arunkumar (2023) Influence of ceramic nanoparticles on fatigue life of Al 6061 prepared via ultrasonic aided rheo-squeeze casting process. Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies, ISSN (print) 2374-068X (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ramachandran, Karthikeyan, Gnanasagaran, Constance L and Vekariya, Ashish (2023) Life cycle assessment of carbon fiber and bio-fiber composites prepared via vacuum bagging technique. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 89, pp. 124-131. ISSN (print) 1526-6125

Ranatunga, Kavishan Sathsara, del Rey Castillo, Enrique and Toma, Charlotte Louise (2023) Evaluation of the optimal concrete mix design with coconut shell ash as a partial cement replacement. Construction and Building Materials, 401, p. 132978. ISSN (print) 0950-0618

Rokhbar, Mahsa, Keshavarzi, Behnam, Moore, Farid, Zarei, Mehdi, Hooda, Peter S. and Risk, Michael J. (2023) Occurrence and source of PAHs in Miankaleh International Wetland in Iran. Chemosphere, 321, p. 138140. ISSN (print) 0045-6535

Ruvinga, Stenford, Hunter, Gordon James Allan, Duran, Olga and Nebel, Jean-Christophe (2023) Identifying queenlessness in honeybee hives from audio signals using machine learning. Electronics, 12(7), p. 1627. ISSN (online) 2079-9292


Sabri, Ban Ali, Satgunam, Meenaloshini, Manap, A., Gnanasagaran, Constance L. and Ramachandran, Karthikeyan (2023) Physical and chemical investigation of TiO₂ nanotubes treated with isopropyl triisostearoyl titanate (KR-TTS). Journal of Nanomaterials, 2023, p. 7961857. ISSN (print) 1687-4110

Salehi Borujeni, Masoud, Ofetotse, Eng L., Muhumuza, Ronald, Pugsley, Adrian, Smyth, Mervyn, Mondol, Jayanta and Nebel, Jean-Christophe (2023) Smart power management strategy controlling domestic solar solutions in sub-Saharan countries. Energy Systems, ISSN (print) 1868-3967 (In Press)


Tang, Xiaolong, Li, Xiaodong, Avital, Eldad J., Saleh, Zainab J. and Motallebi, Fariborz (2023) Investigation of the formation and evolution of over-tip shock waves in the pressure-driven tip leakage flow by time-resolved schlieren visualization. Physics of Fluids, 35(5), 056101. ISSN (print) 1070-6631


Umar, Tariq, Opoku, Alex, Umeokafor, Nnedinma and Ahmed, Sa'id (2023) The built environment’s contribution to the progress of the sustainable development goals. In: Opoku, Alex, (ed.) The Elgar Companion to the built environment and the sustainable development goals. Cheltenham, U.K. : Edward Elgar Publishing. pp. 1-27. (Elgar companions to the sustainable development goals) (In Press)


Vatolik, Ivan, Mbachu, Chinedu, Hunter, Gordon, Swann, Nicola, Everington, Michael and Augousti, Andy (2023) Deep learning successfully classifies acoustic emission data from knee joints. In: XXIX Congress of International/Japanese Society of Biomechanics (ISB/JSB2023); 30 Jul - 03 Aug 2023, Fukuoka, Japan. (Unpublished)


Walford, Nigel (2023) Land use-land cover on the South Downs, England in the 1870s : a case study mapping and applying landscape metrics to the Ordnance Survey Parish Books of Reference. The Geographical Journal, ISSN (print) 0016-7398 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Wertheim, David, Miyashita, Lisa, Foley, Gary, Gill, Ian, Giddens, Richard, Gillmore, Gavin, Dobson, Ruaraidh, Semple, Sean, Rule, Ana and Grigg, Jonathan (2023) 3D imaging of roadside and underground railway particulate matter structures. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, ISSN (online) 2328-8930 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Woodbridge, Jessie, Fyfe, Ralph, Smith, David, de Varielles, Anne, Pelling, Ruth, Grant, Michael J, Batchelor, Robert, Scaife, Robert, Greig, James, Dark, Petra, Druce, Denise, Garbett, Geoff, Parker, Adrian, Hill, Tom, Schofield, J. Edward, Simmonds, Mike, Chambers, Frank, Barnett, Catherine and Waller, Martyn (2023) Agricultural systems regulate plant and insect (beetle) diversity and induce ecosystem novelty. Anthropocene, p. 100369. ISSN (print) 2213-3054 (Epub Ahead of Print)


Yildizhan, Hasan, Hosouli, Sahand, Yılmaz, Sıdıka Ece, Gomes, João, Pandey, Chandan and Alkharusi, Tarik (2023) Alternative work arrangements : individual, organizational and environmental outcomes. Heliyon, 9(11), e21899. ISSN (online) 2405-8440

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