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Atkinson, J.M. and Brindley, P.B. (1991) Autoxidations of early transition metallocenes: I. Bis(eta-5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)zirconium(iv) dialkyls. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 411(1-2), pp. 131-137. ISSN (print) 0022-328X

Atkinson, J.M. and Brindley, P.B. (1991) Autoxidations of early transition metallocenes: II. Bis(eta-5-cyclopentadienyl)molybdenum(iv) dialkyls. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 411(1-2), pp. 139-145. ISSN (print) 0022-328X

Auerbach, Paul and Stone, Merlin (1991) Developing the new capitalism in eastern Europe - How the West can help. Long Range Planning, 24(3), pp. 58-65. ISSN (print) 0024-6301

Augousti, Andy (1991) The new science of social mechanics. Physics World, 4(2), p. 100. ISSN (print) 0953-8585

BARTON, SJ, GHOTRA, JS, MATTHEWS, AE and PRITCHARD, G (1991) Vinyl-Terminated Oligometric Ethers - A Study Of The Cross-Linking Process. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 42(1), pp. 35-43. ISSN (print) 0021-8995

Beck, Peter (1991) Fisheries conservation - a basis for a special Anglo-Argentine relationship. World Today, 47(6), pp. 102-106. ISSN (print) 0043-9134

Bevan, S. J, Parry-Billings, M., Opara, Elizabeth and Newsholme, E. A. (1991) The effect of cell volume on the rate of lactate release from rat skeletal muscle. Biochemical Society Transactions, 19(2), ISSN (print) 0300-5127

Cassettari, Seppe (1991) Geographical information systems at Kingston. Cartographic Journal, The, 28(1), pp. 71-75. ISSN (print) 0008-7041

Christie, G L, Cummins, D, Duffield, J R, Hurford, S R, Morris, C R, Riley, P I, Vesey, J A and Williams, D R (1991) Thermodynamic Formation-Constants And Solid-State Properties For The Interaction Of ZN(II) Ions With Citrate, Phenolsulphonate, Monofluorophosphate, And Saccharinate. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 42(4), pp. 273-287. ISSN (print) 0162-0134

Colley, H, Treloar, P J, Shepherd, T J and Naden, J (1991) Formation of San-Pedro-de-Cachiyuyo Breccia Pipes, Inca-de-Oro, Chile. Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy Section B- Applied Earth Science, 100, B179-B191. ISSN (print) 0371-7453

Darbyshire, Penny (1991) The lamp that shows that freedom lives - is it worth the candle? Criminal Law Review, Oct, pp. 740-752. ISSN (print) 0011-135X

Daszak, P., Ball, S.J., Pittilo, R.M. and Norton, C.C. (1991) Ultrastructural studies of the effects of the ionophore lasalocid on Eimeria tenella in chickens. Parasitology Research, 77(3), pp. 224-229. ISSN (print) 0932-0113

Day, J.P., Barker, J., Evans, L.J.A., Perks, J., Seabright, P.J., Ackrill , P., Lilley, J.S., Drumm, P.V. and Newton, G.W.A. (1991) Aluminium absorption studied by 26Al tracer. The Lancet, 337(8753), p. 1345. ISSN (print) 0140-6736

Douglas, W.E. and Overend, A.S. (1991) Curing reactions in acetylene terminated resins - I. Uncatalyzed cure of arylpropargyl ether terminated monomers. European Polymer Journal, 27(11), pp. 1279-1287. ISSN (print) 0014-3057

East, Robert, Lomax, Wendy and Willson, Gill (1991) Factors associated with service delay in supermarkets and post offices. Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behaviour, 4, pp. 123-128. ISSN (print) 0899-8620

Eiras, J.C. and Davies, A.J. (1991) Haemogregarina bigemina Laveran & Mesnil, 1901 (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) from Blennius pholis L. (Osteichthyes, Blenniidae): an investigation of seasonality in Portugal. Journal of Fish Diseases, 14(6), pp. 683-687. ISSN (print) 0140-7775

Ellis, T. J., Rosin, P. L. and Golton, P. (1991) Model-based vision for automatic alarm interpretation. IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, 6(3), pp. 14-20. ISSN (print) 0885-8985

Galyov, E. E., Karlishev, Andrey, Chernovskaya, T. V., Dolgikh, D. A., Smirnov, O. Yu, Volkovoy, K. I. , Abramov, V. M. and Zav′yalov, V. P. (1991) Expression of the envelope antigen F1 of Y. pestis is mediated by the product of caf1M gene having homology with chaperon protein PapD of E. coli. FEBS Letters, 286(1-2), pp. 79-82. ISSN (print) 0014-5793

Gelepithis, Pam (1991) The possibility of machine intelligence and the impossibility of human-machine communication. Cybernetica, 34(4), pp. 255-268. ISSN (print) 0011-4227

Gibson, SA and Jones, AP (1991) Igneous stratigraphy and internal structure of the Little Minch Sill complex, Trotternish Peninsula, northern Skye, Scotland. Geological Magazine, 128(1), pp. 51-66. ISSN (print) 0016-7568

Grootveld, Martin, Claxson, Andrew, Naughton, Declan and Blake, David (1991) A biochemical investigation of auranofin nephrotoxicity by high field proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Agents and Actions Supplements, 32, pp. 59-63. ISSN (print) 0379-0363

Grootveld , Martin, Claxson , Andrew, Naughton , Declan, Whelan , Michael, Furst , Alexandra and Blake, David (1991) Influence of an intravenous dose of aurothiomalate on the status of low-molecular-mass endogenous metabolites in blood plasma: a proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) study. Agents and Actions Supplements, 32, pp. 65-69. ISSN (print) 0379-0363

Hooda, P.S. and Yamdagni, R. (1991) Salt tolerance of guava ('Psidium guajava' L.) and aonla ('Emblica officinalis') at germination stage. Research and Development Reporter , 8(1), pp. 36-38. ISSN (print) 0257-3245

Horner, Avril and Lindop, Grevel (1991) Geoffrey Hill, John Cowper Powys, and 'The laurel axe'. Notes and Queries, 38(3), pp. 347-348. ISSN (print) 0029-3970

Jadva-Patel, H (1991) The use of thin metal filters to reduce dose to patients. Radiography Today, 57(651), pp. 18-22. ISSN (print) 0954-8211

Jones, K.A. (1991) Palaeozoic continental margin tectonics in southern Armorica. Journal of the Geological Society, 148(1), pp. 55-64. ISSN (print) 0016-7649

Jones, M. (1991) A non-uniqueness theorem in the theory of Voronoi sets. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, 14(4), pp. 817-820. ISSN (print) 0161-1712

Kelly, S. L. and Sim, E. (1991) Expression Of Normal-Acetyl transferase in a human monocytic cell-line, U937. Human & Experimental Toxicology, 10(1), pp. 33-38. ISSN (print) 0960-3271

Khaddaj, S., Al-Bahadili, H., Goddard, A.J.H., de Oliveira, C. R. E. and Wood, J. (1991) The solution of radiation engineering problems on a transputer-based system. Concurrency: Practice and Experience, 3(4), pp. 423-434. ISSN (print) 1040-3108

Mangal, J.L., Yadava, A., Lal, S., Hooda, P.S. and Khurana, S.C. (1991) Response of potato genotypes to different levels of soil salinity. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 20(1/2), pp. 98-101. ISSN (print) 0970-2873

Ngwa-Ndifor, J and Ellis, T. (1991) Predictive partial search algorithm for vector quantisation. Electronics Letters, 27(19), pp. 1722-1723. ISSN (print) 0013-5194

Novak, M.M. (1991) Improved rendering of the Lorenz equations. Image and Vision Computing, 9(3), pp. 169-174. ISSN (print) 0262-8856

Okretic, V.K. and Cadez, V.M. (1991) MHD wave reflection in presence of resonant processes. Physica Scripta, 43(3), pp. 306-309. ISSN (print) 0031-8949

Page, N M, Savva, D, Luke, G N and Simkiss, K (1991) Transfection of chick cells by non-retroviral DNA. Biochemical Society Transactions, 19, 328S-328S.

Parry-Billings, M, Bevan, S. J., Opara, Elizabeth and Newsholme, E. A. (1991) Effects of changes in cell volume on the rates of glutamine and alanine release from rat skeletal muscle in vitro. Biochemical Journal, 276(2), pp. 559-561. ISSN (print) 0264-6021

Rosin, Paul L and Ellis, Tim (1991) Frame-Based system for image interpretation. Image and Vision Computing, 9(6), pp. 353-361. ISSN (print) 0262-8856

Ross, Fiona M. (1991) Patient compliance - whose responsibility? Social Science & Medicine, 32(1), pp. 89-94. ISSN (print) 0277-9536

Sarantis, N. (1991) Distributional conflict, the current account, and fiscal-monetary policies under flexible exchange rates. Journal of Economic Studies, 18(1), pp. 4-17. ISSN (print) 0144-3585

Sassoon, AS (1991) Equality and difference. Argument, 33(1), pp. 27-39. ISSN (print) 0004-1157

Savva, D, Page, N, Vick, L and Simkiss, K (1991) Detection of foreign DNA in transgenic chicken embryos by the polymerase chain reaction. Research in Veterinary Science, 50(2), pp. 131-133. ISSN (print) 0034-5288

Sellmeijer, J.B. and Koenders, M.A. (1991) A mathematical model for piping. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 15(11-12), pp. 646-651. ISSN (print) 0307-904X

Sim, Edith (1991) Drug-Induced immune complex disease. Biochemical Society Transactions, 19(1), pp. 164-170. ISSN (print) 0300-5127

Smith, H.L., Dickson, K. and Smith, S.L. (1991) “There are two sides to every story”: Innovation and collaboration within networks of large and small firms. Research Policy, 20(5), pp. 457-468. ISSN (print) 0048-7333

Spanjers, W. (1991) Arbitrage and Walrasian Equilibrium. Tinbergen Institute Research Bulletin, 3(3), pp. 215-225. ISSN (print) 0924-056X

Sybrandy, Arthur and Tuninga, Ronald S.J. (1991) A comparative study of distributive system structure: Australia, the Netherlands, and West Germany. Journal of Macromarketing, 11(2), pp. 42-55. ISSN (print) 0276-1467

Sybrandy, Arthur, Pirog, Stephen F. and Tuninga, Ronald S.J. (1991) The output of distributive systems: a conceptual framework. Journal of Macromarketing, 11(2), pp. 19-26. ISSN (print) 0276-1467

Taylor, Rosalind (1991) Book Review of: 'Advances in environmental and biogeographical research in Belize' by Peter Furley. Area, 23(4), p. 375. ISSN (print) 0004-0894

Tuninga, Ronald S.J. and Sybrandy, Arthur (1991) Europe 1992 program: a US perspective on implications for business. Irish Marketing Review, 5(3), pp. 33-40. ISSN (print) 0709-7362

Vekinis, G., Beaumont, P.W.R., Pritchard, G. and Wainwright, R. (1991) Dynamic observation of fracture in particulate-filled epoxy resins reinforced with rubber. Journal of Materials Science, 26(16), pp. 4527-4533. ISSN (print) 0022-2461

Williams, K.J. (1991) A century in power-the history of the Deptford power station. IEE Review, 37(2), pp. 71-74. ISSN (print) 0953-5683

Wood, J., Al-Bahadili, H. and Khaddaj, S.A. (1991) A comparison of Monte Carlo photon transport on two types of parallel computer. Annals of Nuclear Energy, 18(3), pp. 155-166. ISSN (print) 0306-4549

Zhang, T. and Evans, J.R.G. (1991) Mechanical properties of injection moulding suspensions as a function of ceramic volume fraction and temperature. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 7(3), pp. 155-163. ISSN (print) 0955-2219

Zhang, T. and Evans, J.R.G. (1991) The properties of a ceramic injection moulding suspensions based on a preceramic polymer. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 7(6), pp. 405-412. ISSN (print) 0955-2219


Ennals, Richard (1991) Artificial intelligence and human institutions. London, U.K. : Springer-Verlag. 181p. (The Springer series on artificial intelligence and society) ISBN 3540195793

Ross, Fiona and Mackenzie, Ann, eds. (1991) Setting standards for the care of elderly people at home: report based on a series of three workshops at the King's Fund and in collaboration with the District Nursing Association UK. Edinburgh, U.K. : District Nursing Association UK. 8p.

Book Section

Anisimov, A., Karlyshev, A., Pavlov, V. and Kravchenko, V. (1991) Construction of recombinant plasmids stably maintained in Y. pestis. In: Anisimov, A., (ed.) Genetics, Microbiology and Enhancement of Laboratory Diagnostics Methods of Particularly Dangerous Infections. Saratov, Russia : Federal state Public Health Russian reasearch anti "germs" institute "Microb". pp. 18-25.

Anisimov, A., Karlyshev, A., Kravchenko, V., Krasilnikova, V. and Kokushkin, A. (1991) Generation of avirulent Fra+, V+, Cad+, Fib-Coa+, PstI+, Psb+ mutants of Y. pestis. In: Anisimov, A., (ed.) Genetics, Microbiology and Enhancement of Laboratory Diagnostics Methods of Particularly Dangerous Infections. Saratov, Russia : Federal state Public Health Russian reasearch anti "germs" institute "Microb". pp. 29-33.

Horner, Avril (1991) Virginia Woolf, history, and the metaphors of Orlando. In: Easson, Angus, (ed.) History and the novel. Cambridge, U.K. : D.S. Brewer. pp. 70-87. (Essays & Studies , no. 1991) ISBN 0859913228

Ross, F.M. (1991) Nursing old people in the community. In: Redfern, Sally J., (ed.) Nursing elderly people. 2nd ed. Edinburgh, U.K. : Churchill Livingstone. pp. 340-357. ISBN 0443041385


Ewers, Tim [Composer] (1991), indigo, violet. (music).

Conference or Workshop Item

Ellis, T., Hung, R.T.W. and Omarouayache, S. (1991) Structural Elements in Colour Images: A Parallel Approach. In: Third International Conference on Applications of Transputers; 28-30 Aug 1991, Glasgow, U.K.. ISBN 9789051990645

Grootveld, M, Claxson, A, Naughton, D, Whelan , M, Furst, A and Blake, D (1991) Influence of intravenous aurothiomalate on the status of low-molecular-mass endogenous metabolites in blood plasma: a proton nuclear magnetic resonance study. In: Satellite Symposium of the 9th International Congress of Pharmacology: Drugs in Inflammation; 28-29 Jun, 1990, Noordwijk, Netherlands. (Agents and Actions Supplements, no. 32)

Grootveld, M, Claxson, A, Naughton, Declan and Blake, D (1991) A biochemical investigation of auranofin nephrotoxicity by high field proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In: Satellite Symp Of The 9th International Congress Of Pharmacology : Drugs In Inflammation; 28-29 Jun, 1990, Noordwijk, Netherlands. (Agents and Actions Supplements, no. 32)

Rosin, Paul L. and Ellis, T. (1991) Detecting and classifying intruders in image sequences. In: British Machine Vision Conference; 24 Sept - 26 Sept 1991, Glasgow, U.K.. ISBN 354019715X


Spanjers, Willy (1991) Arbitrage and Walrasian equilibrium in economies with limited information. (Discussion Paper) Tilburg, The Netherlands : Faculty of Economics, Tilburg University.

Spanjers, Willy, Gilles, Robert and Ruys, Pieter (1991) Hierarchical trade and downstream information. (Discussion Paper) Tilburg, The Netherlands : Faculty of Economics, Tilburg University.


Anderson, John Edward (1991) The subsidence history and structural evolution of the Western margin of the Pelagian platform, Central Tunisia. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Benson, Ian Anthony (1991) Reasoning about contingent events in distributed systems. (PhD thesis), University of Cambridge.

Brakspear, Stephen (1991) Investigation of properties of alternative substrates and appropriate production methods for application in highpower hybrid microelectronics. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Coyle, Adrian Gerard (1991) The construction of gay identity. (PhD thesis), University of Surrey.

Davies, Hamilton (1991) The roles of the "empirical" and of the "fictional" in J.G. Farrell's Troubles (1970) and The Singapore grip (1978) and Salman Rushdie's Midnight's children (1981). (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Gardeweg P., Moyra C. (1991) The geology, petrology and geochemistry of the Tumisa volcanic complex, North Chile. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Joshua, Warren A. C. (1991) Reactions of some cobalt and rhodium complexes of macrocyclic N-donor ligands. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

King, Christopher (1991) Stratigraphy of the London clay formation (early Eocene) in the Hampshire basin. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Koosha, Abdolrahim (1991) Ultrasonic transducers for air and underwater communication. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Mofidi, Nasrin (1991) Spectroscopic studies on unsymmetrical redox-activetetra arylporphyrins. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Pearce, T. J. (1991) Geology, sedimentology, geochemistry and provenance of late quaternary turbidites: Madeira Abyssal plain. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Szularz, Marek (1991) Quadratic programming with constant norm with parallel applications. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Wainwright, Robin (1991) Mechanical properties of epoxy/alumina trihydrate-filled compositions. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

Wallace, Ian Gerard Patrick (1991) An intermediate level industrial vision system. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

White, Kevin (1991) The nature and effects on the environment of heavy metal pollution from a lead smelter near Matlock, Derbyshire. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic.

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