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Al‐Sharshani, Dalal, Velayutham, Dinesh, Samara, Muthanna, Gazal, Reham, Al Haj Zen, Ayman, Ismail, Mohamed A., Ahmed, Mahmoud, Nasrallah, Gheyath, Younes, Salma, Rizk, Nasser, Hammuda, Sara, Qoronfleh, M. Walid, Farrell, Thomas, Zayed, Hatem, Abdulrouf, Palli Valapila, AlDweik, Manar, Silang, John Paul Ben, Rahhal, Alaa, Al‐Jurf, Rana, Mahfouz, Ahmed, Salam, Amar, Al Rifai, Hilal and Al-Dewik, Nader I. (2023) Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms with dyslipidemia and risk of metabolic disorders in the State of Qatar. Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine, e2178. ISSN (online) 2324-9269 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Arrigoni, Francesca and Blackie, Carmel (2023) Putting STEAM into nursing teaching. In: Innovation and Updates in Teaching and Student Education across Physiology and STEM in the UK; 12-13 Apr 2023, Leeds, U.K.. (In Press)

Barrado-Martín, Yolanda, Frost, Rachael, Catchpole, Jessica, Rookes, Tasmin, Gibson, Sarah, Avgerinou, Christina, Gardner, Benjamin, Gould, Rebecca, Chadwick, Paul, Jowett, Claire, Hopkins, Jane, Kumar, Rashmi, Elaswarapu, Rekha, Marston, Louise, Kharicha, Kalpa, Drennan, Vari and Walters, Kate (2023) Goal setting as part of a holistic intervention to promote independence in older people with mild frailty : a process evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial. In: Public Health Science 2023; 24 Nov 2023, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Bonacaro, Antonio, Stroumpouki, Theodora, Stavropoulou, Areti, Triglia, Carmela, Vizilio, Emanuele, Papageorgiou, Dimitrios and Rubbi, Ivan (2023) Exploring nursing students' attitudes towards patients affected by HIV/AIDS. Does nursing curriculum need any improvement? The results of a European multicentre study. In: NETNEP 2022 : 8th International Nurse Education Conference : From Education to Impact : Transforming Nursing and Midwifery Education; 19-22 Oct 2022, Sitges, Spain. ISSN (print) 2772-5693

Boulton, Richard and Boaz, Annette (2023) Peer coaching, implementation support and organisational power. Journal of Interprofessional Care, ISSN (print) 1356-1820

Brigante, L., Coxon, K., Fernandez Turienzo, C. and Sandall, J. (2023) “She was there all the time”. A qualitative study exploring how women at higher risk for preterm birth experience midwifery continuity of care. Women and Birth, ISSN (print) 1871-5192 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Clark, Zoe, Price, Jayne, Barrett, Louise and Akhtar, Farrukh (2023) 'Seeing the bigger picture' : the value of interprofessional learning regarding safeguarding through attendance at Matilda the musical. In: Festival of Learning 2023; 22 Jun 2023, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Dorey, Robert, Theodosiou, Anastasia, Read, Robert, Vandrevala, Tushna and Jones, Christine (2023) Qualitative interview study exploring the perspectives of pregnant women on participating in controlled human infection research in the UK. BMJ Open, 13(12), e073992. ISSN (online) 2044-6055

Drennan, Vari, Halter, Mary, Taylor, Francesca, Gabe, Jonathan and Jarman, Heather (2023) Non-medical practitioners in the staffing of emergency departments and urgent treatment centres in England : a mixed qualitative methods study of policy implementation. BMC Health Services Research, 23, p. 1221. ISSN (print) 1472-6963

Fernandez Turienzo, Cristina, Hull, Louise H., Coxon, Kirstie, Bollard, Mary, Cross, Pauline, Seed, Paul T., Shennan, Andrew H. and Sandall, Jane (2023) A continuity of care programme for women at risk of preterm birth in the UK : process evaluation of a hybrid randomised controlled pilot trial. PLOS ONE, 18(1), e0279695. ISSN (online) 1932-6203

Grey, Clare (2023) A review of chronic pain education for UK undergraduate nurses. British Journal of Nursing, 32(4), pp. 188-192. ISSN (print) 0966-0461

Harper, Lynette, McAnelly, Su, Walshe, Ian, Ooms, Ann and Tuffrey-Wijne, Irene M. (2023) Behavioural sleep problems in children and adults with intellectual disabilities : an integrative literature review. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, ISSN (print) 1360-2322 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Heaton-Shrestha, Celayne, Ooms, Ann, Brady, Mary, Pedley, Gillian, Bacon, Ingrid, Strong, Susan and Dundas, Jane (2023) Interventions to enhance the research productivity of academic staff in higher education Schools of Nursing : a systematic review. Nurse Education in Practice, p. 103741. ISSN (print) 1471-5953 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Hopkinson, Emmie and Clark, Zoe (2023) Safe from self-harm. Community Practitioner, Mar-Apr, pp. 31-33.

Hopkinson, Emmie and Petty, Julia (2023) Why eating disorders in children and young people are increasing : implications for practice. Nursing Children and Young People, 35(2), pp. 24-28. ISSN (print) 2046-2336

Kalaitzaki, Argyroula, Rovithis, Michael, Dimitropoulos, Alexios, Koukouli, Sofia, Linardakis, Manolis, Katsiri, Elli, Rikos, Nikos, Vasilopoulos, George, Tsolas, George, Papachristou, Aikaterini, Dimitrantzou, Anastasia, Katsiris, Dimitrios and Stavropoulou, Areti (2023) Promoting self-management and independent living of older individuals with chronic diseases through technology: A study of self-reported needs, priorities, and preferences. Medicina, 59(8), p. 1493. ISSN (print) 1010-660X

Kincaid, Heather and Sikhamoni, Siby (2023) Developing a blended learning course. In: Festival of Learning 2023; 22 June 2023, Kingston, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Kincaid, Heather and Sikhamoni, Siby (2023) Enhancing blended learning experiences : strategies and outcomes applied to critical care nursing education. In: NETworking and Innovation in Healthcare Education Conference 2023; 05-06 Dec 2023, Liverpool, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Kincaid, Heather and Sikhamoni, Siby (2023) Is blended learning delivery as effective as 100% face-to-face delivery for qualified critical care nursing programs? In: The Intensive Care Society, State of the Art 2023, Congress; 27-29 Jun 2023, Birmingham, U.K..

Leamy, Mary, Sims, Sarah, Levenson, Ros, Davies, Nigel, Brearley, Sally, Gourlay, Stephen, Favato, Giampiero, Ross, Fiona and Harris, Ruth (2023) Intentional rounding : a realist evaluation using case studies in acute and care of older people hospital wards. BMC Health Services Research, 23, p. 1341.

Noorlandt, Hanna W., Korfage, Ida J., van der Sar, Lisa J., Felet, Freek M. A. J., Tuffrey-Wijne, Irene, van der Heide, Agnes and Echteld, Michael A. (2023) Degree of autonomy in making independent choices by frail older people with intellectual disabilities in a care home : a descriptive ethnographic study. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, ISSN (print) 1360-2322 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ooms, Ann, Butt, Egle and Heaton-Shrestha, Celayne (2023) Student characteristics contributing to the degree awarding gap in pre-registration nursing. In: UK and Ireland HEIR Network 2023 Annual Conference; 07-08 Sep 2023, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (In Press)

Oulton, Kate, Gibson, Faith, Kenten, Charlotte, Russell, Jessica, Carr, Lucinda, Hassiotis, Angela, Kelly, Paula, Kerry, Sam, Tuffrey-Wijne, Irene, Whiting, Mark and Wray, Jo (2023) Being a child with intellectual disabilities in hospital : the need for an individualised approach to care. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, ISSN (print) 1360-2322 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Pressley, Charlene, Garside, Joanne, Wu, Lihua and Stephenson, John (2023) The long-term experiences and career progression of international nurses working in the health sector in England. Clinical Nursing Studies, 11(1), pp. 40-50. ISSN (print) 2324-7940

Price, Jayne, Crighton, Liz and Ooms, Ann (2023) 'Space, pace, face to face ': teaching sensitive topics during a global pandemic, implications for contemporary nurse education. In: Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2023 : Teaching in the Spotlight : Shaping the future of HE; 04-06 Jul 2023, Keele, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Richardson, Sally, Price, Jayne, Whiting, Rebecca, Sheedy, Geraldine and Chadwick, Anna (2023) Simulated learning for staff at a children's hospice : a quality improvement project. Nursing Children and Young People, e1489. ISSN (print) 2046-2336 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ross, Fiona, Harris, Ruth, Fitzpatrick, Joanne M. and Abley, Clare (2023) New directions and reflections on caring for older people. In: Ross, Fiona , Harris, Ruth , Fitzpatrick, Joanne M. and Abley, Clare, (eds.) Redfern's nursing older people. 5th ed. Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier. pp. 585-602. ISBN 9780702082467

Ross, Fiona (2023) Policy context of nursing in health and social care. In: Ross, Fiona , Harris, Ruth , Fitzpatrick, Joanne M. and Abley, Clare, (eds.) Redfern's nursing older people. 5th ed. Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier. pp. 71-86. ISBN 9780702082467

Ross, Fiona , Harris, Ruth , Fitzpatrick, Joanne M. and Abley, Clare, eds. (2023) Redfern's nursing older people. 5th ed. Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier. 624p. ISBN 9780702082467

Ross, Fiona, Harris, Ruth, Fitzpatrick, Joanne M. and Abley, Clare (2023) Introduction. In: Ross, Fiona , Harris, Ruth , Fitzpatrick, Joanne M. and Abley, Clare, (eds.) Redfern's nursing older people. 5th ed. Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier. pp. 3-6. ISBN 9780702082467

Sigala, Evangelia, Kelesi, Martha, Terentes-Printzios, Dimitrios, Vasilopoulos, Georgios, Kapadohos, Theodoros, Papageorgiou, Dimitrios, Tzatzou, Alexia, Vlachopoulos, Charalambos and Stavropoulou, Areti (2023) Surgical aortic valve replacement in patients aged 50 to 70 years : mechanical or bioprosthetic valve? A systematic review. Healthcare, 11(12), p. 1771. ISSN (online) 2227-9032

Sikhamoni, Siby and Kincaid, Heather (2023) An evaluation of a blended learning program. In: HERE 2023 Conference; 27 Jun 2023, Kingston, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Thurgate, Claire and Griggs, Chloe (2023) Nursing associates 6 years on : a review of the literature. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, ISSN (print) 0962-1067

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