Putting STEAM into nursing teaching

Arrigoni, Francesca and Blackie, Carmel (2023) Putting STEAM into nursing teaching. In: Innovation and Updates in Teaching and Student Education across Physiology and STEM in the UK; 12-13 Apr 2023, Leeds, U.K.. (In Press)


Recently the idea of art as a mechanism to engage students in HE with science has resurfaced, particularly in medicine and other health related courses, but how effective can art be to help students memorise?   Method: We compared teaching art cardiac physiology to level 5 nursing students  either online (n=312) or face-to-face(n=36). Students were shown how to draw, the whilst  drawing the cardiac anatomy,  explanations of the structure function relationship were given. The students were assessed before and after the lesson and questionnaires given.  Results: Whether working online or face to face, test scores improved following the class, however, longer, face to face classese produced better results.   We effectively demonstrated a technique which enabled nursing students to engage with complex physiology and learn effectively without feelings of stress typically associated with learning.   Whilst possible to effectively teach online to 300+ students a longer session would be needed to have greater impact

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