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Balaskas, Bill [Artist] (2016) Anarchy near the UK. (Mixed media installation). Variable dimensions.


Brown, Douglas (2016) Supplying London’s workhouses in the mid-nineteenth century. London Journal, 41(1), pp. 36-59. ISSN (print) 0305-8034

Davis, John R. and Nicholls, Angus (2016) Friedrich Max Muller : the career and intellectual trajectory of a German philologist in Victorian Britain. Publications of the English Goethe Society, 85(2-3), pp. 67-97. ISSN (print) 0959-3683

Hawkins, Sue and Tanner, Andrea (2016) Food, glorious food : the functions of food in British children's hospitals, 1852-1914. Food and History, 14(1), pp. 107-133. ISSN (print) 1780-3187

Johnson, Rachael (2016) 'Now the scene appears chang'd' : Amabel Countess De Grey, lifecycles and the visitor experience of English watering places, 1775-1826. Cultural and Social History, 13(2), pp. 179-194. ISSN (print) 1478-0038

Phelan, Craig (2016) Book Review: Tony Chafer and Alexander Keese (eds), Francophone Africa at Fifty. Political Studies Review, 14(2), p. 313. ISSN (print) 1478-9299

Phelan, Craig (2016) Plus ca change : trade unions, the military and politics in Burkina Faso, 1966 and 2014. Labor History, 57(1), pp. 107-125. ISSN (print) 0023-656X

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2016) A struggle for the Soviet future : the birth of scientific forecasting in the Soviet Union. Slavic Review, 75(1), pp. 52-76. ISSN (print) 0037-6779

Ryan, Joseph F. and Hewer, Christopher J. (2016) What did we do to Germany during the Second World War? A British perspective on the Allied strategic bombing campaign 1940-45. Papers on Social Representations, 25(1), 10.1-10.28. ISSN (print) 1021-5573

Stuart, John (2016) "The most improbable Diocese of the Anglican Communion" : Mission, Church and Revolution in Lebombo, Mozambique, 1961-1976. Social Sciences and Missions, 29(1-2), pp. 93-117. ISSN (print) 1874-8937

Van Den Berg, Richard and Steenge, Albert E. (2016) Tableaux and Systemes : Early French contributions to linear production models. Cahiers d'Economie Politique, 71, pp. 11-30. ISSN (print) 0154-8344

Woodbridge, Steven [Reviewer] (2016) Book Review of: 'Mosley and British Politics, 1918-32 : Oswald's Odyssey', by David Howell. Parliamentary History, 35(2), pp. 215-217. ISSN (print) 0264-2824

Woodbridge, Steven (2016) Richmond's 'Imps' : The Junior Imperial League in the 1920s. Richmond History Journal(37), pp. 64-69. ISSN (print) 0263-0958


Beck, Peter J. (2016) The War of the Worlds : from H.G. Wells to Orson Welles, Steven Spielberg, Jeff Wayne and beyond. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury Academic. 498p. ISBN 9781474229883

Brown, Simon (2016) Cecil Hepworth and the rise of the British film industry 1899-1911. Exeter, U.K. : University of Exeter Press. 256p. (Exeter studies in film history) ISBN 9780859898904

Choat, Simon (2016) Marx's 'Grundrisse': A reader's guide. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury Academic. 240p. (Reader's Guides) ISBN 9781472526748

Clarke, Norma (2016) Brothers of the quill : Oliver Goldsmith in Grub Street. Cambridge, U.S. : Harvard University Press. 399p. ISBN 9780674736573

Durston, Gregory J. (2016) Fields, fens and felonies : crime and justice in eighteenth-century East Anglia. Hook, U.K. : Waterside Press. 732p. (Crime History Series) ISBN 9781909976115

Lawrence, David (2016) British Rail Designed 1948-97. London, U.K. : Ian Allan Publishing. 272p. ISBN 9780711038370

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2016) The power of systems : how policy sciences opened up the Cold War world. Ithaca, U.S. : Cornell University Press. 312p. ISBN 9781501703188

Book Section

Beck, Peter J. (2016) Britain and Antarctica: keeping the economic dimension in its place. In: Fisher, John , Pedaliu, Effie G.H. and Smith, Richard, (eds.) The Foreign Office, Commerce and British Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century. London, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 323-343. ISBN 9781137465801

Black, Jonathan (2016) Eric Kennington and William Rothenstein and the Landscape of the Western Front, 1917-1919. In: McDougall, Sarah, (ed.) William Rothenstein and his circle. London : Ben Uri Gallery and Museum. ISBN 9780900157578

Dines, Martin (2016) A child in the suburb. In: Berberich, Christine , Campbell, Neil and Hudson, Robert, (eds.) Affective landscapes in literature, art and everyday life : memory, place and the senses. Abdingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 99-112. ISBN 9781472431790

Dodsworth, Francis (2016) Risk, prevention and policing, c. 1750-1850. In: Crook, Tom and Esbester, Mike, (eds.) Governing risks in modern Britain : danger, safety and accidents, c. 1800-2000. London, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 29-53. ISBN 9781137467447

Molloy, Paddy (2016) Here be dragons : mapping space and time, medieval and modern. In: Fugelso, Karl, (ed.) Medievalism and Modernity. Suffolk, U.K. : D. S. Brewer. pp. 197-214. (Studies in Medievalism, (XXV)) ISSN (print) 0738-7164 ISBN 9781843844372

Scholze, Jana, Faulkner, Rupert and Josephine, Rout (2016) Modern and contemporary design. In: Irvine, Gregory, (ed.) Japanese Art and Design. London : V&A Publishing. pp. 221-245. ISBN 9781851778553

Seetzen, Heidi (2016) 'This river used to be so full of life': histories of mobility on the Thames and their role in the negotiation of place, community and sociability. In: Divall, Colin, (ed.) Cultural histories of sociabilities, spaces and mobilities. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 99-112. (Studies for the International Society for Cultural History, (7)) ISBN 9781848935259

Thomas, Sarah (2016) Creating a national identity: Australia's Impressionist landscapes. In: Christopher, Riopelle, (ed.) Australia's Impressionists. London, U.K. : The National Gallery. pp. 43-49. ISBN 9781857096125

van den Berg, Richard (2016) Achilles-Nicolas Isnard (1748-1803). In: Faccarello, Gilbert and Kurz, Heinz D., (eds.) Handbook on the history of economic analysis: great economists since Petty and Boisguilbert. Cheltenham, U.K. : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. pp. 101-103. 1 ISBN 9781849801102

Conference or Workshop Item

Barnes, Paul, Dixon, Catherine, Lawrence, David, Inglis, Theo, Henning, Wallace and Fleming, Martha (2016) Trains and fonts and double arrows : design and identity for railways. In: Eye Magazine's Type Tuesday; 22 Nov 2016, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Black, Jonathan (2016) Embracing Britannia : the concept of Britishness in the public sculpture and career of Dora Gordine (1895?-1991). In: Public Monuments and Sculpture Association Annual Conference : 'Emigres Sculptors in Britain c. 1500-2016'; 26 - 27 May 2016, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Black, Jonathan (2016) "Havoc from the Heavens" : the contribution of British air power to the destruction of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Turkish Forces in 1918 through the eyes of British war artist Lieutenant Sydney Carline RAF. In: The First World War in the Air Lunchtime Lecture Series; 12 Aug 2016, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Black, Jonathan (2016) "On the edge of two worlds" : conquerors or victims? Eric Kennington (1888-1960), national identity and the depiction of the 16th Battalion, Canadian-Scottish (Highlanders of Canada), 1919-1920. In: Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundries : 83rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History; 15 - 17 Apr 2016, Ottawa, Canada. (Unpublished)

Black, Jonathan (2016) 'Who are these Arabs?' : constructing an idea of the "true Arab" in Eric Kennington's portrait series for Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom. In: Borders and Beyond in the Middle East Since 1914 : Legacies, Changes, Continuities; 17 - 18 Jun 2016, York, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2016) Conspiracy and terror in the French Revolution. In: Conspiracy and Democracy Research Group at CRASSH public lecture; 19 Apr 2016, Cambridge, U.K..

Linton, Marisa (2016) Two women in Revolution : the choices of Charlotte Robespierre and Elizabeth Le Bas after Thermidor Year II. In: 30th Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of French History "High and Low Culture: Elite and Popular Constructions"; 03 - 05 Jul 2016, Chichester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2016) Virtue and corruption : from strategic discourse to revolutionary ideology. In: From Enlightenment to Revolution : rethinking the debate; 11 Mar 2016, Paris, France. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2016) The emotional politics of terror amongst the French Revolutionary Leadership in the Year II. In: British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies 45th Annual Conference; 06 - 08 Jan 2016, Oxford, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2016) The making of a Nineteenth-Century Revolutionary : the role of the First French Revolution in the formation of Auguste Blanqui. In: Blanqui and his Legacy; 27 May 2016, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2016) Doing historical sociology of Cold War policy sciences. In: Advanced Research Seminar Series; 14 Sep 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden. (Unpublished)

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2016) How neoliberals hijacked system-cybernetic governmentality. In: From Technocratic Socialism to Neoliberal Rule: Expert Cultures, Technocracy and Governance in East Central Europe 1960s-1990s; 3-5 November 2016, Prague, Czech Republic. (Unpublished)

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2016) The rise of system-cybernetic governmentality. In: Cold War Epistemics, Revisited: Resistance and Legitimation in the Social Sciences; 5-6 Feb 2016, Budapest, Hungary. (Unpublished)

Ross, Linda M. [Researcher] (2016) Dounreay: Caithness and the impact of the ‘white heat’ of technology. In: Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory Rurality Conference; 21-23 October 2016, Kirkwall Orkney Scotland, UK. (Unpublished)

Walford, Nigel (2016) Changing household composition and structure in selected local authorities of London and Middlesex during the first decade of the 20th century. In: European Social Science History Conference; 30 Mar - 02 Apr 2016, University of Valencia, Spain. (Unpublished)


Lawrence, David [Curator] (2016) Designology. .

Moving Image/Broadcast

Linton, Marisa [Interviewee] (2016) The French Revolution. (Visual Interview). Interview.


Lawrence, David [Expert] (2016) Battle Bus Learning programme 2016.

Database or Web Resource

Hawkins, Susan [Consultant] and Goepel, Helen [Contractor] (2016) British Red Cross VAD Transcribing Project.

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