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Ayan, V., Nasr Azadani, S.M. and Limbachiya, M.C. (2010) A new experience in rehabilitation with in-plant asphalt cold recycling. In: 7th International Slurry Surfacing Association World Congress; 13-14 Oct 2010, Lyon, France. (Unpublished)


Campelo, Hugh M, Muppala, Siva P.R., Wen, Jennifer X. and Manicham, B (2010) Numerical investigation of laminar burning velocities for various premixed gaseous hydrogen/hydrocarbon/air mixtures. In: The 5th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics; 14 - 17 June 2010, Lisbon, Portugal.


David-West, O. S., Wang, J and Cooper, R. (2010) Finite element model updating of a thin wall enclosure under impact excitation. In: 7th BSSM International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics,; 07 - 09 September 2010, Liverpool, U.K..

Dembele, S., Rosario, R., Wen, J.X., Williams, I. and Warren, P. D. (2010) Thermal and stress analysis of glazing systems under fire conditions. In: 12th International Fire Science & Engineering Conference (INTERFLAM 2010); 5-7 Jul 2010, Nottingham, U.K..


England, J., Hadavinia, H., Marchant, D.R. and Aboutorabi, A. (2010) Design of Automotive Metal and Composite Chassis Structures. Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering, 3(3), pp. 211-225. ISSN (print) 2212-7976


Ghasemnejad, H. and Hadavinia, H. (2010) Off-axis crashworthiness characteristic of woven glass/epoxy composite box structures. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 29(15), pp. 2306-2330. ISSN (print) 0731-6844

Godwin, Adrian, Ordys, A., Francik, Jaroslaw, Curley, Andrew, Smolenski, Piotr and Burley, Richard (2010) A multidisciplinary knowledge transfer partnership in development of lift simulator. In: Howlett, Robert James, (ed.) Innovation through knowledge transfer. Berlin, Germany : Springer. pp. 115-123. (Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 5(5)) ISSN (print) 2190-3018 ISBN 9783642145933


Kusztelan, A, Hadavinia, H. and Marchant, D.R. (2010) Recent Patents in Automotive Gull-Wing Door Hinge Mechanisms. Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering, 3(1), pp. 51-64.

Kusztelan, A, Yao, Y., Marchant, D.R. and Wang, Y. (2010) A Review of Novel Turbocharger Concepts for Enhancements in Energy Efficiency. In: International Conference on Energy, Water, and Environment; 2010 (Dec 12-15), Amman, Jordan.


Limbachiya, M.C. (2010) Recycled aggregates: production, properties and value-added sustainable applications. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology Materials Science, 25(6), pp. 1011-1016. ISSN (print) 1000-2413

Limbachiya, M.C. and Fotiadou, S. (2010) Recycling glass waste for reuse in concrete construction. In: First International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization; 15-17 Dec 2010, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (Unpublished)


Majrouhi Sardroud, J and Limbachiya, M.C. (2010) Effective information delivery at construction phase with integrated application of RFID, GPS and GSM Technology. In: World Congress on Engineering 2010; 30 Jun - 2 Jul 2010, London, UK.

Majrouhi Sardroud, J and Limbachiya, M.C. (2010) Improving construction supply chain management with integrated application of RFID technology and portal system. In: The 8th International Conference on Logistics and SCM Research (RIRL 2010); 29 Sept - 01 Oct 2010, Bordeaux, France. (Unpublished)

Muppala, S.P.R., Badiger, R., Manickam, B and Wen, J.X. (2010) RANS simulation of high-pressure premixed, turbulent lean flames in PSI combustor. In: 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion; 10 - 13 Dec, 2010, Hyderabad, India.


Nixon, J.D., Dey, P.K. and Davies, P.A. (2010) Which is the best solar thermal collection technology for electricity generation in north-west India? Evaluation of options using the analytical hierarchy process. Energy, 35(12), pp. 5230-5240. ISSN (print) 0360-5442


Omer, J. R. (2010) Implementation of approximate and finite element methods to predict negative skin friction and settlement of piles induced by ground water lowering. In: Second International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering; 25-27 October 2010, Hammamet, Tunisia.


Pereira, J.M., Ghasemnejad, H., Wen, J., Lourenco, P. and Tam, V.H.Y. (2010) Blast resistance of cracked steel structures repaired with CFRP composite patch. In: 8th National Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering; 20-23 Oct 2010, Aveiro, Portugal. (Unpublished)


Rao, M., Wen, J.X. and Tam, V.H.Y. (2010) Numerical simulation of turbulent flame-wall quenching using coherent flamelet model. In: Eighth International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention, and Mitigation of Industrial Explosions; 05-10 Sep 2010, Yokohama, Japan.


Shang, Zhi and Lo, Simon (2010) Numerical investigation of supercritical water-cooled nuclear reactor in horizontal rod bundles. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 240(4), pp. 776-782. ISSN (print) 0029-5493

Sun, Z., Chew, J.W., Hills, N.J., Volkov, K.N. and Barnes, C.J. (2010) Efficient finite element analysis/computational fluid dynamics thermal coupling for engineering applications. Journal Of Turbomachinery, 132(3), 031016. ISSN (print) 0889-504X


Volkov, K. (2010) Conjugate heat transfer in a rotating disc with holes. Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics, 83(2), pp. 291-302. ISSN (print) 1062-0125


Wen, J. X., Rao, V. C. M. and Tam, V. H. Y. (2010) Numerical study of hydrogen explosions in a refuelling environment and in a model storage room. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 35(1), pp. 385-394. ISSN (print) 0360-3199


Xu, B., Chen, Z., Wen, J.X. and Dembele, S. (2010) Large eddy simulation of fire dynamics using a mixture fraction based discrete reaction model. In: International Congress "Combustion and Fire Dynamics"; 20-23 Oct 2010, Santander, Spain. (Unpublished)

Xu, B.P., Chen, Z.B., Wen, J.X., Zhubrin, S., Dembele, S., Wang, Y. and Dorofeev, S. (2010) Large eddy simulation of a one meter diameter methane fire using the extended discrete reaction model. In: Sixth International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards; 11-16 April 2010, Leeds, UK. (Unpublished)

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