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Andrews, Ann (2008) The Dublin Nationalist press and the development of Irish Nationalism, 1842-65. (PhD thesis), Kingston University,


Balmain, Colette (2008) Introduction to Japanese horror film. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9780748624751

Barber, Stephen (2008) Pasolini and Sade: a maleficient obsession. Vertigo, 4(1), pp. 50-51. ISSN (print) 0968-7904

Barber, Stephen (2008) The last words of Antonin Artaud: on the cinematic dimension of the envisioned final notebooks. Vertigo, 3(8), pp. 10-11. ISSN (print) 0968-7904

Barnard, Mark and Heikkila, J (2008) On bin configuration of shape context descriptors in human silhouette classification. In: 10th International Conference on Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems; 20 - 24 Oct 2008, Juan les Pins, France.

Baverstock, Alison, Carey, Steve and Bowen, Susannah (2008) How to get a job in publishing: a really practical guide to careers in books and magazines. London, U.K. : A&C Black. 280p. ISBN 0713685034

Baverstock, Alison (2008) How to market books: the essential guide to maximizing profit and exploiting all channels to market. 4th ed. London, U.K. : Kogan Page. 384p. ISBN 0749450207

Beard, Alice (2008) Hairstyling in the fashion magazine: Nova in the 1970s. In: Biddle-Perry, Geraldine and Cheang, Sarah, (eds.) Hair: styling, culture and fashion. Oxford, U.K. : Berg. pp. 229-240. ISBN 9781845207915

Botting, Fred (2008) Limits of horror: technology, bodies, Gothic. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 233p. ISBN 9780719077548

Brown, Simon [Speaker] (2008) Blanche MacIntosh: first lady of screen crime. In: Rats, Rascals and Ruffians: the Globalisation of Crime and the British Silent Film : 11th British Silent Cinema Festival; 03 - 06 Apr 2008, Nottingham, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Carey, Brycchan (2008) The Moon and America: an early modern conflation. In: Trips to the Moon & behond: Lucian to NASA; 15 Dec 2008, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Carter, Fan and Andrews, Maggie (2008) 'Who let the dogs out?' Pets, parenting and the ethics of lifestyle programming. In: Palmer, Gareth, (ed.) Exposing lifestyle television: the big reveal. Aldershot, U.K. : Ashgate. pp. 39-48. ISBN 9780754674306

Cartwright, Lisa (2008) Moral spectatorship: technologies of voice and affect in postwar representations of the child. Durham, U.S.A. : Duke University Press. 287p. ISBN 9780822341949

Chanter, Tina (2008) The picture of abjection: film, fetish and the nature of difference. Bloomington, U.S. : Indiana University Press. 377p. ISBN 9780253349170


Debney, Ruth (2008) Personality, patronage and publishing: the creative relationships of artist, writer and publisher in the formation of artistic publishing in fin de siecle London. (MA(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Gough, Tim (2008) Evil spirit: Deleuze, Klossowski, Derrida. In: Cultural Studies Association conference 2008; 22 - 24 May 2008, New York, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Gough, Tim (2008) General and heterodox economics. In: Cultural Studies Association conference 2008; 22 - 24 May 2008, New York, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Gough, Tim (2008) Homogenizing difference: necessary prejudices and the rhetoric of belonging. In: Cultural Studies Association conference 2008; 22 - 24 May 2008, New York, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Gough, Tim (2008) Under what grace. Resistance Studies Magazine, 1(1), pp. 17-23. ISSN (online) 1654-7063

Gough, Tim (2008) The reality of risk and the question of cause and effect. In: Cultural Studies Association conference 2008; 22 - 24 May 2008, New York, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Gough, Tim (2008) The staging of conventional life in Le Corbusier's 1930s interiors. In: Staging the modern interior : 10th Dorich House Annual Conference, Kingston University; 15 - 16 May 2008, Kingston upon Thames. (Unpublished)


Hall, Joanna Louise (2008) Mapping the multifarious: the genrification of dance music club cultures. In: Lansdale, Janet, (ed.) Decentring dancing texts: the challenge of interpreting dances. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 177-193. ISBN 9780230542594

Harries, Tim (2008) Feeling secure or being secure? Why it can seem better not to protect yourself against a natural hazard. Health, Risk & Society, 10(5), pp. 479-490. ISSN (print) 1369-8575

Howarth, Anita (2008) Foreign policy, identity and the media: contestation over Zimbabwe. In: Hadland, Adrian , Louw, Eric , Seanti, Simphiwe and Wasserman, Herman, (eds.) Power, politics and identity in post apartheid South Africa. Cape Town, South Aftrica : HSRC. pp. 290-311. ISBN 9780796922021


Kirkland, Ewan (2008) Starbuck and the gender dynamics of Battlestar Gallactica. In: Porter, Lynette , Lavery, David and Robson, Hillary, (eds.) Battlestar Galactica: Finding the Way Home: An Unauthorized Guide. Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks. pp. 131-144. ISBN 9781402212116

Kirkland, Ewan (2008) A dangerous place for women. In: Steiff, Joseph and Tamplin, Tristan D., (eds.) Battlestar Galactica and philosophy: mission accomplished or mission frakked up? Open Court Publishing Company. (Pop culture and philosophy, (33)) ISBN 9780812696431


Mellor, Noha (2008) Arab journalists as cultural intermediaries. The International Journal of Press/Politics, 13(4), pp. 465-483. ISSN (print) 1940-1612

Mellor, Noha (2008) Bedouinisation or liberalisation of culture? The paradox in the Saudi monopoly of the Arab media. In: al-Rasheed, Madawi, (ed.) Kingdom without borders: Saudi Arabia's political, religious and media frontiers. London : C. Hurst & Company. pp. 353-374. ISBN 9781850659426

Mellor, Noha (2008) Euromed and the media task force. In: Third Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers of Culture; 29 - 30 May 2008, Athens, Greece. (Unpublished)

Morel, Catherine (2008) Private patrons in the development of a dynamic contemporary art market: does France need more private patrons? In: Robertson, Iain and Chong, Derrick, (eds.) The art business. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 99-114. ISBN 9780415391573

Mullarkey, John (2008) Film As Philosophy: A Mission Impossible? In: Trifonova, Temenuga, (ed.) European Film Theory. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 65-79. (AFI Film Readers) ISBN 9780415960441


Onwubiko, Cyril (2008) A security framework for detecting enterprise-wide attacks in computer networks. (PhD thesis), Kingston University,


Partington, Angela (2008) The best bits : non-narrative pleasures and creative practices. Journal of Media Practice, 9(1), pp. 9-18. ISSN (print) 1468-2753

Pateman, Matthew (2008) Deathly serious: mortality, morality and the mise-en-scene in Firefly and Serenity. In: Wilcox, Rhonda V. and Cochran, Tanya R., (eds.) Investigating Firefly and Serenity: science fiction on the Frontier. London, U.K. : I.B. Tauris. pp. 214-225. ISBN 9781845116545

Pateman, Matthew (2008) 'Shallow like us': claiming the high ground for the Whedonverses. In: Slayage conference on the Whedonverses 3; 05 - 08 Jun 2008, Arkadelphia, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Pavitt, Jane (2008) Fear and fashion in the Cold War. London, U.K. : V&A Publishing. 128p. ISBN 9781851775446


Timonen, Sini Hannele (2008) Girls in the garage: gender and tradition in garage rock. (MA(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Vieira, Carlos Jorge C., Rijo, Catarina Isabel, Fonseca, Tania and Delgado, Vanda (2008) Uma Visão sobre a Terra : proposta de aplicação de uma wiki [A View from Earth : the application of a wiki]. In: Carvalho, Carlos Vas de , Nistal, Martin Llamas and Silveira, Ricardo, (eds.) TICAI2008 : TICs para a Aprendizagem da Engenharia [TICAI2008 : ICT for Learning in Engineering]. Porto, Portugal : IEEE, Sociedade de Educação, Capítulos Espanhol e Portugués. pp. 133-140.


Walsh, Maurice (2008) The news from Ireland: foreign correspondents and the Irish Revolution. London, U.K. : I.B. Tauris. 258p. ISBN 9781845117146

Whittaker, Tom (2008) No-man's land: transitional time and space in Carlos Saura's Deprisa deprisa. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 85(5), pp. 679-694. ISSN (print) 1475-3839

Wilson, Scott and Botting, David (2008) Gothspeare and the origins of cultural studies. In: Drakakis, John and Townshend, Dale, (eds.) Gothic Shakespeares. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 186-200. (Accents on Shakespeare) ISBN 9780415420662

Wilson, Scott (2008) Great Satan's rage: American negativity and rap/metal in the age of supercapitalism. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 240p. ISBN 9780719074639

Wilson, Scott (2008) The order of joy: beyond the cultural politics of enjoyment. Albany, U.S. : State University of New York Press. 188p. (SUNY series in psychoanalysis and culture) ISBN 9780791474495

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