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Arrigoni, Francesca I., Vallance, Patrick, Haworth, Sheila G. and Leiper, James M. (2003) Metabolism of asymmetric dimethylarginines is regulated in the lung developmentally and with pulmonary hypertension induced by hypobaric hypoxia. Circulation, 107(8), pp. 1195-1201. ISSN (print) 0009-7322

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Ennals, Richard (2003) Innovationsstrategien und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit [Innovation strategies and workplace health]. In: Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsstelle , Staman, Joland and Oswald-von-Nell-Breuning-Haus, (eds.) Hauptsache gesund! Münster, Germany : LIT Verlag. pp. 41-48. (Jahrbuch für Arbeit und Menschenwürde, (4)) ISBN 3825865983

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Meszaros, A, Bartfai, Z, Major, T, Magyar, P, Mesko, A and Vincze, Z (2003) Beurteilung der lebensqualitat von asthmatikern durch Visual Analog Skala und St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire. Allergologie, 26(6), pp. 225-230. ISSN (print) 0344-5062

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Vasiliev, A., Kulikova, N., Tereshin, S., Sakulin, V., Vasilenkio, R., Kosarev, I., Khlebnikov, V., Karlyshev, A., Uversky, V. and Abramov, V. (2003) Yersinia pestis Caf1M chaperone forms energetically independently stealthy adhesins out of Caf1 dimers in periplasm, as a short distant weapon of plague. In: Annual Meeting of the International-Cytokine-Society; 20 - 24 Sep 2003, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 8875870136

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