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Calautit, J. K., O'Connor, D., Nasir, SNM., Sofotasiou, P., Hughes, B. and Shahzad, S. (2015) Numerical analysis of a wind catcher assisted passive cooling technology. In: USES 2015 : The University of Sheffield Engineering Symposium; 24 Jun 2015, Sheffield, U.K..


Dalton, Tobias James Scott, Paton, Douglas. A., Needham, Timothy and Hodgson, Neil (2015) Temporal and spatial evolution of deepwater fold thrust belts : implications for quantifying strain imbalance. Interpretation, 3(4), SAA59-SAA70. ISSN (print) 2324-8858

De Gaetano, Andrea, Gaz, Claudio, Palumbo, Pasquale and Panunzi, Simona (2015) A unifying organ model of pancreatic insulin secretion. PLoS ONE, 10(11), e0142344. ISSN (online) 1932-6203

Deng, Jie, Yang, Xudong, Yang, Ming and Wang, Zhifeng (2015) Experimental study of a single-pass flat plate solar air collector with severe dust deposition on the transparent glass cover. Energy Procedia, 70, pp. 32-40. ISSN (online) 1876-6102

Deng, Jie, Yang, Xudong and Wang, Pengsu (2015) Study on the second-order transfer function models for dynamic tests of flat-plate solar collectors part I : a proposed new model and a fitting methodology. Solar Energy, 114, pp. 418-426. ISSN (print) 0038-092X

Deng, Jie, Xu, Yupeng and Yang, Xudong (2015) A dynamic thermal performance model for flat-plate solar collectors based on the thermal inertia correction of the steady-state test method. Renewable Energy, 76, pp. 679-686. ISSN (print) 0960-1481

Divall, Sam and Goodey, Richard J. (2015) Twin-tunnelling-induced ground movements in clay. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Geotechnical Engineering, 168(3), pp. 247-256. ISSN (print) 1353-2618


Esconjauregui, Santiago, D’Arsié, Lorenzo, Guo, Yuzheng, Yang, Junwei, Sugime, Hisashi, Caneva, Sabina, Cepek, Cinzia and Robertson, John (2015) Efficient transfer doping of carbon nanotube forests by MoO[sub]3. ACS Nano, 9(10), pp. 10422-10430. ISSN (print) 1936-0851


Grammatikos, S.A., Zafari, B., Evernden, M.C., Mottram, J.T. and Mitchels, J.M. (2015) Moisture uptake characteristics of a pultruded fibre reinforced polymer flat sheet subjected to hot/wet aging. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 121, pp. 407-419. ISSN (print) 0141-3910


Hadavinia, Homayoun and Marchant, Denis (2015) Fatigue performance of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and the "lesson" learnt for automotive chassis design. In: Lightweight Chassis & Frame Design; 18-20 May 2015, Wiesbaden,Germany. (Unpublished)

Hernández, Ó. Soto, Volkov, K., Martín Mederos, A.C., Medina Padrón, J.F. and Feijóo Lorenzo, A.E. (2015) Power output of a wind turbine installed in an already existing viaduct. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 48, pp. 287-299. ISSN (print) 1364-0321


Khazaeinejad, P., Dai, X. and Usmani, A. (2015) Analysis of heated beams : modelling benchmarks. In: The First International Conference on Structural Safety under Fire and Blast (CONFAB) 2015; 02-04 Sep 2015, Glasgow, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Khazaeinejad, Payam and Usmani, Asif (2015) Anatomy of the "compressive ring" in plates under fire. In: ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference; 16 - 19 Jun 2015, Stanford, U.S.. (Unpublished)


Mahmud, Abba Tahir, Ya'u, Jamilu, Ahmed, Sa'id Namadi, Mamman, Nuru and Yahaya, Ibrahim (2015) Use of innovative Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to minimise the rate of accidents in Nigerian construction sites. International Journal of Engineering Science Invention - Research & Development, II(VI), pp. 316-323. ISSN (online) 2349-6185

Meibodi, Amir B., Kew, Hsein and Haroglu, Hasan (2015) Application of Pre-fabricated Concrete Elements (PCE) in construction projects in Iran. Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research, 2(11), pp. 1037-1045. ISSN (print) 2333-911X

Mohd Nasir, Diana S.N.M., Hughes, Ben Richard and Calautit, John Kaiser (2015) A study of the impact of building geometry on the thermal performance of road pavement solar collectors. Energy, 93(2), pp. 2614-2630. ISSN (print) 0360-5442


Nasir, Diana S. N. M., Hughes, Ben R. and Calautit, John K. (2015) CFD simulation of integrating solar roads in urban canyon. In: USES 2015 : The University of Sheffield Engineering Symposium; 24 Jun 2015, Sheffield, U.K..

Nasir, Diana SNM, Hughes, Ben Richard and Calautit, John Kaiser (2015) The impact of urban canyon on the thermal performance of solar roads. In: Sustainable Thermal Energy Management Conference 2015; 07-08 Jul 2015, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K..


Ofetotse, Eng L., Essah, Emmanuel A. and Yao, Runming (2015) Trends in domestic electricity consumption in Botswana. TMC Academic Journal, 9(2), pp. 83-104. ISSN (print) 1793­-6020


Pacciani, Eleonora, Borri, Alessandro, Soave, Paolo Maurizio, Gui, Daniele, Magalini, Sabina, Panunzi, Simona, Gaz, Claudio Roberto, Gaudio, Pasquale, Malizia, Andrea and De Gaetano, Andrea (2015) Modelling and simulation for major incidents : an innovative approach to medical response. In: 9th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth 2015); 20 -23 May 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.


Tavri, Purva, Sayce, Sarah and Hands, Victoria (2015) Organisational behaviour change towards waste reuse in the UK third sector. International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, 3(4), pp. 291-304. ISSN (print) 2046-0546


Umeokafor, Nnedinma and Isaac, David (2015) Understanding the regulatory activities of the health and safety regulator in Nigeria. In: CIB W099 Benefitting Workers and Society through Inherently Safe(r) Construction; 10 - 11 Sept 2015, Belfast, U.K.. ISBN 9781909854017

Umeokafor, Nnedinma (2015) An assessment of the influence of contextual environment on health and safety practices in the Nigerian construction industry. In: CIB WO99 International Health and Safety Conference; 09 - 11 Sept 2015, Londonderry, NI.

Umeokafor, Nnedinma and Isaac, David (2015) A framework for analysing the determinants of health and safety self-regulation in the construction industry. In: CIB W099 Benefitting Workers and Society through Inherently Safe(r) Construction; 10 - 11 Sept 2015, Belfast, U.K.. ISBN 9781909854017

Umeokafor, Nnedinma I. (2015) A discussion of obser-view as a method of generating data in the construction industry. Civil Engineering Dimension, 17(1), pp. 54-58. ISSN (print) 1410-9530


Walford, Nigel (2015) Reconstructing the agricultural landscape of the South Downs, England : an examination of the 1940 and 1941 World War II plough-up campaigns. In: GIS Research UK 2015 (GISRUK 2015); 15-17 Apr 2015, Leeds, U.K..

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