Application of Pre-fabricated Concrete Elements (PCE) in construction projects in Iran

Meibodi, Amir B., Kew, Hsein and Haroglu, Hasan (2015) Application of Pre-fabricated Concrete Elements (PCE) in construction projects in Iran. Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research, 2(11), pp. 1037-1045. ISSN (print) 2333-911X


Abstract: In recent decades, construction waste has become a serious environmental problem in many large cities around the globe. The construction sector in Tehran/Iran produced 50,000 tonnes of waste each day in 2010. Furthermore the growing young population, changing lifestyles and rising demand for housing increases the construction material consumption, hence generating more waste. Two main materials are used to construct buildings in Iran: steel and concrete. Various studies have exposed that use of PCE significantly decrease in the amount of waste production. This study aims to explore advantages, barriers, and potential improvement activities on PCE in Iran based on interviews and a questionnaire survey. Moreover, the three methods of concrete construction that are used in the Iranian, namely in-situ concrete, ready-mixed concrete and PCE have been examined. A case study in Tehran was used to illustrate the concrete waste generation and financial issues of these three concrete work methods. The results of questionnaires illustrate that the main advantages of applying PCE in Iran areon-site concrete waste reduction; improve environmental performance; and shorten project time. Moreover, the most significant hindrances are higher project costs; lack of legislation and regulations; limited manufacturers; and limited products. The findingsof the case study indicate that use of PCE has the most cost and the least on-site concrete waste than the other two methods. Finally, the most mentioned recommendation for improving use of PCE in Iran were governmental incentives for using PCE; and education and training.

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