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Abrams, Jake [Artist] (2008) Synaesthetic objections. London Sinfonietta at 40. .

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (1999) Andrew Bick. Andrew Bick. , 10 Apr - 15 May 1999 , Liebman Magnan Gallery, 552 West 24th Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10011, USA.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (1999) Andrew Bick. Andrew Bick. , 25 Sep - 23 Oct 1999 , Hales Gallery, 70 Deptford High Street, London SE8 4RT.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (1998) Andrew Bick: Paintings. Andrew Bick: Paintings. , 17 Apr - 16 May 1998 , Eagle Gallery, 159 Farringdon Road, London EC3.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2000) Andrew Bick: Paintings. Andrew Bick: Paintings. , 23 May - 28 Jul 2000 , Galerie Hollenbach, Ganhoferstrasse 28, 70192 Stuttgart, Germany.

Bick, Andrew (2014) Conversation and continuity: notes on meeting the sculpture of Sophie Bouvier Auslander. In: Bick, Andrew , Brunner, Raphael , Grivel, Florence , Rivier, Delphine , Robecchi, Michelle , Rosenberg, Terry and Tissot, Karine, (eds.) Sophie Bouvier Auslander: Hotel Ausland. Gollion, Switzerland : Infolio. pp. 99-100. ISBN 9782884748179

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2003) Gloom. Gloom. , 28 Sep - 09 Nov 2003 , Wesel, Germany.

Bick, Andrew (2006) The Kingston Turnpike. The Kingston Turnpike. , 11 Feb - 25 Mar 2006 , Leigh, UK.

Bick, Andrew, ed. (2006) The Kingston turnpike. Leigh, UK : The Turnpike Gallery. 40p. ISBN 0952947080

Bick, Andrew (2005) Memory club: selected works 2003/2005. Memory club: selected works 2003/2005. , 1 Sep - 8 Oct 2005 , London, UK.

Bick, Andrew (2005) Memory club: selected works 2003/2005. London, UK : Hales Gallery; Pants & Vest Publications. 48p. ISBN 0955118204

Bick, Andrew and Forest, Barbara (2011) Norman Dilworth: exhibitions 2011. Leigh, U.K. : Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust/Turnpike Gallery. 64p. ISBN 9780955504013

Bick, Andrew (2003) Variant: Andrew Bick 1996-2003. London : EMH Arts Publications. 32p. ISBN 0953179397

Black, Jonathan (2013) Abstraction and reality: the sculpture of Ivor Roberts-Jones. Philip Wilson Publishers. 336p. ISBN 9781781300107

Bond, Henry (2008) Darkside: photography and desire: the hysterical hystery of photography. In: Stahel, Urs, (ed.) Darkside I: photographic desire and sexuality photographed. Gottingen, Germany : Steidl. ISBN 9783865217165

Bond, Henry (2009) Lacan at the scene. Cambridge, Mass. U.S. : MIT Press. 256p. (Short Circuits) ISBN 9780262013420

Casanova, Diogo and Mitchell, Paul (2015) The cube and the poppy: Participatory approaches for designing technology-enhanced learning spaces. In: ALT Annual Conference 2015: Shaping the Future of Learning Together; 08-10 Sep 2015, Manchester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Childerley, Zoe [Artist] (2016) The debatable lands. Hexham, U.K. : Visual Art in Rural Communities. 72p. ISBN 9780993349614

Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2011) Collapse 08-2011. [London] : Cullinan Richards. 103p. ISBN 9781908452061

Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2014) Contingent slide show 2014. In: Urban Encounters 2014 : Movements/Mobilities/Migrations; 24-25 Oct 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2010) Cullinan Richards. British Art Show 7: in the days of the comet. .

Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2014) Cullinan Richards. In: Slade Contemporary Art Lectures 2013/14; 22 Oct 2013 - 19 Mar 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2009) Positions: the primitive (part 1) and Positions: the cavegirl (part 2). .

Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2009) Savage school window gallery. KIOSK(3), pp. 57-59. ISSN (print) 1755-9626

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2010) The ultimate materiality of women. (Poster).

Davies, Rachel [Artist], Silvestrini, Luca [Choreographer] and Protein Dance Theatre, [Artist] (2008) Dear Body. (Video design/projection in live performance).

Davies, Rachel [Artist], Silvestrini, Luca [Choreographer] and Protein Dance Theatre, [Artist] (2011) LOL (lots of love). (Video design/projection in live performance).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (2010) The light garden. Devised participatory theatre incorporating interactive light and video installation.

Dellow, Jeff (2000) Jeff Dellow: recent paintings. , 13 May - 29 May 2000 , Franfurt am Main, Germany.

Desjardin, Arnaud (2011) The Everyday Press: an artists' books imprint. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Eichelmann, Volker (2010) Volker Eichelmann. In: Furness, Rosalind, (ed.) Frieze Art Fair Yearbook 2010-11. London, U.K. : Frieze. pp. 164. ISBN 9780955320163

Feo, Roberto and Hurtado, Rosario, eds. (2008) Nowhere/Now/Here. Gijon, Spain : LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial. 303p. ISBN 9788461320882

Garnett, Robert (2010) Abstract humour, humorous abstraction. In: Zepke, Stephen and O'Sullivan, Simon, (eds.) Deleuze and contemporary art. Edinburgh University Press Ltd. pp. 176-188. ISBN 9780748638376

Garnett, Robert and Hunt, Andrew, eds. (2008) Gest: laboratory of synthesis #1. London, U.K. : Book Works. 174p. ISBN 9781870699969

Garnett, Robert (2008) How criticism lost its sense of humour. In: Garnett, Robert and Hunt, Andrew, (eds.) Gest: laboratory of synthesis #1. London, U.K. : Book Works. pp. 118-127. ISBN 9781870699969

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar [Artist] (2016) Parabiosis. Parabiosis. .

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. (2016) Discussion of reading on writing in a public space, transcript from a possible live situation at Five Years, May 11, 2015, 2 pm. In: Dorrian, Edward, (ed.) How to read : writing groups. How to write : reading groups. London, U.K. : Five Years. pp. 79-95. (Public Series, no. 7) ISBN 9781903724170

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I., Aleahmad, Sadegh, Weber, Anniken, Balkaya, Naz, Demetriou, Emilie, Vowles, Katie, Bingham, Grant, Ord, Liz and Masterton, Lizzie (2016) Public ::: non-public. In: Performing Borders; 15-21 Oct 2016, Surbiton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. [Performer], Skoolisariyaporn, Sikarnt [Performer], Aleahmad, Seyyed Sadegh [Performer], Demetriou, Emily [Performer], Balkaya, Naz [Performer], Yuantian, Gao [Performer], Weber, Anniken [Performer], Masterton, Lizzie [Performer], Ai, Kuo [Performer], Nazari, Maryam [Performer], Ord, Liz R. [Performer], Park, JeongEun [Performer], Bingham, Grant [Performer], Carr, Tori [Performer], Hopkins, James [Performer], Khalid, Zen [Performer], Williamson, Ian [Performer], O'Flynn, Hannah [Performer], Vowles, Katie Louise [Performer] and Lee, Sang Hoon [Performer] (2016) RAZZMATAZZ 3. Performing Borders.

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. and Jakel, Nico (2016) Schichten [Layers]. Braunschweig, Germany : Glausnitzer-Smith & Jäkel. 80p. ISBN 9783000528941

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. (2016) Wind in the China cup affair. In: Playing the Fool - Performance Workshop; 16-19 Jun 2016, Beijing, China. (Unpublished)

Grandfield, Geoff (2006) Cover design and 15 internal illustrations for ‘Trouble Is My Business’ by Raymond Chandler. (Book illustration). London : The Folio Society.

Gregory, Joy [Creator] (2009) Gomera. (Moving image).

Gregory, Joy [Artist] and McNeill, Anne [Curator of an exhibition] (2010) Lost languages and other voices. .

Gregory, Joy [Artist] (2009) Matron Bell. .

Gregory, Joy (2011) Translating place. Bradford, U.K. : Impressions Gallery. 80p. ISBN 0906361176

Hart, Emma (2013) How to do things with cameras. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Haughton, Derrick [Artist], Palmer, Eugene [Curator of an exhibition] and Mullaniff, Kathleen [Curator of an exhibition] (2000) Foil 3. Foil 3. , 28 Dec 2000 - 5 Feb 2001 , Gallery Westland Place, London, N1 7LP.

Haughton, Derrick [Artist] (1997) From the day you were born. (Painting). 157.5 x 157.5 cm.

Haughton, Derrick [Artist] (1999) Now showing II. Now Showing II. , 19 Oct - 20 Nov 1999 , Houldsworth Fine Art, 33/34 Cork Street, London, W1X 1HB.

Haughton, Derrick [Artist] (1998) Ten New York artists: ten European artists. Ten New York artists: ten European artists. , 10 Sep - 10 Oct 1998 , Lindenberg Gallery, 529 West 20 Street, New York City, USA.

Hodgson, Carole [Artist] (2000) Absolute Earth. Absolute Earth. , 28 Apr - 28 May 2000 , Flowers East, 199-205 Richmond Road, London E8 3NJ.

Hodgson, Carole [Artist] (1999) Carole Hodgson: sculpture and works on paper. Carole Hodgson: sculpture and works on paper. , 30 Oct - 27 Nov 1999 , Flowers West Los Angeles, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, CA 90404.

Hodgson, Carole [Artist] (1999) Carole Hodgson: works on paper. Carole Hodgson. , 5 Jul - 19 Sep 1999 , Patrick & Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Hodgson, Carole [Artist] (1997) Echoes. Echoes. , 4 July - 3 August 1997 , Flowers East, 199-205 Richmond Road, London E8 3NJ.

Hodgson, Carole [Artist] (1995) From the sea to the wall. Kingston University Press. ISBN 1899999000

Hodgson, Carole [Artist] (1995) Grafica internacional Faber Castell. Grafica Internacional Faber Castell. , 10-26 May 1995 , Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile.

Horrocks, Chris (2002) 'Real Japanese men play crazy rock 'n roll': the gorgerous phenomenon. In: Horrocks, Chris, (ed.) Tokyoglamrock: the work of Matsukage and Ujino. London : iMMprint. pp. 52-99. ISBN 190378106X

Hosking, Mark and Allington, Ed (2002) Auto roto font. London, UK : Bookworks. 47p. ISBN 1870699688

Hughes, Stephen [Artist], Green, James [Curator of an exhibition] and Hawkins, Andrea [Curator of an exhibition] (1998) Dark matter: a visual exploration of new physics. Dark matter: a visual exploration of new physics. , 7 Mar - 24 Apr 1998 , Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, Lancashire, U.K..

Hughes, Stephen [Artist] (1997) John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 20. John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 20. , 7 Nov 1997 - 15 Feb 1998 , Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK.

Hughes, Stephen [Artist], Loder, Robert [Collaborator] and Kindersley, Anna [Collaborator] (1997) Khoj 1997. Khoj 1997. , 15 November 1997 , Sikribagh, Modinagar, U.P. India.

Hughes, Stephen [Artist] (1998) Soon. Soon. , 25 Mar - 25 Apr 1998 , Het Consortium, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam, NL..

Jones, Sarah, ed. (2009) Ana Genoves. London, U.K. : Frantica. 142p. ISBN 9780956242006

Kenning, Dean (2016) Freedom and control within the art school. In: Reflections on the Work of Albert Hunt / Within the Art School and Without; 17 Mar 2016, Bradford, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Le Feuvre, Lisa and Morton, Tom (2010) British Art Show 7: in the days of the comet. London, U.K. : Hayward Publishing. 192p. ISBN 9781853322860

Lloyd, Frances (2011) Making connections: the Ishq series, new work by Rahat Naveed Masud. In: Masud, Rahat Naveed, (ed.) The Ishq series. Lahore, Pakistan. : Ejaz Galleries.

Macleod, Katy [Editor] and Holdridge, Lin [Editor] (2006) Thinking through art: reflections on art as research. London, U.K. : Routledge. 256p. (Innovations in Art and Design) ISBN 9780415364775

Macleod, Katy and Holdridge, Lin (2011) Writing and the PhD in fine art. In: Biggs, Michael and Karlsson, Henrik, (eds.) The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts. Abingdon, Oxon. : Routledge. pp. 353-367. (Routledge Companions) ISBN 9780415581691

Macleod, Katy and Holdridge, Lin (2004) The doctorate in fine art: the importance of exemplars to the research culture. The International Journal of Art & Design Education, pp. 155-168. ISSN (print) 1476-8062

Maude-Roxby, Alice (2009) Fortune telling convention. KIOSK(3), pp. 38-43.

Maude-Roxby, Alice, O'Dell, Kathy and Clausen, Barbara (2008) Live art on camera: performance and photography. Southampton, UK : John Hansard Gallery. 154p. ISBN 0854328750

Maude-Roxby, Alice (2003) Lost properties. London, U.K. : England & Co. 32p. ISBN 9781902046211

Maude-Roxby, Alice and Masson, Francoise (2004) On record: advertising, architecture and the actions of Gina Pane. London, U.K. : Artwords Press. 52p. (Transmission, the rules of engagement) ISBN 9780954390822

Maude-Roxby, Alice (2003) The delicate art of documenting performance. In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Art, lies and videotape: exposing performance. London, U.K. : Tate Publishing. pp. 64-79. ISBN 1854375253

Mccann, Brian [Artist] (1995) Confluence. Clerkenwell Festival. , 11 - 29 July 1995 , Museum of the Order of St. John, St. John's Lane, Clerkenwell, London EC1.

Mccann, Brian [Artist] (2000) Deux milles coups/2000 blows. Deux milles coups/2000 blows. , 12 - 18 Dec 2000 , Cite International des Arts, Rue de L'Hotel de Ville, Paris.

Mccann, Brian [Artist] (1999) Dusting the giant. Dusting the Giant. , 2 Sep - 16 Oct 1999 , Small mansions in London, Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, London W3 8HL.

Mccann, Brian [Artist] (1998) A continuous present: 5 British sculptors revisit Rome. A continuous present: 5 British sculptors revisit Rome. , Feb - Mar 1998 , Acme Gallery London, Orsman Road, London.

Meigh-Andrews, Christopher, Brown, Gabrielle, Littman, Steve, Urch, Marion, Danziger, Nick, Hawley, Steve, Duncan, Diane, Jones, Mike, MacMillan, Tim, Lahire, Sandra, Squires, Richard, Stutter, Keith, Goodwin, Dryden, Blanquet, Javier Flores, Bury, Don, Collins, Phil, Wardill, Emily, Iliffe, Ruth, Maier, Johannes, McGeorge, Eline, Satz, Aura, Astakhishvili, Tolia, Copeland, Mathieu, Layish, Isaac, Garty, Irit, Offeh, Harold, Blandy, David, Federlein, Laurin, Gilder, Sarah, Sailstorfer, Michael, Spiteri, John, Farrell, Eddie, Fox, Oriana, Kang-hyun, Ahn, Sadler, Ben, Stevens, JJ, Brar, Kiran Kaur, Davies, Kate, Li, Edwin, Price, Tom, Keil, Morag, Nelson, Jason, de Ville de Goyet, Alexia, Kotler, Rinat, Phillipson, Heather, Theobald, David, Ludwig, Susanne, Alfaro, Greta, Eagle, Sophie and Atkins, Ed (2014) New Contemporaries Moving Image 1968-2010. (Videorecording).

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2011) BoldAs. (music).

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2011) BoldAs. Merchant City Festival. 10 min.

Millward, Frank (2009) Developing moving images for the multimedia performace 'From anger to sadness' : representation, interpretation and perception. In: Schroeder, Franziska, (ed.) Performing technology: user content and the new digital media: insights from the two thousand + nine symposium. Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. : Cambridge Scholars. pp. 72-86. ISBN 9781443814454

Millward, Frank [Composer] (1999) Dining with Alice. (Score).

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2011) Dining with Alice. (music).

Millward, Frank (2010) Emotions constrained: voicing the sounds of sighs. Resonate Magazine,

Millward, Frank (2009) Emotive utterance as moving image: representation, interpretation and perception. In: Theatre Noise; 22 - 24 Apr 2009, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2006) From anger to sadness #1. From anger to sadness #1.

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2007) From anger to sadness #2. Intimacy: Across Visceral and Digital Performance.

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2009) From anger to sadness #3. National Review of Live Art 2009.

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2011) From anger to sadness #4. TaPRA Conference 2011.

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2006) Misterioso Buffo. (music).

Millward, Frank (2007) Music and the art business. In: Big Sound: Music Industry Summit & Showcase; 03 - 05 Oct 2007, Brisbane, Australia. (Unpublished)

Millward, Frank (2008) Music, sound and interdisciplinary collaboration in the digital arts. In: Behind the music; 22 Aug 2008, Queensland, Australia.

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2002) Stilt dance. (music).

Millward, Frank [Composer] (1999) Timelines: yesterdays, todays, tomorrows. (Composition for DJ and Orchestra).

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2006) U-238. (music).

Millward, Frank [Designer], Ewers, Tim [Composer] and Searby, Michael [Composer] (2007) Uneasy dreams. (3D spectrographic responses).

Millward, Frank (2011) Visiosonics: developing moving images in direct response to sound: improvising with technology. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 7(2), pp. 171-188. ISSN (print) 1479-4713

Millward, Frank (2010) Visiosonics: the creation of sounds/image works: re-evaluating the idea of composer as ‘sonic designer'. In: Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition (FIMPaC); 20 - 21 May 2010, Leeds, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Millward, Frank [Composer] (1999) The fair go. (Soundtrack).

Millward, Frank [Composer] (1995) The flame of freedom. (Score).

Millward, Frank [Composer] (2009) The jazz cat Miaou. (music).

Millward, Frank (2013) The practice-led Fine Art PhD - at the frontier of what there is - an outlook on what might be. Journal of Visual Art Practice, 12(2), pp. 121-133. ISSN (print) 1470-2029

Millward, Roderick (2010) Emotions constrained: voicing the sounds of sighs. KIOSK(4), pp. 32-41. ISSN (print) 1755-9626

Myers, Julie (2006) Elsewhere in between. (On-line digital film).

Myers, Julie (2006) Elsewhere in between: the use of a non-linear content management system for the presentation of collaborative video. In: Gillman, Clive, (ed.) Research: the itemisation of creative knowledge. Liverpool, U.K. : FACT & Liverpool University Press. pp. 116-127. ISBN 9781846310386

Nancy, Jean-Luc, Warnell, Phillip and Allsopp, Ric (2009) Transplant. Performance research, 14(4), pp. 12-18. ISSN (print) 1352-8165

Nelson, Mike (2011) I, impostor. London, U.K. : British Council. 146p. ISBN 9780863556623

Nixon, Louis (2008) Art car boot fair 2008. KIOSK(2), pp. 12-15. ISSN (print) 1755-9626

Nixon, Louis [Artist] and Heber-Percy, Paul [Curator of an exhibition] (1999) Furniture. Furniture. , 9 Feb - 13 Mar 1999 , Richard Salmon Gallery, Edwardes Square Studios, London.

Nixon, Louis [Artist] (1996) High rise. High Rise. , 3 May - 2 Jun 1996 , 110 Euston Road, London, NW1.

Nixon, Louis (2002) Rolling barrel. UK : Space Explorations. 100p. ISBN 0953168906

Nixon, Louis [Curator of an exhibition] (1999) Tourist. Tourist: Space explorations. , September 1999 , Chisendale Road, London E8.

Nixon, Louis [Artist] (2000) Tuin Van Verbeelding (Garden of imagination). Tuin Van Verbeelding (Garden of Imagination). , 13 May - 15 Oct 2000 , Von Gimborn Arboretum, Botanische Tuinen Universiteit, Utrecht, Holland.

Panos, David (2015) The history of the end of history : notes on a working process. (MA(R) thesis), Kingston University.

Smith, Bridget [Photographer] (2009) North London Beekeepers Association, Highgate and General Browning Moth Club, Hackney. (C-type). 45cm x 60cm unframed. Photographs.

Smith, Bridget (2007) Society. SteidlMack and General Public Agency. 102p. ISBN 9783865214058

Stokes, Andrea [Artist] (2009) Hampshire. Beyond Pattern. , 21st November 2009 - 27th January 2010 , Newtown, Wales.

Stokes, Andrea (2009) Module 1. (framed pencil drawing). 70 cm x 73 xm.

Stokes, Andrea [Artist] (2009) Net curtain 1. (framed pencil drawing). 102 cm x 150 cm.

Thompson, Matthew (2011) Fragments from a future archive. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Trupp, Richard, Millward, Frank and Hunter, Gordon (2011) Driving a wedge – through sound. In: Acoustics 2011; 14 - 15 Sep 2011, Glasgow, U.K..

Vasseur, Roman (2014) Intro to symposium. In: Neo-Medievalisms: Goldsmith's Art PhD Symposium; 27-29 Jan 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Vasseur, Roman (2011) Let us pray for those now residing in the designated area. London, U.K. : kynastonmcshine. 51p. ISBN 9780956845900

Vasseur, Roman (2012) Let us pray for those now residing in the designated area. In: Phillips, Andrea and Erdemci, Fulya, (eds.) Social housing, housing the social: art, property and spatial justice. Berlin, Germay : Sternberg Press. pp. 183-201. ISBN 9783943365177

Vasseur, Roman (2010) Public art in Essex: Genius Loci the first three years: evaluation. (Project Report) Chelmsford, U.K. : Essex County Council. 10 p.

Warnell, Phillip (2009) Intimate distances: mediating mutuality, contestation and exchange between bodies. Leonardo, 42(1), pp. 28-35. ISSN (print) 0024-094X

Warnell, Phillip (2009) Life-like: an organ in search of a body. Performance research, 14(4), pp. 4-10. ISSN (print) 1352-8165

Warnell, Phillip [Director] (2014) Ming of Harlem: twenty one storeys in the air. (Film).

Warnell, Phillip (2011) Projections of animality. In: Unruly creatures: the art and politics of the animal; 14 Jun 2011, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Warnell, Phillip (2016) Writing in the place of the animal. In: Giunta, Carrie and Janus, Adrienne, (eds.) Nancy and visual culture. Edinburgh, U.K. : Edinburgh University Press. pp. 144-163. ISBN 9781474407496

Watts, Lisa [Artist], Wright, Ron [Artist] and Maude-Roxby, Alice [Artist] (2008) Bad luck. Bad luck. , 28 Oct 2008 , Sheffield, U.K..

Westlake, Hilary [Director], Hunter, Ewan [Designer] and Millward, Frank [Composer] (2010) Used to be slime. Merchant City Festival. .

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