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Gault, Iris, Gallagher, Ann and Chambers, Mary (2013) Perspectives on medicine adherence in service users and carers with experience of legally sanctioned detention and medication: a qualitative study. Patient Preference and Adherence, 7, pp. 787-799. ISSN (online) 1177-889X

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McHale, Jean and Gallagher, Ann (2003) Nursing and human rights. Edinburgh : Butterworth Heinemann. 204p. ISBN 0750652926

Book Section

Gallagher, Ann (2006) The ethics of culturally competent health and social care. In: Papadopoulos, Irena, (ed.) Transcultural health and social care development of culturally competent practitioners. London, UK : Churchill Livingstone. pp. 65-84. ISBN 0443101310

Gallagher, Ann (2006) The teaching of nursing ethics: content and method. Promoting ethical competence. In: Davis, Anne , Tschudin, Verena and De Raeve, Louise, (eds.) Essentials of teaching and learning in nursing ethics: perspectives and methods. London : Churchill Livingstone. pp. 223-239. ISBN 0443074801

Baxter, Carol and Gallagher, Ann (2001) Blowing the whistle on racism in services: ethical, professional and legal aspects. In: Baxter, Carol, (ed.) Managing diversity and inequality in health care. Edinburgh, UK : Bailliere Tindall. pp. 114-121. (Six steps to effective management) ISBN 9780702025204

Conference or Workshop Item

Stanley, Robert, Eberhardie, C, Gallagher, A and Smith, S (2007) Neuroethics: exploring issues in theory and practice. In: EANN 8th quadrennial congress of the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses; 31 May - 02 Jun 2007, Reykjavik, Iceland. (Unpublished)


Tompsett, Hilary, Ashworth, Mark, Atkins, Christine, Bell, Lorna, Gallagher, Ann, Morgan, Maggie, Neatby, Rozalind and Wainwright, Paul (2010) The child, the family and the GP: tensions and conflicts of interest for GPs in safeguarding children May 2006-October 2008 Final report February 2010. (Project Report) London, U.K. : Kingston University. 185 p. ISBN 9780955832956

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