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Duffy, Joe, Ramon, Shulamit, Guru, Surinder, Lindsay, Jane, Cemlyn, Sarah and Nuttman-Shwartz, Orit (2013) Developing a social work curriculum on political conflict: findings from an IASSW-funded project. European Journal of Social Work, 16(5), pp. 689-707. ISSN (print) 1369-1457

Lindsay, Jane, Baidoun, Mahmoud and Jones, David N. (2011) Case study: working with sexual abuse in East Jerusalem. Ethics and Social Welfare, 5(3), pp. 298-305. ISSN (print) 1749-6535

King, Linda M., Jackson, Marcus T., Gallagher, Ann, Wainwright, Paul and Lindsay, Jane (2009) Towards a model of the expert practice educator: interpreting multi-professional perspectives in the literature. Learning in Health and Social Care, 8(2), pp. 135-144. ISSN (print) 1473-6853

Lindsay, Jane (2007) The impact of the 2nd Intifada: an exploration of the experiences of Palestinian psychosocial counselors and social workers. Illness, Crisis, and Loss, 15(2), pp. 137-153. ISSN (print) 1054-1373

Ramon, Shulamit, Campbell, Jim, Lindsay, Jane, McCrystal, Patrick and Baidoun, Naimeh (2006) The impact of political conflict on social work: experiences from Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine. The British Journal of Social Work, 36(3), pp. 435-450. ISSN (print) 0045-3102

Lindsay, J. (2006) What makes a social worker a social worker? Professional Social Work(Jan.), pp. 12-14. ISSN (print) 1352-3112

Lindsay, Jane and Brady, Dermot (2002) "Nurturing fragile relationships": early reflections on working with victims of domestic violence on the National Probation Service's Duluth Pathfinder research programme. Issues in Forensic Psychology, 3, pp. 59-71. ISSN (print) 1468-4748

Book Section

Gaskell-Mew, Elaine and Lindsay, Jane (2016) Working with resistance. In: Davies, Keith and Jones, Ray, (eds.) Skills for social work practice. London, U.K. : Palgrave. pp. 196-220. ISBN 9781137390264

Lindsay, Jane (2014) Probation. In: Thomas, Judith , Pollard, Katherine C. and Sellman, Derek, (eds.) Interprofessional working in health and social care: professional perspectives. 2nd ed. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 152-163. ISBN 9780230393431

Lindsay, Jane (2012) Developing professional identity and practice through professional supervision programmes in the occupied Palestinian territories. In: Ashencaen Crabtree, Sara , Parker, Jonathan and Azman, Azlinda, (eds.) The Cup, the Gun and the Crescent : Social Welfare and Civil Unrest in Muslim Societies. London, U.K. : Whiting & Birch Ltd. pp. 151-166. ISBN 9781861771322

Baidoun, Mahmoud and Lindsay, Jane (2012) Maintaining professional integrity in an area of conflict: working with a sexually abused girl in the occupied Palestinian territories. In: Banks, Sarah and Nøhr, Kirsten , (eds.) Practising Social Work Ethics around the World: Cases and Commentaries. London : Routledge. pp. 223-232. ISBN 9780415560337

Lindsay, Jane (2011) Equipping ourselves for practice: the continuing professional development of social workers in the occupied palestinian territories. In: Stanley, Selwyn, (ed.) Social Work Education in Countries of the East. Nova Science Publishers. pp. 369-388. ISBN 9781617611070

Lindsay, Jane (2008) Education in political conflict: dilemmas, opportunities, obstacles and achievements in training Palestinian social care workers and social workers. In: Ramon, Shulamit, (ed.) Social work in the context of political conflict. Birmingham : Venture Press. pp. 217-243. ISBN 9781861780805

Lindsay, Jane, Faraj, Ziad and Baidoun, Naimeh (2007) The emergence of social work in Palestine: developing social work in a situation of political conflict and nation building. In: Lavalette, Michael and Ferguson, Iain, (eds.) International social work and the radical tradition. Birmingham, U.K. : Venture Press. pp. 163-187. ISBN 9781861780768

Lindsay, Jane, Brady, Dermot and McQueirns, Debbie (2005) Domestic violence work with male offenders. In: Crighton, David and Towl, Graham, (eds.) Psychology in probation services. Oxford, UK : Blackwell. pp. 115-137. ISBN 1405124695

Conference or Workshop Item

Lindsay, Jane and Hatzidimitriadou, Eleni (2012) Domestic violence in Europe: study on determinants and characteristics of domestic violence in England. In: Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development: Action and Impact (SWSD 2012); 08-12 July 2012, Stockholm, Sweden.

Lindsay, Jane and Baidoun, Naimeh (2008) Developing social workers in Palestine: evaluating 11 years of programme development. In: 34th Biennial Congress of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) : Transcending global-local divides: challenges for social work education and practice; 20 - 24 Jul 2008, Durban, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Lindsay, Jane and Baidoun, Mahmoud (2006) Professional supervision in Palestine: a participatory evaluation of a development project. In: Global Conference on Social Work; Sep 2006, Santiago de Chile, Chile. (Unpublished)


Lindsay, Jane and Watson, Susan (2016) An evaluation of services provided to high-risk victims of stalking by Paladin: The National Stalking Advocacy Service. (Project Report) Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St George's, University of London. 43 p. (Unpublished)

Watson, Susan, Lindsay, Jane, Kalogeropoulou, Konstantina, Proyer, Michelle and Scott-Hunt, Susan (2016) A study of the effectiveness of using early resolution methods to resolve student complaints in Higher Education. (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Kingston University. 52 p.

Hood, Rick, Lindsay, Jane and Muleya, Wilson (2015) Caring Dads: multi-site evaluation in London 2013-2015: final report. (Project Report) Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St George's, University of London. 107 p. (Unpublished)

Lindsay, Jane, Proyer, Michelle and Walters, Florence (2015) Journey mapping study of domestic violence survivors in the Royal Borough of Kingston. (Project Report) Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St George's, University of London. 21 p. (Unpublished)

Hood, Rick, Lindsay, Jane and Muleya, Wilson (2014) Evaluation of Caring Dads: a single site evaluation in an urban local authority: interim report. (Project Report) Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St George's, University of London. 60 p. (Unpublished)

Matczak, Anna, Hatzidimitriadou, Eleni and Lindsay, Jane (2011) Review of domestic violence policies in England & Wales. (Project Report) London, U.K. : Kingston University and St George's, University of London. 28 p. ISBN 9780955832970

Lindsay, Jane, Higgins, Martin, Yates, Jill, Leonard, Kate and Rawles, Jo (2010) Could Newly Qualified Social Workers contribute to Enabling Others' Learning? Report of a study which explored the possibility of introducing the concept and practice of beginning to enable others' learning at Newly Qualified Social Work (NQSW) stage of professional development. (Project Report) London, U.K. : Skills for Care. 48 p.

Lindsay, Jane (2009) School counselling in Palestine: the development of the profession. (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Kingston University. 72 p. (Unpublished)

Lindsay, Jane and Tompsett, Hilary (1998) Careers of practice teachers in London and the South East region (CCETSW). (Project Report) Central Council for the Education and Training of Social Workers (London and South East Region). 50 p. (Submitted)

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