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Mencia, Maria (2016) E-Lit practice and pedagogy : interweaving methods, content and technology. In: ICDMT 2016 : International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality; 03 - 05 Nov 2016, Bremen, Germany. (Unpublished)

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2016) LitArt : Poeticas Digitales : Creacion e Investigacion. In: Paraules pixelades : La literatura en l’era digital; 28 Jan - 10 Apr 2016, Barcelona, Spain.

Mencia, Maria (2016) Gateway to the world : data visualisation poetics. GRAMMA : Journal of Theory and Criticism, ISSN (print) 1106-1170 (In Press)

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2015) Transient Self-Portrait. Plataformas de la Imaginacion, Escenarios de la Literatura Electronica. .

Mencia, Maria [Artist] and Auberson, Pascal [Programmer] (2015) Gateway to the World - Bergen. The End(s) of Electronic Literature Festival Exhibition. .

Mencia, Maria and Husarova, Zuzana, eds. (2015) Creative manual for repurposing in electronic literature. Kosice, Slovakia : Dive Buki. 104p. (ENTER) ISBN 9788089677054

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2015) Transient Self-Portrait. Language and the Interface. .

Mencia, Maria [Artist] and Auberson, Pascal [Programmer] (2014) Gateway to the World, Hamburg : Data Visualisation Poetics. SILT. .

Mencia, Maria (2014) Excerpts from "From digital poetry to digital art: image-sound-text, convergent media, and the development of new media languages". In: Elkins, James, (ed.) Artists with PhDs : on the new doctoral degree in studio art. 2nd ed. Washington, U.S. : New Academia Publishing. pp. 419-428. ISBN 9780991504756

Mencia, Maria [Curator of an exhibition] and Husarova, Zuzana [Curator of an exhibition] (2013) Repurposing in electronic literature. Repurposing in electronic literature. .

Mencia, Maria [Speaker] (2012) ReadWrite digital textualities: searching for new languages. In: MIX: A Conference Exploring Transmedia Writing & Digital Creativity; 16 - 18 Jul 2012, Bath, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2012) Transient self-portrait. In: Electrifying literature: affordances and constraints; 20-23 Jun 2012, Morgantown, West Virginia, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Mencia, Maria (2011) New Media Art/Poetry: A textu(r)al surface. In: E-Literature and New Media Art; 22-23 Sep 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia. (Unpublished)

Mencia, Maria (2011) Connected memories: contextualising creative research practice. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 4(1), pp. 37-51. ISSN (print) 1753-5190

Mencia, Maria (2011) From the page to the screen to augmented reality: new modes of language-driven technology-mediated research. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 4(1), pp. 3-7. ISSN (print) 1753-5190

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2011) The surface materiality: performing generative writing. In: e-poetry 2011: International Digital Language, Media, Arts Festival; 18 - 21 May 2011, Buffalo, U.S..

Mencia, Maria [Speaker] (2011) Open meaning in digital writing. In: Open Media Research Seminar series; 8 Feb 2011, Coventry, U.K..

Mencia, Maria [Artist] and Raskob, Evan [Programmer] (2011) The Alphabetic. OLE Officiana di Lettertura Elettronica. .

Mencia, Maria (2011) New Media ArtPoetry: A reflection on practice. In: Masucci, Lello and di Rosario, Giovanna, (eds.) OLE Officina di Lettertura Elettronica. Naples, Italy : Atelier Multimediale Edizioni. pp. 332-347. ISBN 9788890564000

Mencia, Maria [Artist] and Szekely, Alexander [Programmer] (2010) Generative poems. .

Mencia, Maria (2009) Connected memories : addressing questions and issues that evolve around the use of technology as a participatory and inviting medium to perform and share stories with other participants. In: The network as a space and medium for collaborative interdisciplinary art practice; 08 - 10 Nov 2009, Bergen, Norway. (Unpublished)

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2009) Reading rebooted. Reading Rebooted. .

Mencia, Maria (2009) Connected memories. In: ISEA2009: 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art; 26 - 29 Aug 2009, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Unpublished)

Mencia, Maria (2009) Connected memories. (interactive digital art/narrative).

Mencia, Maria [Creator] (2006) Birds singing other birds' songs. Electronic Literature Collection, 1, ISSN (online) 1932-2011

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2002) "Birds singing other birds' songs". International Symposium of Electronic Arts ISEA (Orai). , 27-31 Oct 2002 , Nagoya, Japan.

Mencia, Maria (2002) Generating Chirography in an electronic surface. In: Digital Surface: Approaches to current research in contemporary art practice; 27-28 June 2003, Tate Britain, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2002) Another Kind of Language. DIFFERENTIA. , 01-31 May 2002 , Pitshanger Manor Gallery & House, London, UK.

Mencia, Maria [Artist] (2001) Birds singing other birds' songs. (prints, video and interactive work).

Mencia, Maria [Artist] and Auberson, Pascal [Programmer] Gateway to the World : Data Visualisation Poetics-Bremen. Shapeshifting Texts : Rhizomatic Surfaces. .

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