UpsideDown Chandelier

Mencia, Maria [Artist], Naji, Jeneen [Artist], Wilks, Christine [Artist] and Husarova, Zuzana [Artist] (2013) UpsideDown Chandelier. .


The Upside-Down Chandelier points out to an event connected with the history of Košice, in Slovakia, and its tobacco factory, created in 1851. This industry employed mostly women workers. Some decades later, when St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral was being renovated, the women workers donated a candle chandelier to this cause. The chandelier itself was repurposed twice — from the original candles, to gas lighting and, with the advent of electricity, it was turned upside down. In this digital work, words and images of the chandelier are randomly generated in a kinetic screen-scape that also generatively mix phonetic sounds from Slovakian, Hungarian and German, languages that were once spoken by the mentioned women workers. This work was shown at ELO 2014 (in Milwaukee). It is here shown aiming to highlight the collaborative relations between authors and the authors’ dialogue with communitarian historical episodes.

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