Creative manual for repurposing in electronic literature

Mencia, Maria and Husarova, Zuzana, eds. (2015) Creative manual for repurposing in electronic literature. Kosice, Slovakia : Dive Buki. 104p. (ENTER, 16) ISBN 9788089677054


This book functions as an artifact. It is a collection of essays and writings with documentation from the "Repurposing in Electronic Literature" exhibition curated by Mencía M. & Husarova Z. It also includes a section by M.Mencia about the collaborative (Husárová Z, Wilks C. & Naji J.Mencía M. ) site-specific installation "UpsideDown Chandelier" at the New Media Arts DIG Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia; and a book section about my interactive work Connected Memories.

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