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Burrows, C. R. and Sahinkaya, M. N. (1982) Parameter estimation of multi-mode rotor-bearing systems. Proceedings A. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 379(1777), pp. 367-387. ISSN (print) 1364-5021

Burrows, C.R. and Sahinkaya, M.N. (1982) Frequency-domain estimation of linearized oil-film coefficients. Journal of Lubrication Technology, 104(2), pp. 210-215. ISSN (print) 0022-2305


Challinor, Michael (1982) An application of gaming techniques to art education: with special reference to assessment. (MPhil thesis), Kingston Polytechnic, .

Curran, James and Stanworth, John (1982) Book Review of: 'The real world of the small business owner' by Richard Scase and Robert Goffee. Journal Of Management Studies, 19(2), pp. 233-236. ISSN (print) 0022-2380


Deev, S M, Chuvpilo, S A, Karlyshev, A V, Mukhamedov, R S and PolianovskiÄ­, O L (1982) [Analysis and properties of a bacterial clone containing a gene fragment of an immunoglobulin L chain]. Genetika, 18(6), pp. 888-895. ISSN (print) 0016-6758

Deev, S M, Karlyshev, A V and PolianovskiÄ­, O L (1982) [Construction and selection of bacterial clones hybridized with the mRNA of a light-chain immunoglobulin]. Genetika, 18(6), pp. 880-887. ISSN (print) 0016-6758

Deev, S.M., Chuvpilo, S.A., Karlyshev, A.V., Mukhamedov, R.S. and Polyanovskii, O.L. (1982) Analysis and properties of a bacterial clone containing a fragment of the Immuno Globulin L chain gene. Genetika, 18(6), pp. 888-895. ISSN (print) 0016-6758

Deev, S.M., Karlyshev, A.V. and Polyanovskii, O.L. (1982) Construction and selection of bacterial clones hybridized with immuno globulin light chain messenger RNA. Genetika, 18(6), pp. 880-887. ISSN (print) 0016-6758

Dejev, S., Muhamedov, R., Karlyshev, A., Aslanov, H. and Sadykov, A. (1982) Stability of DNA fragments of bacteriophage lambda cloned in E. coli using pBR322 vector. Reports of Academy of Science of Uzbek SSR, 1, pp. 45-48. ISSN (print) 0134-4307

Durrant, Jim L. A. (1982) Catalysed additions of halocarbons to alkenes. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic, .

Dyson, R.G. and Foster, M.J. (1982) The relationship of participation and effectiveness in strategic planning. Strategic Management Journal, 3(1), pp. 77-88. ISSN (print) 0143-2095


Ennals, Richard (1982) History teaching and artificial intelligence. Teaching History(33), pp. 3-5. ISSN (print) 0040-0610

Ennals, Richard (1982) Logic as a computer language for children : core materials. (Project Report) London : Imperial College of Science and Technology Department of Computing. 128 p.


Fisher, Peter Francis (1982) A study of the plateau gravels in the western part of the London basin. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic, .


Irving, David (1982) Large deformation elasto-plastic finite element analysis of plates, shells and tubular joints using semiloof shell elements. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic, .


Jones, Ray (1982) From resident to community worker: A longitudinal case study of an indigenous neighbourhood worker. (Project Report) Norwich, U.K. : University of East Anglia in association with Social Work Today. 66 p. (Social Work Monographs, no. 10)


Keen, Steve (1982) News or propaganda? The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs(8), pp. 153-158. ISSN (print) 0156-7365


Lever, T.J. (1982) A mechanistic study into the flame retardant and smoke supressant properties of molybdenum trioxide in brominated polyester thermosets. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic, .

Lock, Andrew R. (1982) A strategic business decision with multiple criteria: the Bally men's show problem. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 33(4), pp. 327-332. ISSN (print) 0160-5682


Mulvany, S. F. (1982) Application of carbon and glass fibre hybridcomposites to load bearing orthoses & protheses. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic, .


O'Halloran, Desmond Anthony (1982) The geology of the Ras Ed Dom and Abu Dom igneous ring-complexes Bayuda Desert, Sudan. (PhD thesis), Kingston Polytechnic, .


Safa, M.M.A. (1982) Elastohydrodynamic studies using thin film transducers. (PhD thesis), Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, .

Stanic, B.V. and Okretic, V.K. (1982) Reflection of a transient plane wave obliquely incident on compressible plasma half-space. Proceedings of the IEEE, 70(1), pp. 85-88. ISSN (print) 0018-9219


Wainwright, P. (1982) Information and the surgical patient. Nursing times, 78(35), pp. 1480-1481. ISSN (print) 0954-7762

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