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Balaskas, Bill (2021) Anarchy near the UK. In: Balaskas, Bill and Rito, Carolina, (eds.) Fabricating publics : the dissemination of culture in the post-truth era. Liverpool, U.K. : Open Humanities Press. pp. 143-152. (DATA browser) ISBN 978178421051

Balaskas, Bill and Rito, Carolina (2021) Fabricating publics. In: Balaskas, Bill and Rito, Carolina, (eds.) Fabricating publics : the dissemination of culture in the post-truth era. Liverpool, U.K. : Open Humanities Press. pp. 9-23. (DATA browser) ISBN 978178421051 (In Press)

Balaskas, Bill and Rito, Carolina, eds. (2021) Fabricating publics : the dissemination of culture in the post-truth era. Liverpool, U.K. : Open Humanities Press. 257p. (DATA browser) ISBN 978178421051

Boulton, Richard (2021) Dialectic, rhetoric and contrast : the infinite middle of meaning. Wilmington, Delaware : Vernon Press. 148p. (Series in Philosophy) ISBN 9781648891496


Carson, Rebecca (2021) The life of capital : human life, reproduction, money and immanent logic. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Caygill, Howard (2021) Heidegger and the automatic Earth image. Philosophy Today, 65(2), pp. 325-338. ISSN (print) 0031-8256

Caygill, Howard, ed. (2021) Vocations of the political : Mario Tronti and Max Weber. Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : CRMEP Books. 144p. (3) ISBN 9781999333768

Collison, Luke (2021) From the commissary dictator to the 'Katechon' : continuity in Carl Schmitt’s theory of intermediate authority. Political Theology, ISSN (print) 1462-317X (Epub Ahead of Print)

Collison, Luke (2021) Georges Sorel’s political energy. History of European Ideas, 47(8), pp. 1348-1361. ISSN (print) 0191-6599

Conway, Clare, ed. (2021) Collective writings. Limited edition of 5. Clare Conway.

Crowther, Susan A., Hall, Jenny, Balabanoff, Doreen, Baranowska, Barbara, Kay, Lesley, Menage, Diane and Fry, Jane (2021) Spirituality and childbirth : an international virtual co-operative inquiry. Women and Birth, 34(2), e135-e145. ISSN (print) 1871-5192


Feely, Jessica (2021) Towards a ‘“negative” universal history’ : the interpretation and construction of history in the philosophy of Theodor W. Adorno. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Hawkins, Michael (2021) Interacting entities : the relationships between Europe and Social Darwinism. In: Meacham, Darian and de Warren, Nicolas, (eds.) The Routledge handbook of philosophy and Europe. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 323-337. (Routledge handbooks in philosophy) ISBN 9781138921689

Hewlett, Fergus (2021) Individuation and scientific thinking : Simondon’s philosophy of transduction. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Hudson-Miles, Richard (2021) Is it simple to be a Marxist in pedagogy? Book Review of: 'The gold and the dross : Althusser for educators' by David Backer. Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 29(4), pp. 669-676. ISSN (print) 1468-1366


Malabou, Catherine (2021) To quarantine from quarantine : Rousseau, Robinson Crusoe, and “I”. Critical Inquiry, 47(S2), S13-S16. ISSN (print) 0093-1896


Osborne, Peter (2021) No going back – but not forward to there either : once more on art and/as research. In: Slager, Henk and Balkema, Annette W., (eds.) The Postresearch Condition. Utrecht, The Netherlands : Metropolis Books.


Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2021) Solo dancing and ecologies of plurality. In: IFTR Galway 2021 : Theatre Ecologies : Environments, Sustainability and Politics; 12 - 16 Jul 2021, Galway, Ireland (Held online). (Unpublished)


Sandford, Stella (2021) The 'thought-work' ; or, the exuberance of thinking in Kant and Freud. In: Vassilopoulou, Panayiota and Whistler, Daniel, (eds.) Thought : a philosophical history. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 219-235. ISBN 9780367000103

Schneider, Nicolas (2021) The place of resistance in phenomenology and critical theory : thinking opposition after Kant. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Van Den berg, Richard (2021) Sensationism and the moral sentiments : P.L. Roederer's reading of Smith's system of sympathy. In: Forman, Fonna, (ed.) The Adam Smith Review (Vol. 12). Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 248-277. ISBN 9780367521578

van Elferen, Isabella (2021) Timbrality : the vibrant aesthetics of color. In: Dolan, Emily I. and Rehding, Alexander, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Timbre. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. pp. 69-91. (Oxford Handbooks) ISBN 9780190637224


Weslati, Hager (2021) Kojève's Sophia : bored girls and the philosopher in the striped pyjamas. In: Kojève: here and now: international workshop 2021; 1 - 3 Sept. 2021, Held online. (Unpublished)

Wortham, Simon (2021) Early mass : a novel by Peter Müller. London, U.K. : Ma Bibliothèque. 120p. ISBN 9781910055892

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