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Al Jabi, Mohammad , Najada, Heba , Al Jabi, Liyan , Lueder, Christoph and Malaescu, Alexandru, eds. (2014) Mapping Jabal Al Natheef. Amman, Jordan : Heinrich Boll Foundation. 144p. ISBN 9789957870607

Ayres, Sara (2014) Fantasies of modernity: the wax dolls of Lotte Pritzel (1887-1952). In: Dolls and puppets as artistic and cultural phenomenon; 23-25 Jun 2014, Bialystok, Poland. (Unpublished)

Ayres, Sara (2014) Ivor Roberts-Jones's Churchill, Oslo - AK Dolven's Untuned Bell, Ekenas: dematerialisation of the public memorial. In: The Yale Conference on Balatic & Scandinavian Studies; 13-15 Mar 2014, New Haven, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Ayres, Sara (2014) One hundred years on: the art of Norway at the 1914 Jubilee Exhibition. In: The Norwegian independence and constitution of 1814 - Norway, Great Britain and beyond; 09 Apr 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Ayres, Sara (2014) Staging the female look: A Viennese context of display for Klimt's Danaë. Oxford Art Journal, 37(3), pp. 227-244. ISSN (print) 0142-6540

Ayres, Sara (2014) The modernist migration of Gustav Klimt's 'Dancer' (1917/18). In: Crossing the space between, 1914-1945; 17-19 Jul 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Ayres, Sara (2014) The scholar's portrait: contemporary commissioning in England's old and new universities. In: Scholars' monuments: historical meaning and cultural significance; 24-26 Sep 2014, Vienna, Austria. (Unpublished)


Barber, Stephen (2014) Performance projections : film and the body in action. London, U.K. : Reaktion Books. 256p. ISBN 9781780233697

Black, Jonathan (2014) "Broken warriors, tortured souls": constructions of physical and psychological trauma in British art of the First World War, c. 1916-1919. In: Benyei, Tamas and Stara, Alexandra, (eds.) The edges of trauma: explorations in visual art and literature. Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. : Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 18-35. ISBN 9781443853422

Black, Jonathan (2014) C.R.W. Nevinson: the complete prints. Farnham, U.K. : Lund Humphries. 208p. ISBN 9781848221574

Black, Jonathan [Curator] (2014) Commemorating 'Uncle Bill' : Ivor Roberts-Jones (1913-96) and the Whitehall memorial to Field Marshal Viscount Slim of Burma, 1987-90. .

Black, Jonathan [Curator] (2014) Ivor Roberts-Jones (1913-1996) and his Public Sculpture in and around the Palace of Westminster. .

Black, Jonathan (2014) Nevinson the printmaker. In: Samuel, Gordon, (ed.) CRW Nevinson : a printmaker in war and peace. London, U.K. : Osborne Samuel. pp. 5-10. ISBN 9780957460195

Black, Jonathan (2014) “Our Warrior Brown Brethren”: identity and difference in images of non-white soldiers serving with the British Army in the First World War British Art c.1917-1921. In: The British Empire and the First World War; 19-22 Feb 2014, Singapore. (Unpublished)

Black, Jonathan (2014) Uncertain allies, formidable enemies: the image of Arabs and Turks in British war art, 1917-21. In: Not all quiet on the Ottoman fronts: neglected perspectives on a global war, 1914-1918; 08-12 Apr 2014, Istanbul, Turkey. (Unpublished)

Blacksell, Ruth (2014) From visual to textual : typography in / as conceptual art = Typografie als künstlerisches Ereignis seit den 1960er Jahren. In: Typografie als Kunstlerisches Ereignis seit den 1960er Jahren [Typography as an Artistic Event since the 1960s]; 09 - 10 Dec 2014, Bremen, Germany.


Charny, Daniel [Speaker] (2014) Reasons to be making : the role of making in design education. In: 2014 Peter Dormer Lecture; 27 Nov 2014, London, U.K..

Colman, Felicity (2014) Film Theory: Creating a Cinematic Grammar. New York : Columbia University Press. 144p. ISBN 9780231169738

Corkindale, John and Thaci, Kaltrina (2014) The costs and benefits of conserving Vushtrri Castle. In: Second International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design (ICAUD); 08 - 10 May 2014, Tirana, Albania.


Dalla Mura, Maddalena [Interviewer] and Rossi, Catharine [Interviewee] (2014) Learning between past and present: Interview with Catharine Rossi by Maddalena Dalla Mura. In: Camuffo, Giorgio , Dalla Mura, Maddalena and Mattozzi, Alvise, (eds.) About learning and design. Bolzano, Italy : Bozen-Bolzano University Press. pp. 81-86. ISBN 9788860460677

Depper, Corin (2014) Engrams for Lepanto : Aby Warburg, Cy Twombly, and the painting as memory trace. In: The Story of Memory : New Perspectives on the Relationship between Memory and Storytelling in the Twenty-First Century; 04 - 05 Sep 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Fatsar, Kristof and Takács, Katalin (2014) L'influence de Le Nôtre en Hongrie au XVIIIe siècle. In: Martella, Marco, (ed.) L'héritage d'André Le Nôtre: Les jardins à la française, entre tradition et modernité. New Hampshire, U.S. : Département des Hauts-de-Seine. pp. 52-61. ISSN (print) 9782955056301

Fatsar, Kristóf (2014) Hungarian orangeries until the turn of the 19th century. In: Pawlak, Katja, (ed.) Orangeriekultur in Österreich, Ungarn und Tschechien. Berlin, Germany : Lukas Verlag. pp. 60-81. (Schriftenreihe des Arbeitskreises Orangerien in Deutschland e.V., (10)) ISSN (print) 1617-884X ISBN 9783867321914

Flintham, Matthew [Researcher] (2014) AIR-TO-AIR (Pitched Formation). Unsensed. .

Flintham, Matthew (2014) The military spatial complex : interpreting the emerging spaces of British militarism. In: Deriu, Davide , Kamvasinou, Krystallia and Shinkle, Eugenie, (eds.) Emerging landscapes : Between production and representation. Farnham, U.K. : Ashgate. pp. 55-65. ISBN 9781409467052

Flynn, Thomas (2014) The Parthenon marbles: an opportunity to foster cultural unity in a divided world. In: van Gene-Saillet, Patricia, (ed.) The reunification of the Parthenon marbles: a European concern. Brussels, Belgium : Editions Bruylant. pp. 33-36. (Collection du Centre Européen de la Culture) ISBN 9782802747246


Gough, Tim (2014) Unity and inevitability: Classic/Baroque and the universal. In: 16. Internationaler Barocksommerkurs der Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin - Kolloquium zum Thema "Barock / Klassik"; 21st - 25th June 2015, Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin, Einsiedeln, Switzerland. (Unpublished)

Grewcock, Duncan (2014) Performing heritage (studies) at the Lord Mayor’s show. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 20(7-8), pp. 760-781. ISSN (print) 1352-7258

Grieves, Keith (2014) Commemorating the fallen in Surrey's open spaces after the Great War. In: Mansfield, Nick and Homer, Craig, (eds.) The Great War: localities and regional identities. Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. : Cambridge Scholars. pp. 77-98. ISBN 9781443856522

Grieves, Keith (2014) Peace celebrations and war memorials. In: Hayes, Martin and White, Emma, (eds.) West Sussex: remembering 1914-18. Stroud, U.K. : The History Press. pp. 202-217. (Great War Britain) ISBN 9780750960656

Grieves, Keith and White, Jenifer (2014) Useful war memorials, landscape preservation and public access to the English countryside: fitting tributes to the fallen of the Great War. Garden History, 42(S1), pp. 18-33. ISSN (print) 0307-1243

Grindon, Gavin [Curator] and Flood, Catherine [Curator] (2014) Disobedient objects. Disobedient objects. .


Horrocks, Chris (2014) Genteel perversion : the films of Gilbert and George. Chicago, U.S. : Solar Books. 104p. ISBN 9780983248071


Knifton, Robert (2014) ArchiveKSA: creating a digital archive for Kingston School of Art. In: Digital Echoes 2014; 08 Jan 2014, Coventry, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Knott, Stephen (2014) Amateur work: Reader participation and dialogism in late-nineteenth-century domestic design advice. Interiors: Design/Architecture/Culture, 5(2), pp. 161-177. ISSN (print) 2041-9112

Knott, Stephen (2014) Concours des vitraux de Jeanne d'Arc : the multiple ways of materializing the past in late nineteenth-century French stained glass. West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture, 21(2), pp. 192-215. ISSN (print) 2153-5531

Knott, Stephen (2014) Insight into beauty. Ceramics : Art & Perception, 98, pp. 108-110. ISSN (print) 1035-1841

Knott, Stephen (2014) It's not perfect, but very good: technology and craft. In: Borda-Pedreira, Joakim and Steinsvag, Gjertrud, (eds.) Materiality matters. Oslo, Norway : Norwegian Crafts. (Documents on contemporary crafts, (2)) ISBN 9788299933513

Knott, Stephen (2014) Working class, middle class, upper class, evening class : supplementary education and craft instruction, 1889–1939. The Journal of Modern Craft, 7(1), pp. 7-32. ISSN (print) 1749-6772


Lara-Betancourt, Patricia (2014) Displaying dreams: model interiors in the London store, 1890-1914. In: Society of Architectural Historians 67th Annual Conference; 09-13 Apr 2014, Austin, Texas, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Lara-Betancourt, Patricia and Hardy, Emma (2014) Seductive discourses : design advice for the home - an introduction. Interiors : Design Architecture Culture, 5(2), pp. 131-139. ISSN (print) 2041-9112

Lawrence, David [Researcher] (2014) Goodbye Piccadilly. Goodbye Piccadilly. .

Lawrence, David, ed. (2014) Omnibus : a social history of the London bus. London, U.K. : London Transport Museum. 292p. ISBN 9781871829235

Lueder, Christoph (2014) London Underground Diagram (1931) by Harry Beck. In: Lees-Maffei, Grace, (ed.) Iconic Designs: 50 stories about 50 things. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury Visual Arts. pp. 34-37. ISBN 9780857853523

Lueder, Christoph (2014) Los mapas como abstraccion y espacio imaginativo : representando el urbanismo informal = Maps as abstraction and imaginative space : representing informal urbanism. Revista Materia Arquitectura, 6(10), pp. 46-55. ISSN (print) 0718-7033

Lueder, Christoph (2014) Social fabric and spatial permuation - Ban Krua, Bangkok. Landscape Architecture Frontiers, 2(3), pp. 148-155. ISSN (print) 2095-5405


Miller, Janice (2014) Collars and class. Film, Fashion & Consumption, 3(3), pp. 173-179. ISSN (print) 2044-2823

Miller, Janice (2014) Making up is masculine : the increasing cultural connections between masculinity and make-up. Critical Studies in Men's Fashion, 1(3), pp. 241-253. ISSN (print) 2050-070X

Moran, Anna and O'Brien, Sorcha, eds. (2014) Love objects: emotion, design and material culture. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury. 184p. ISBN 9781472517197


O'Brien, Sorcha [Organizer of meeting], Moran, Anna [Organizer of meeting], Hemmings, Jessica [Commentator], Carter, Frances [Speaker], Wilson, Ann [Speaker] and McGuire, Noreen [Speaker] (2014) Love Objects Studio Session. In: Love Objects Studio Session; 1 Oct 2014, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

O'Brien, Sorcha (2014) Making meaning with ephemera: electrical technology and Irish national identity in the 1920s. In: 10th European Social Science History Conference; 23-26 Apr 2014, Vienna, Austria. (Unpublished)

O'Brien, Sorcha (2014) Power games: British and German influences in Irish electrical power generation architecture. In: American Association for Irish Studies and the Canadian Association for Irish Studies Annual Conference; 11 - 14 Jun 2014, Dublin, Ireland. (Unpublished)

O'Brien, Sorcha (2014) Review of The Story of Design. Journal of Design History, 27(4), pp. 413-414. ISSN (print) 0952-4649


Phillippy, Patricia (2014) Sidney Montagu and the Sacramental Sign: Memorial and Sacred Objects in Post-Reformation England. Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 44(3), pp. 549-583. ISSN (print) 1082-9636


Renton, Lucy and Gale, Cathy (2014) Blog post describing HEA funded one day Seminar at Knights Park campus entitled "Collecting as a form of material knowledge across design disciplines: a narrative research method from FE to HE to lifelong learning.". Higher Education Academy blog,

Rosina, Margherita and Savi, Lucia (2014) Nattier: textile innovators. In: Stanfill, Sonnet, (ed.) The glamour of Italian fashion since 1945. London, U.K. : V&A Publishing. pp. 255-259. ISBN 9781851777761

Rossi, Catharine (2014) Architecture goes disco. AA Files(69), pp. 138-145.

Rossi, Catharine (2014) Craft and 'Made in Italy'. In: Stanfill, Sonnet, (ed.) The glamour of Italian fashion since 1945. London, U.K. : V&A Publishing. pp. 94-103. ISBN 9781851777761

Rossi, Catharine (2014) Crafting a design counterculture: the pastoral and the primitive in Italian radical design, 1972-1976. In: Lees-Maffei, Grace and Fallan, Kjetil, (eds.) Made in Italy: rethinking a century of Italian design. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9780857853882

Rossi, Catharine (2014) Giorgio Casali: photographer/Domus 1951–1983 - architecture, design and art in Italy. Journal of Modern Craft, 7(1), pp. 99-102. ISSN (print) 1749-6772

Rossi, Catharine (2014) Made in Italy 2.0: the prominence of craftsmanship in contemporary Italian furniture design. In: Current issues in global furniture; 20 Nov 2013, Great Missenden, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Rossi, Catharine [Curator], Kelly, Ben [Designer] and Fisher, Fiona [Research team member] (2014) Space Electronic : Then and Now. 14th International Architecture Exhibition. .

Rossi, Catharine (2014) Swiss army knife, Switzerland (Karl Elsener, Victorinox, 1891). In: Lees-Maffei, Grace, (ed.) Iconic designs: 50 stories about 50 things. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury Visual Arts. pp. 206-209. ISBN 9780857853523

Rossi, Catharine (2014) Utopian and dystopian domesticiites: the home on film in 1970s Italian radical design. In: Domestic imaginaries: homes in film, literature and popular culture symposium; 21 Jan 2014, Nottingham, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Rossi, Catharine (2014) A history of socially engaged craft. In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Hidden agenda: socially conscious craft. Crafts Council.

Rossi, Catharine (2014) A new domestic landscape. Catharine Rossi on the environments of Joe Colombo and Superstudio. In: Grima, Joseph , Bagnato, Andrea and Shafrir, Tamar, (eds.) sqm: the quantified home. Zurich, Switzerland : Lars Müller. pp. 50-59. ISBN 9783037784532


Savi, Lucia (2014) La moda in Vogue. In: Stanfill, Sonnet, (ed.) The glamour of Italian fashion since 1945. London, U.K. : V&A Publishing. pp. 249-253. ISBN 9781851777761

Sparke, Penny (2014) Elsie de Wolfe: a professional interior decorator. In: Society of Architectural Historians 67th Annual Conference; 09-13 Apr 2014, Austin, Texas, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Sparke, Penny (2014) Marcel Wanders' interiors in context. In: De Roode, Ingeborg, (ed.) Marcel Wanders: pinned up, 25 years of design. Amsterdam, Netherlands : Stedelijk Museum. pp. 50-55. ISBN 9789491727283

Stara, Alexandra (2014) City and river in contemporary landscape photography. In: Riverine Conference 2014; 26-28 Jun 2014, Canterbury, U.K. (Unpublished)

Stara, Alexandra (2014) Traces of trauma: the photography of Ori Gersht. In: Benyei, Tamas and Stara, Alexandra, (eds.) The edges of trauma: explorations in visual art and literature. Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. : Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 181-190. ISBN 9781443853422

Stergiou, Stavroula (2014) The concept of the avant-garde in twentieth and twenty-first century architecture : history, theory, criticism. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Sudar, Vlastimir (2014) From switchboard operators to Coca-Cola kids : transformations of the political left in the Films of Dusan Makavejev. Studies in Eastern European Cinema, 5(1), pp. 45-58. ISSN (print) 2040-350X

Sudar, Vlastimir (2014) New neighbours, old habits and nobody's children: Croatia in the face of old Yugoslavia. In: Mazierska, Ewa , Kristensen, Lars and Naripea, Eva, (eds.) Postcolonial approaches to Eastern European cinema : portraying neighbours on screen. London, U.K. : I.B. Tauris. pp. 227-251. (International library of the moving image) ISBN 9781780763019


Thomas, Sarah (2014) The artist travels: Augustus Earle at sea. In: Cusack, Tricia, (ed.) Framing the ocean, 1700 to the present: envisaging the sea as social space. Farnham, U.K. : Ashgate. pp. 71-83. ISBN 9781409465683


Ward, William D. and Lawrence, David [Editor] (2014) Ole Bill : London buses and the First World War. London, U.K. : London Transport Museum. 112p. ISBN 9781871829228

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