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Andersson, Jenny and Rindzeviciute, Egle (2015) Introduction: Toward a new history of the future. In: Andersson, Jenny and Rindzeviciute, Egle, (eds.) The struggle for the long-term in transnational science and politics: forging the future. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 1-15. (Routledge Approaches to History) ISBN 9781138858534

Andersson, Jenny and Rindzeviciute, Egle, eds. (2015) The struggle for the long-term in transnational science and politics: forging the future. London, U.K. : Routledge. 256p. (Routledge Approaches to History) ISBN 9781138858534


Beck, Peter J. (2015) For historians, even 'historians of a postmodernist kind', 'presentation' is the word. Rethinking History, 19(3), pp. 429-449. ISSN (print) 1364-2529

Black, Jonathan (2015) Reading behind the lines : war artists, war poets, reading and letter writing, 1917-1919. In: Towheed, Shafquat and King, Edmund G. C., (eds.) Reading and the First World War : readers, texts, archives. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 171-189. (New Directions in Book History) ISBN 9781137302700

Black, Jonathan (2015) 'The human element' : The contribution of C.R.W. Nevinson and Eric Kennington to the Britain's Efforts and Ideals lithographic project of 1917. In: Dethloff, Diana , Murdoch, Tessa , Sloan, Kim and Elam, Caroline, (eds.) Burning bright : essays in honour of David Bindman. London, U.K. : UCL Press. pp. 234-242. ISBN 9781910634189

Bosbach, Franz , Davis, John and Urbach, Karina, eds. (2015) Common heritage: documents and sources relating to German-British relations in the archives and collections of Windsor and Coburg. Volume 1: The archives. Berlin, Germany : Duncker & Humblot. 767p. ISBN 9783428144167

Brown, Douglas [Reviewer] (2015) Book Review of : ' The revolt and taming of the 'Ignorant' : a study of the Bircham Riots 1835 and their aftermath ' by David Adams. Family & Community History, 18(1), pp. 77-78. ISSN (print) 1463-1180

Brown, Douglas [Reviewer] (2015) Book Review of: ' The information capital : 100 maps and graphics that will change how you view the city ' by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti. The London Journal, 40(1), pp. 85-86. ISSN (print) 0305-8034


Cathcart, Brian (2015) The news from Waterloo : the race to tell Britain of Wellington's victory. London, U.K. : Faber & Faber. 352p. ISBN 9780571315253


Davis, John R. (2015) Liberalisation, the Parliamentary system, and the crown : the role of Coburg Dynasties in nineteenth-century constitutional debate. In: Kroll, Frank-Lothar and Munke, Martin, (eds.) Hannover - Coburg-Gotha - Windsor : Probleme und Perspektiven einer vergleichenden deutsch-britischen Dynastiegeschichte vom 18. bis in das 20. Jahrhundert. Berlin, Germany : Duncker & Humblot. pp. 259-276. ISBN 9783428145980

Davis, John R. (2015) A marginal exhibition? The All-German exhibition in Berlin, 1844. In: Filipova, Marta, (ed.) Cultures of international exhibitions, 1840-1940. Great exhibitions in the margins. Farnham, U.K. : Ashgate. pp. 69-88. ISBN 9781472432810

Dines, Martin (2015) Metaburbia : the evolving suburb in contemporary fiction. In: Archer, John , Sandul, Paul J. P. and Solomonson, Katherine, (eds.) Making suburbia: new histories of everyday America. Minneapolis, U.S. : University of Minnesota Press. pp. 81-90. ISBN 9780816692965


Favretto, Ilaria (2015) The "Opening to the Left". In: Jones, Erik and Pasquino, Gianfranco, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Italian Politics. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. pp. 268-282. ISBN 9780199669745

Favretto, Ilaria (2015) Rough music and factory protest in post-1945 Italy. Past & Present, 228(1), pp. 207-247. ISSN (print) 0031-2746


Hakim, Lina [Reviewer] (2015) Object lessons : Making, Knowing, and Growing things - Review of: 'Ways of making and knowing : the material culture of empirical knowledge' by Pamela H. Smith, Amy R.W. Meyers, Harold J. Cook ; 'Making and growing : anthropological studies of organisms and artefacts' by Elizabeth Hallan, Tim Ingold. Huntington Library Quarterly, 78(1), pp. 127-136. ISSN (print) 0018-7895

Hakim, Lina (2015) Towards a V&A Research Institute. In: Phongsathorn, Thomas, (ed.) V&A Annual Review. London, U.K. : Cultureshock Media for the Victoria and Albert Museum. pp. 66-69.

Hawkins, Susan [Editor] and Sweet, Helen [Editor] (2015) Colonial caring: a history of colonial and post-colonial nursing. Manchester : Manchester University Press. ISBN 9780719099700

Hayward, Claire Louise (2015) Representations of same-sex love in public history. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Jones, C. G. and Hawkins, Sue (2015) Women and science. Royal Society of London. Notes and Records, 69(1), pp. 5-9. ISSN (print) 0035-9149


Lawrence, David [Curator], Murphy, Simon [Curator], Scott, Liz [Curator] and Premru, Fliss [Curator] (2015) London by design. .

Lawrence, David (2015) Ten stations. In: Coysh, Louise and Fuller, Laura, (eds.) Underline. London, U.K. : Art on the Underground.

Linton, Marisa (2015) Circle of terror. BBC History, pp. 22-28. ISSN (print) 1469-8552

Linton, Marisa (2015) 'Come and dine': the dangers of conspicuous consumption in French revolutionary politics, 1789-95. European History Quarterly, 45(4), pp. 615-637. ISSN (print) 0265-6914

Linton, Marisa (2015) First step on the road to Waterloo. History Today, 65(6), pp. 30-36. ISSN (print) 0018-2753

Linton, Marisa (2015) "I wrote with my own blood" : families of Jacobin leaders and their identities and survival strategies after Thermidor. In: Western Society for French History - Forty-Third Conference; 05 - 07 Nov 2015, Chicago, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa [Interviewee] (2015) Interview for 'The Invention of France', programme on BBC Radio 4. (BBC Radio 4 Broadcast).

Linton, Marisa (2015) "Les enfants de Saturne" : the fall of the Dantonistes revisited. In: Turning points in French history : 29th Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of French History; 28 - 30 Jun 2015, St Andrews, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2015) Les racines de la vertu politique et ses significations au XVIIIe siecle. In: Biard, Michel , Bourdin, Philippe , Leuwers, Herve and Tourret, Alain, (eds.) Vertu et politique : les pratiques des legislateurs (1789-2014). Rennes, Fracne : Presses Universitaires de Rennes. pp. 39-50. ISSN (print) 1255-2364 ISBN 9782753541382

Linton, Marisa (2015) Saint-Just: the French Revolution's Angel of Death. History Today, 65(1), ISSN (print) 0018-2753

Linton, Marisa (2015) Terror and politics. In: Andress, David, (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the French Revolution. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. pp. 471-486. (Oxford Handbooks in History) ISBN 9780199639748

Linton, Marisa (2015) Virtue and terror : Maximilian Robespierre on the principles of the French Revolution. In: Hammersley, Rachel, (ed.) Revolutionary moments : reading revolutionary texts. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury. pp. 93-100. (Textual moments in the history of political thought) ISBN 9781472517203

Linton, Marisa (2015) Virtue or glory? : Dilemmas of political heroism in the French Revolution. French History and Civilisation : Papers from the George Rude Seminar, 6, pp. 83-102. ISSN (print) 1832-9683

Linton, Marisa (2015) The choices of Maximilien Robespierre. H-France Salon, 7(14), ISSN (online) 2150-4873

Linton, Marisa (2015) The politicians' terror in the French Revolution. In: History Research Seminar, University of Chichester; Mar 2015, Chichester, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Memon, Ally R. (2015) Remembering Mossadegh. The Friday Times,


Ranta, R. (2015) Political decision making and non-decisions : the case of Israel and the Occupied Territories. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. 229p. ISBN 9781137447982

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2015) Toward a joint future beyond the Iron Curtain: East-West Politics of global modelling. In: Andersson, Jenny and Rindzeviciute, Egle, (eds.) The struggle for the long-term in transnational science and politics: forging the future. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 115-143. (Routledge Approaches to History) ISBN 9781138858534


Shiode, Narushige, Shiode, Shino, Rod-Thatcher, Elodie, Rana, Sanjay and Vinten-Johansen, Peter (2015) The mortality rates and the space-time patterns of John Snow’s cholera epidemic map. International Journal of Health Geographics, 14, p. 21. ISSN (online) 1476-072X

Stuart, John (2015) David Livingstone, British protestant missions, memory and empire. In: Geppert, Dominik and Muller, Frank Lorenz, (eds.) Sites of imperial memory: commemorating colonial rule in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. pp. 153-169. ISBN 9780719090813


Turner, John, Hayward, Rhodri, Angel, Katherine, Fulford, Bill, Hall, John, Millard, Chris and Thomson, Mathew (2015) The history of mental health services in modern England : practitioner memories and the direction of future research. Medical History, 59(4), pp. 599-624. ISSN (print) 0025-7273


Van Den Berg, Richard [Editor] (2015) Richard Cantillon's essay on the nature of trade in general: a variorum edition. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. 530p. (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics) ISBN 9781138014589


Walford, Nigel (2015) Reconstructing the agricultural landscape of the South Downs, England : an examination of the 1940 and 1941 World War II plough-up campaigns. In: GIS Research UK 2015 (GISRUK 2015); 15-17 Apr 2015, Leeds, U.K..

Woodbridge, Steven [Reviewer] (2015) Book Review of 'A British Fascist in the Second World War : The Italian war diary of James Strachey Barnes, 1943-45' edited by Claudia Baldoli and Brendan Fleming. Journal of Modern Italian Studies, 20(5), pp. 752-754. ISSN (print) 1354-571X

Woodbridge, Steven (2015) History and cultural heritage: the far right and the 'Battle for Britain'. In: Copsey, Nigel and Richardson, John E., (eds.) Cultures of Post-War British Fascism. Routledge. pp. 27-48. (Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right) ISBN 9781138846845

Woodbridge, Steven (2015) Racial Fascism in Britain. Bereginya-777-Owl, 3(26), pp. 152-165. ISSN (print) 2077-6365

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