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Adamu, A., Khaddaj, S. and Morad, M. (2001) The semantics for the determination of temporal relationships for geographical objects. In: 6th International Conference on GeoComputation; 24 - 26 Sep 2001, Brisbane, Australia.

Allen, A.G., Nemitz, E., Shi, J.P., Harrison, R.M. and Greenwood, J.C. (2001) Size distributions of trace metals in atmospheric aerosols in the United Kingdom. Atmospheric Environment, 35(27), pp. 4581-4591. ISSN (print) 1352-2310


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Gant, Robert [Reviewer] (2001) Book review of: Geography: measuring and modelling population pressure. Geography, 86(2), p. 180. ISSN (print) 0016-7487

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Grigg, S.V.L. and Read, A. (2001) A discussion on the various methods of application for landfill tax credit funding for environmental and community projects. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 32(3-4), pp. 389-409. ISSN (print) 0921-3449


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Lynch, K, Binns, T and Olofin, E (2001) Urban agriculture under threat - The land security question in Kano, Nigeria. Cities, 18(3), pp. 159-171. ISSN (print) 0264-2751


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Read, Adam David (2001) National stategy, local practice and the solid waste management gap? : a local authority management perspective on sustainable solid waste management in the UK. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Robinson, Guy M., Engelstoft, Sten and Pobric, Alma (2001) Remaking Sarajevo: Bosnian nationalism after the Dayton Accord. Political Geography, 20(8), pp. 957-980. ISSN (online) 0962-6298


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Walford, Nigel (2001) Reconstructing the small area geography of Mid-Wales for an analysis of population change 1961-95. International Journal of Population Geography, 7(5), pp. 311-338. ISSN (print) 1077-3495

Watkins, Jennifer M. (2001) Crustal melting processes and the formation of granulites and granites: a study based on the Lewisian complex, NW Scotland. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

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