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Allouis, E., Ellery, A. and Welch, C.S. (2006) Entry descent and landing systems for small planetary missions: parametric comparison of parachutes and inflatable systems for the proposed Vanguard Mars mission. Acta Astronautica, 59(8-11), pp. 911-922. ISSN (online) 0094-5765

Aluri, Naresh K., Muppala, S.P. Reddy and Dinkelacker, Friedrich (2006) Substantiating a fractal-based algebraic reaction closure of premixed turbulent combustion for high pressure and the Lewis number effects. Combustion and Flame, 145(4), pp. 663-674. ISSN (online) 0010-2180


Desai, Satish B. and Limbachiya, Mukesh C. (2006) Coarse recycled aggregate: a sustainable concrete solution. Indian Concrete Journal, 80(7), pp. 17-23. ISSN (print) 0019-4565

Duran, O and Petrou, M (2006) Statistical assessment for real-time background class identification in hyperspectral images. In: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS06); 31 July - 4 August 2006, Denver, USA. (IEEE International Symposium on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (IGARSS))

Duran, Olga, Petrou, Maria, Hathaway, David and Nothard, Joanne (2006) Anomaly detection through adaptive background class extraction from dynamic hyperspectral data. In: Signal Processing Symposium, NORSIG 2006; 7-9 June 2006, Rejkjavik, Iceland.

Dykes, Alan P and Gunn, J (2006) Hoga island, Sulawesi, Indonesia: geomorphology and groundwater resources of a small tropical carbonate island. Cave and Karst Science, 33(1), pp. 21-28. ISSN (print) 1356-191X


Fudge, C.A. and Limbachiya, M.C. (2006) Briefing: Aircrete. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Construction Materials, 159(2), 49 -51. ISSN (print) 1747-650X


Gordnian, K., Hadavinia, H. and Karwatzki, J. (2006) Effect of transverse shear on deformation of thick laminated sandwich plates. Key Engineering Materials, 324-32, pp. 279-282. ISSN (print) 1013-9826


Hadavinia, H., Gordnian, K., Karwatzki, J. and Aboutorabi, A. (2006) Deriving shear correction factor for thick laminated plates using the energy equivalence method. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 2(4), pp. 197-206. ISSN (print) 1930-2983


Karwatzki, J., Zhang, T., Bao, Y., Gawne, D.T. and Liu, B. (2006) Computer model to simulate the random behaviour of particles in a thermal-spray jet. Surface and Coatings Technology, 201(6), pp. 3552-3563. ISSN (print) 0257-8972

Kinloch, A.J., Hadavinia, H., Kawashita, L., Moore, D. R. and Williams, J.G. (2006) A novel numerical method for analyzing peel tests. In: Adhesion Society: 29th Annual Meeting; 19-27 Feb 2006, Jacksonville, USA. (Proceedings of the Annual Meeting - Adhesion Society) ISSN (print) 1086-9506


Lecoeuche, S. and Tsaptsinos, D., eds. (2006) Special issue on engineering applications of neural networks: novel applications of neural networks in engineering. Amsterdam, The Netherlands : Elsevier. 109p. (Engineering applications of artificial intelligence, (19: 7)) ISSN (print) 0952-1976


Muppala, Siva P.R., Papalexandris, M.V., Manickam, B., Aluri, N.K. and Dinkelacker, F. (2006) Numerical simulation of lean premixed turbulent hydrogen/hydrocarbon flames at elevated pressures. In: 10th International Workshop on Premixed Turbulent Flames; 12 - 13 Aug 2006, Mainz, Germany.


Ordys, A., Karwatzki, J. and Curley, A. (2006) Test results for predictive control algorithms. WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control, 1(2), pp. 121-128. ISSN (print) 1991-8763

Osborne, Barnaby P. and Steinberg, Theodore A. (2006) An experimental investigation into liquid jetting modes and break-up mechanisms conducted in a new reduced gravity facility. Microgravity Science and Technology, 18(3/4), pp. 57-61. ISSN (print) 0930-0108


Xia, H., Majecki, P., Ordys, A. and Grimble, M. (2006) Performance assessment of MIMO systems based on I/O delay information. Journal of Process Control, 16(4), pp. 373-383. ISSN (online) 0959-1524

Xu, B.P., El Hima, L, Wen, J.X., Dembele, S, Tam, V.H.Y. and Donchev, T (2006) Numerical study on the spontaneous ignition of pressurized hydrogen release through a tube into air. In: First European Summer School on Hydrogen Safety (ESSHS); 15-24 Aug 2006, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Yong, K.C., Foot, P.J.S., Morgan, H., Cook, S. and Tinker, A.J. (2006) Conductive poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile)-polyaniline dodecylbenzenesulfonate [NBR-PAni.DBSA] blends prepared in solution. European Polymer Journal, 42(8), pp. 1716-1727. ISSN (print) 0014-3057

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