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Agliardi, Elettra, Agliardi, Rossella and Spanjers, Willem (2015) Convertible debt : financing decisions and voluntary conversion under ambiguity. International Review of Finance, 15(4), pp. 599-611. ISSN (print) 1369-412X

Almugren, Hawazen (2015) The objective and subjective approach to happiness and well-being and its relationship to macroeconomics in some MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Botta, Alberto, Godin, Antoine and Missaglia, Marco (2015) Finance, foreign (direct) investment and Dutch disease: the case of Colombia. (Working Paper) London, U.K. : Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre, University of Greenwich. 35 p. (Greenwich Papers in Political Economy, no. 15)


Caiani, Alessandro, Godin, Antoine, Caverzasi, Eugenio, Gallegati, Mauro, Kinsella, Stephen and Stiglitz, Joseph E (2015) Agent based-stock flow consistent macroeconomics: towards a benchmark model. (Other) Columbia Business School. 35 p. (Columbia Business School Research Papers, no. 15-87)

Capone, A., Mennini, F.S., Cicchetti, A., Marcellusi, A., Baio, G., Torlone, R. and Favato, G. (2015) Health data entanglement and artificial intelligence-based analyses to improve the effectiveness of services and tackle the healthcare spending growth. In: ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting; 16 - 20 May 2015, Philadelphia, U.S..

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Chortareas, Georgios, Karanasos, Menelaos and Noikokyris, Emmanouil (2015) Stock markets response to MPC unconventional monetary policy. In: 9th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2015); 12-14 Dec 2015, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Cornish, Benjamin (2015) Foucault, development and 'the social and solidarity economy'. (MA(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


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Fatsar, Kristóf (2015) The geographical and social reach of the Eszterháza gardens : consumption of nursery plants in Hungary in the 1820s. History of Retailing and Consumption, 1(3), pp. 186-208. ISSN (print) 2373-518X

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Haeussler, Katrin, Marcellusi, Andrea, Mennini, Francesco Saverio, Favato, Giampiero, Picardo, Mauro, Garganese, Giorgia, Bononi, Marco, Costa, Silvano, Scambia, Giovanni, Zweifel, Peter, Capone, Alessandro and Baio, Gianluca (2015) Cost-effectiveness analysis of universal human papillomavirus vaccination using a dynamic Bayesian methodology: The BEST II study. Value in Health, 18(8), pp. 956-968. ISSN (print) 1098-3015


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Kenning, Dean [Artist] (2015) Building the Fetish.

Kiose, Daniil and Voudouris, Vlasios (2015) The ACEWEM framework: an integrated agent-based and statistical modelling laboratory for repeated power auctions. Expert Systems with Applications, 42(5), 2731 - 2748. ISSN (print) 0957-4174

Kirmizi, Salih (2015) The determinants of FDI during 1992-2010 in the BRICS countries and the impact of the 2008 global crisis on these countries. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Magedaragamage, Neil Chulabhaya (2015) Domestic financial development and external financial openness in Sri Lanka : assessing the case for greater external liberalization. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Mateo Tome, Juan (2015) The contradictory path of the capital accumulation process in Spain under the Euro. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 24 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2015-03)

Mateo Tomé, Juan Pablo (2015) The accumulation of capital and economic growth in Brazil. A long-term perspective (1950-2008). (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 31 p. (Economics Discussion Papers, no. 2014-03)

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McKenzie, Rex A. (2015) Monetary transmission in Africa: a review of official sources. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 36 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2015-07)

McKinley, T. and Karwowski, E. (2015) Examining the link between macroeconomic policies and productive employment: assessing outcomes for 145 developing countries. (Working Paper) London, U.K. : SOAS. 73 p. (Centre for Development Policy and Research Working Papers, no. 31/15)

Memon, Ally R. (2015) Pakistan’s population growth and security. South Asia Journal(12), pp. 65-68.

Mennini, F.S., Marcellusi, A., von der Schulenburg, J.M.G., Gray, A., Levy, P., Sciattella, P., Soro, M., Staffiero, G., Zeidler, J., Maggioni, A. and Schmieder, R.E. (2015) Cost of poor adherence to anti-hypertensive therapy in five European countries. European Journal of Health Economics, 16(1), pp. 65-72. ISSN (print) 1618-7598

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Mnwana, Sonwabile and Capps, Gavin (2015) 'No chief ever bought a piece of land!' Struggles over property, community and mining in the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela Traditional Authority Area, North West Province. (Working Paper) Johannesburg, South Africa : Society Work and Development Institute (SWOP Institute) University of Witwatersrand. 46 p. (Working paper, no. 3)

Mulhern, Alan (2015) Theory of competitive advantage : small and medium size enterprise performance and inter-regional migration. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Ortega, Javier and Verdugo, Gregory (2015) Assimilation in multilingual cities. Journal of Population Economics, 28(3), pp. 785-815. ISSN (print) 0933-1433

Oskooe, Seyyed Ali Paytakhti and Shamsavari, Ali (2015) Non-oil exports and GDP : evidence from Iran. Current Politics and Economics of the Middle East, 6(1), ISSN (print) 1939-5809

Ott, Ursula F. (2015) Repeated moral hazard in international joint ventures : inter-temporal culturally sensitive incentive schemes for hidden action. Research in International Business and Finance, 35, pp. 166-179. ISSN (print) 0275-5319


Pilkington, Philip (2015) Book Review: The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs Private Sector Myths. Review Of Keynesian Economics, 3(1), pp. 134-138. ISSN (print) 2049-5323

Prayukvong, Wanna, Huttasin, Nara and Foster, Morris John (2015) Buddhist economics meets agritourism on the Thai farm. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 9(2), pp. 183-199. ISSN (print) 1750-6182


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Scholze, Jana [Curator] and Wierzba, Leanna [Curator] (2015) What is Luxury? .

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Stockhammer, Engelbert, Durand, Cédric and List, Ludwig (2015) Growth models and working class restructuring before the crisis. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 26 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2015-04)

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Van Ristell, Jessica A., Quddus, Mohammed A., Enoch, Marcus P., Wang, Chao and Hardy, Peter (2015) Quantifying the impacts of subsidy policies on home-to-school pupil travel by bus in England. Transportation, 42(1), pp. 45-69. ISSN (print) 0049-4488

Vince, Daly and Paytakhti Oskooe, Seyyed Ali (2015) Stock market efficiency in Iran: unit root testing with smooth structural breaks and non-trading days. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 26 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2015-06)

Voudouris, Vlasios, Ayres, Robert, Serrenho, Andre Cabrera and Kiose, Daniil (2015) The economic growth enigma revisited : the EU-15 since the 1970s. Energy Policy, 86, pp. 812-832. ISSN (print) 0301-4215


Wang, Chao, Quddus, Mohammed, Enoch, Marcus, Ryley, Tim and Davison, Lisa (2015) Exploring the propensity to travel by demand responsive transport in the rural area of Lincolnshire in England. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 3(2), pp. 129-136. ISSN (print) 2213-624X

Wildauer, Rafael and Stockhammer, Engelbert (2015) Schuldengetriebenes Wachstum – Nachfrageffekte von Ungleichheit, Vermögenspreisen und Haushaltsverschuldung [Debt-driven growth - demand effects of inequality in assets and liabilities and household debt]. Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft [Economy and Society], 41(4), pp. 497-518. ISSN (online) 0378-5130

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